Meryl Mägi


Unboxing the Gucci belt.

Hey babes! So as I said in yesterday's post, I had to go through hell yesterday and one of them was trying to reach the delivery man to come back with my Gucci box haha. He was so lovely to actually drive back and hand it to me, but obviously I couldn't be happy at all since all the drama with the car and other things. I just couldn't hold myself back from posting this box everywhere, because it's just so truly simply beautiful, as pretty as the beautiful belt it contained. I tried to find the belt I wanted from Paris and Stockholm, but couldn't find the most basic black-gold one, so I ordered it online and it took over a month to arrive. I decided to go for the 5'' one since I feel like it fits me the best as I'm the super minimalistic girl and it's not too much, but still enough to catch the eye on dresses or jeans. Really love this gorgeous thing and looking forward to wear it so so much!

I'm off to the car workshop now to see what happened to my little cutie yesterday. Fingers crossed it's nothing too bad! x 


Hei armsad! Nagu ma eilses postituses mainisin, siis käisin vist eile põrgust läbi ning üks neist oli kulleri kättesaamine, et paluda tal tagasi tulla mu Gucci pakiga haha. Nii vahva temast, et ta tegelikult ka tagasi sõitis ja mulle selle üle andis, aga ma muidugi ei saanud sellest suurt rõõmu tunda kogu auto ja muu draama tõttu. Ma ei saand muidugi end tagasi hoida postitamast seda karpi igalepoole, kuna see on tõesti nii lihtne ja ilus, samuti nagu ka vöö selle sees. Proovisin leida seda vööd nii Pariisist kui Stockholmist, kuid ei leidnud seda kõige basic'umat musta kuldsega, seega tellisin selle netist ja ta tuli lausa üle kuu aja minuni. Otsustasin 5'' kasuks, kuna arvan, et see sobib mulle kui minimalistlikule tüdrukule enim ning see pole eriti ülepakutud, kuid ikkagi piisavalt pilkupüüdev kleitidel kui ka teksadel. Minu lemmik detail nüüdsest ning ei jõua ära oodata, et seda nii palju kanda! 

HAkkan vaikselt nüüd autotöökoja poole liikuma, et vaadata mis siis täpsemalt mu väikse nunnuga juhtus eile. Pöidlad pihku, et midagi väga hullu ei ole! x


Shirt -  oldie         Denim Corset - Misspap/ HERE         Jeans - Levi's       Shoes - Dinsko       Bag - Guess/ Denim Dream

Last outfit photo from my visit to Paris!  I'm wearing my current most favourite shoes - black loafers with a golden detail, because they are just the best shoes out there for this Summer! Also wearing the really cool denim corset belt by Misspap, which has ripped edges that make it look awesome. 

I'm not actually very talkative today though since I had just the worst day. The morning started off so well as I recieved all the packages with such cool things I've been waiting for and headed off to meet the professor regarding my Bachelor's Thesis and we made such a great decision with when I should send it in and I felt really calm and great about this and as I headed home, my sweetest little Fiat decided to give up as the motor overheated and I had to stop the car. It was 15 km to go still. By stopping every 2 minutes to cool it off for 15 minutes, I didn't make it home in time for my really important Skype meeting and couldn't finally make it past the city centre, so I had to leave my car near a bus stop and just ran home 2 km, first to meet the delivery guy with my Gucci package that had been waiting for me for 10 minutes by then, and then to quickly find a car mechanic who could go take the car away from the bus stop before it is removed for good. Now my Fiat is at a workshop and I will know tomorrow what happened, but it doesn't seem the problem I feared the most at least. Trying to reschedule everything now as my life became a huge mess just like that, since the car thing wasn't the only thing that was turned upside down today, but one problem at once and I will be fine. Pretty awful when everything bad happens at once, rights haha? 


Viimane outfit külastuselt Pariisis! Kannan siin oma praeguseid lemmikuid kingi - mustad loaferid kuldsete detailidega, kuna need on selgelt parimad jalatsid selleks suveks! Lisaks sellele kannan siin väga lahedat teksast korsett-vööd Misspap'ilt, millel on rebitud ääred, mis teevad selle eriti ägedaks.

Ma pole tegelikult täna eriti jutukas, kuna mul on olnud kohutav päev. Hommik algas iseenesest hästi ,kuna kõik pakid , mida olin kaua oodanud tulid kohale ja läksin kohtuma professoriga oma bakatöö asjus. Tegime temaga nii hea otsuse, millal ma peaks bakatöö ära saatma ja mul oli nii hea tunne sellepärast, kuid siis poolel teel koju sõites otsustas mu armas väike FIat alla anda kuna mootor kuumenes üle ja pidin seisma jääma. Oli jäänud veel sõita 15 km, seega sain kuidagi selle läbitud iga 2 minuti tagant seisma jäädes, et lasta mootoril jahtuda 15 minutit, kuid ma ei jõudnudki koju oma ülitähtsa Skype miitingu ajaks ega jõudnud kesklinnast isegi enam edasi, seega jätsin auto bussipeatuse juurde ja jooksin koju 2 km. Majaees ootas mind juba 10 minutit vähemalt pakikuller mu Gucci pakiga ning pärast paki vastuvõtmist jooksin automehhaaniku juurde kiirelt, kuna mine tea millal oleks võinud keegi selle auto sealt juba teisaldada. Nüüd on Fiat ilusti töökojas ja homme saan teada, mis täpsemalt juhtus, aga ilmselt pole see, mida ma enim kartsin vähemalt. Proovin nüüd kõik asjad üle planeerida, kuna elu järsku muutuks tohutuks segapuntraks, sest ega auto ju ainuke asi polnud, millega järsku probllem tekkis, aga üks asi korraga ja saan hakkama. Päris kohutav, kui kõik korraga järsku pea peale pööratakse eksole haha? 


Dress - Guess/ Denim Dream        Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger/ Denim Dream        Socks - Ginatricot        

Hey babes! We're back at Paris photos! I found this asymmterical dress from the Guess store at Viru Keskus and it's perfection. Midi lenght ribbed dresses are already a minimalistic dream to wear, but with just one sleeve it's a whole new level cool. I really like the asymmetrical trend going on as it makes everything really exciting to look at. I am already wearing that dress way too much haha, so good to style with whatever, even sneakers and fishnets! 

I visited that rooftop many times because I think it captures all sides of Paris so well and once I just stood there breathing it all in quitely for at least 10 minutes. You can see everything from Eiffel Tower to Montmartre from up there and grab something nice from that crazy overpriced cafe there. No worries loves, I will list down all good places to go to really soon! Can't wait to go back to Paris though! Even more now that I am struggling so badly with my thesis and I only have 9 days left and half done so it's gonna be tricky, but I will give it my best! 

Hope you love the photos! x 


Hei armsad! Oleme tagasi Pariisi fotode lainel! Leidsin selle asümmeetrilise kleidi Viru Keskuse Guess'i poest ning see on perfektsus. Midi pikkusega soonikkleidid on nagunii üks minimalistlik unistus, mida kanda, aga ainult ühe varrukaga on selline kleit täiesti uus level äge. Mulle hullult meeldib see asümmeetriliste lõigete trend, mis praegu nii popp on, sest kõik näeb nii palju põnevam välja kohe. Ma juba kannan seda kleiti liiga palju haha, aga seda on nii hea kõigega sobitada, isegi tossude ja võrksokkidega!

Külastasin seda katust nii mitu korda, kuna sellelt on üks parimaid ülevaateid Pariisile ja ühe korra ma seisin seal üksi vähemalt 10 minutit, lihtsalt hingates seda kõike sisse. Sealt on näha kõik Eiffeli tornist Montmartreni ja samalajal saab endale midagi head krabada retside hindadega kohvikust. Aga olge mureta, ma panen kõik need head kohad siia kirja juba kohe varsti! Ei jõua ära oodata, et Pariisi tagasi minna! Eriti nüüd kui bakatööga on tõsine jagelemine, kuna mul on veel 9 päeva aega ja asi on alles nii pooleli. Tuleb väga keeruline aeg nüüd, aga annan endast parima!

Loodan, et pildid meeldisid! x 


Blouse - NA-KD       Jeans - Levi's        Loafers - Misspap/ HERE

Don't you just love it when fashion gets more and more comfortable with each season and you actually really fall in love with these pieces as well? Well I definitely feel like that towards these slip-on loafers everyone is wearing now. Don't get me wrong, I still love high heels a lot, but I've found myself craving for more and more flats these days and by that I don't mean sneakers. I now own two pairs of these, black and gold, and I really wanted the Misspap golden ones too after trying the black ones from Dinsko out in Paris when I probably walked 10km a day haha. So comfy and so classy! I know Gucci and Givenchy have some gorgeous looking ones, but the budget ones are super great too! Matched my shiny golden pair with the new Levi's jeans I finally found in Paris's Champs-Elysee Levi's store and a satin blouse with an open back. 

I have a busy day ahead of me, but first I gotta make this decision about my graduation dress because graduation is getting sooo close and I've been picking between dresses for two weeks now... What do you guys think, should I go for the 'cool and cute princess look (involves pockets on dress)' or 'beautiful, classy and lady-like (involves pearl beading on dress)'? The graduation is on June, 7th. Help a girl out! x


Kas teil pole mitte hea meel, et mood läheb aina mugavamaks iga hooajaga? Eriti meeldivaks teeb asja see, kui sulle tegelikult ka need mugavad esemed hirmsasti meeldima hakkavad. Mul täpselt selline tunne nende slip-on kingade vastu, mida kõik juba praeguseks kannavad. Ärge saage valesti aru, muidugi mulle jäävad kontsad alati meeldima, aga ma olen märkand, et ma pigem otsin neid imeilusaid madalaid kingi viimasel ajal ja siinkohal ei pea ma silmas tosse ega ketse. Mul on nüüd taoliseid kingi kaks paari, kuldsed ja mustad, ning ma tõesti väa tahtsin neid kuldseid Misspap'i oma pärast seda kui olin musti Dinsko omi kandnud Pariisis, kus ma ilmselt kõndisin iga päev 10km haha. Nii mugavad ja klassikalised! Ma tean, et Gucci ja Givenchy variandid on imekaunid, aga ka soodsamalt saab väga lahedad variandid endale jalga! Panin oma särava kuldse paari kokku uute Levi's teksadega, mis ma lõpuks leidsin Pariisi Champs-Elysee tänava Levi's poest, ning satiinpluusiga, mis tagant avatud. 

Mul on nii kiire päev taaskord ees, aga enne pean ma lõpuks langetama otsuse oma lõpukleidi osas, kuna lõpetamine on kohe ukse taga ja ma olen valinud nende vahel juba nädalaid vist...Mis te arvate, kas ma peaks pigem valima sellise look'i, mis on 'äge ja nunnu printsessilik (kleidil on taskud)' või 'ilus klassikaline daamilik (pärlitega kaetud kleit)'? Lõpetamine ise on 7.juunil. Aidake neiu hädast välja! x


Hoodie & Leggings from ICANIWILL/ HERE & HERE

You know what? I was at the gym one day and decided to do this lifting excercise with weights and the last set was super hard and not because of being tired but because the balms of my hands were just sooo unbearably painful. Yes I do think I have some sort of baby balms though, but I was pretty sure I can't continue like this anymore, because I kept hurting them more and more everyday that finally I couldn't do much. Sent photos to my boyfriend who said I definitely should need some gloves and then suddenly, I was contacted by ICANIWILL the very next day and was able to pick out my favourite gym outfit from their amazing brand! First I was like OH a cool tank top for sure, but then I saw that they actually have all kinds of different long hooded and non-hooded long sleeve shirts that have these balm covers on top and I thought it was a really good idea to actually try these out. So I picked out the one with super cool texts on the back, sleeves and hood and it actually worked! The blouse is just wonderful with every excercise I do and it's sooo soft and lets the air go through well. For the leggings I thought I would love something neutral, but not completely boring black so I found these khaki ones a perfect match with the hoodie! I think it was pretty hard to capture their right colour during the sunset, but it's the most usual khaki and the leggins have some beautiful black details as well. I'll try to capture the correct shade next time when I show you guys the cute sports bra from ICANIWILL too. All in all, they are just very perfect at the gym. 

Today I actually skipped gym for good reasons. Woke up early, packed my car full with girls and we all headed to Eslöv to actually see puppies hahah! It was 'valpmys' at the Arkan Zoo and we just needed a break from all the studies to cuddle some pups, it worked of course. Then I watched J's football game that they won, now I'm blogging and then catching up on Grey's Anatomy, will be writing down my methodology in the thesis soon after and then Eurovisiooon with housemates, wine and pizza! Just decided to (almost) have this relaxed happy day where I do what I want, cause I've been working so hard everywhere, at work, at school, at the gym. Really needed that day! Have a great weekend y'all! x


Teate mis? Ma olen üks päev jõukas ja otsustasin teha üht harjutust hantlitega ning viimane set osutus ülimalt raskeks, mitte sellepärast et väsinud oleks vaid lihtsalt käelabad olid niii väljakannatamatult valusad lõpuks. Jah, mul ilmselt on mingisugused beebikäed, aga ma olin päris kindel, et nii ma enam midagi edasi teha ei saa, kuna iga päev läksid nad aina hullemaks kuni enam ei saandki tõesti midagi normaalselt teha. Saatsin pilte oma peikale ja tema ütles samuti, et kinnasteta ma enam edasi ei saa. Minu üllatuseks võttis kohe järgmine päev minuga ühendust ICANIWILL ning ma sain võimaluse välja valida oma lemmik jõuka outfit'i nende ägedalt brändilt. Kõigepealt oli mul kohe idee, et OH kindlasti üks mingi lahe maika läheb loosi, aga siis avastasin nede lehelt suure valiku erinevaid kapuutsiga ja kapuutsite pikkade varrukatega särke, millel olid käelabad samuti kaetud. Mõtlesin, et see oleks päris hea asi, mida oma murega proovida, seega valisin välja selle super ilusa kapuutsiga särgi, millel on kirjad nii seljal, varrukatel kui kapuutsil ja see tegelikult ka toimiski! Särk on lihtsalt imeline kõikide harjutuste juures ja on samuti nii pehme ning laseb õhku ilusti läbi. Retuusid otsustasin valida midagi neutraalset, aga kindlasti mitte igavat, seega need khaki värvi olid ideaalne valik uue topi juurde! ÜSna raske oli nende õiget tooni pildile saada päikeseloojangu ajal, aga see on kõige tüüpilisem khaki toon ning juures on ka põnevad mustad detailid. Proovin õige tooni järgmine kord pildile saada, kui näitan teile ka nunnut ICANIWILL sports bra'd. Üldiselt on need retuusid jõukas täiesti perfektsed. 

Täna jätsin tegelikult rõõmuga jõuka vahele ja seda mõnusatel põhjustel. Ärkasin vara, panin oma auto tüdrukuid täis ja me kõik sõitsime Eslövi loomapoodi kutsikaid vaatama hahah! Päriselt ka, üks loomapood korraldas kutsikapäeva, kus kõik olid oodatud neid nunnutama ja see oli täpselt see, mida meil õpingute vahel vaja oligi. Ruttasin sealt koju J jalkamängu vaatama, mis nad võitsid, nüüd blogin pisut ning peale seda proovin Grey Anatoomiaga järjele jõuda, siis kirjutan bakatöösse natuke oma metoodikat ja siis Eurovisiooon koos majakaaslaste, veini ning pizzaga! Otsustasin, et mul on täna (peaaegu) täielik puhkapäev, kus teen ainult asju mis mulle meeldivad, sest ma olen see nädal nii palju vaeva näinud töö, koolis ning ka jõukas. Väga vaja seda päeva! Vahvat nädalavahetust kõigile! x


Campaign photos from Denim Dream's first denim collection '17. 

Photos - Jake Farra

Showing you the Denim Dream Jeans campaign photos today, where me and Kristjan Kasearu and Sandra Ude and Jaan Roose were the actors for the TV commercial and campaign faces for the magazine and shop windows. I know the campaign launch was a while ago already, but I had trouble getting these huge photos into my blog until now haha. The Collection itself is varid as every style would find something beautiful to wear from there and the design has a strong focus on comfort. 

So the filming process was quite something! I had never done any commercial shoots before let alone acted anything out, so it was an amazing experience to gain. Also next day, because of alllll the poses, I couldn't move from my bed at all, because my back, stomach and knees were just killing me! Worth it! The Widescreen Studio crew was super fun to be around with and sharing my endless thanks to the Denim Dream, who I would love to work with every single day. 

The campaign launch was even better as it triggered my highest emotions probably haha! First we had a Denim Dream Jeans fashion show, where me, Kristjan and Sandra were the headliners with many models and bloggers and then we celebrated the collection with everyone who joined us at the Rocca al Mare Denim Dream store. It was such a happy night for me full of so many lovely emotions and to top it all, we three were applauded in front of everyone and given those beautiful bouqets of flowers and a super big personal campaign photo with thank you words. As it was my first time experiencing something like that, I felt so proud. I think the thing with this was that me and Sandra weren't picked for the part, but we won over a hundred girls to get this. Makes it bigger that way.

The campaign has run for a month on TV now and you can also see all the campaign photos around Estonia on bus stops, billboards and also in all the Denim Dream shops, magazines, Denim Dream magazine and paper bags. From the magazine you can find interviews with us, out favourite pieces and styling tips from Denim Dream stores and other cool stuff about the campaign. Quite overwhelming to see myself everywhere, but I can't lie that I don't enjoy every bit of it. Tahnk you again for all who took part in every bit of this and I really really hope I get to do more of this kind of things in my life! 


Täna näitan viimaks ka Denim Dream Jeans kampaaiapilte siin, kus mina, Kristjan Kasearu, Sandra Ude ja Jaan Roose olime telereklaami nägudeks ning samuti ka kampaanianägudeks ajakirja ning poeakende jaoks. Tean, et kampaania on juba pikemat aega käinud, aga mul oli siiani raskusi nende tohutute piltide blogisse saamisega haha. Kollektsioon ise on väga värvikas, kuna iga stiil leiaks endale midagi ilusat selga sealt ning tegemist on mugavusele suunatud disainiga.

FIlmimine selle kampaania jaoks oli ikka tükk tegemist! Ma polnud varem üheski reklaamis niiöelda näitlenud ega kuskil kui aus olla, seega oli see väga äge kogemus , mille sealt kaasa võtsin. Järgmisel päeval, ilmselt kõikide nende raskete pooside pärast, ei liikund ma voodist terve päeva, kuna selg, kõht ja põlved olid omadega täiesti läbi! Väärt seda muidugi! Widescreen Studio crew tegi kogu keskkonna super vahvaks ning saadan oma lõputud tänud Denim Dream'i tiimile, kellega töötaks iga päev kõiges koos.

Kampaaniaüritus oli aga veel suurem asi mu jaoks, kuna lihtsalt ju igasugu emotsioonid tekkisid haha! Kõigepealt toimus teksakollektsiooni moeshow, kus mina, Kristjan ja Sandra olime need peanumbrid ja lisaks meiega osalesid ka mitmed tmodellid ja blogijad. Pärast moeshow'd tähistasid kõik, kes Rocca al Mare Denim DReam'i poodi tulid uut kollektsiooni. See oli üks väga väga happy õhtu koos armsate mälestustega ja peale kõige saime ka suure aplausi vääriliseks kõigi ees ning lisaks suurele lillebuketile saime ka endast personaalse suure kampaaniafoto seinale, kus on armsad tänusõnad kirjas. Kuna ma ei olnud varem midagi sellist kogenud, siis olin päris uhke see hetk. Asi ilmselt ka selles, et mind ja Sandrat ei valitud selle rolli jaoks vaid me võitsime 130t teist tüdrukut, et see saada. Ilmselt see teebki asja olulisemaks veel. 

Kampaania on juba kuu aega jooksnud telekanalitel ning kampaaniafotosid saab näha üle Eesti tabloodel, bussipeatustes ja muidugi ka Denim DReam'i poodides, ajakirjades, Denim'i ajakirjas ja paberkottidel. Ajakirjast leiab intervjuud meiega, meie lemmikud ning stiilinipid Denim Dream'i poodidest ning muud põnevat kampaania kohta. Üsna suur üleküllus end igalpool niimoodi näha, aga ei saa öelda, et ma seda ei naudiks. Aitäh veelkord kõigile, kes olid ükskõik mis osas selle kampaaniaga seotud ning ma loodan, et ma saan elus veel palju palju taolisi asju ette võtta! 

FInd the commercial HERE and the magazine is here (included just 3 pages): 


Heels - Bronx/ HERE and at Showroom Styling store       Top & Pants - Misspap/ HERE & HERE        Bag - Guess/ Guess store at Viru keskus       Jacket - Chiquelle/ HERE        Watch - Wilhelm Bergman

Hey babes! So those of you who follow me on Instagram (@merylmgi) know that I also met up with my super good friend Kätlin in Paris! We had such a great day there together, starting with some photo fun by the Eiffel of course. Her camera just makes everything even 5 times more magical, don't you think?

We both had brought along our favourite pair of Bronx heels, she picked out the beautiful bright red stilettos and I picked the cutest pair of pink pumps that I just fell in love with right away. We actually hit the gobblestones after to search for a perfect cafe to have cake and champagne at haha and my heels were absolutely fantastic on that road. It was quite unbelievable how comfy a pair of heels can actually be on that kind of streets. Both heels are available on Bronx website and also my favourite shoe store in Tartu - Showroom Styling. As it was still a little bit chilly, I had a leather jacket on and paired the heels with white culottes and a light pink satin top from Misspap that is actually a really cute dress if you check the link above! 

Had a really early alarm today, headed to a seminar and then ran straight to work. My thesis was kind of crushed under the feet at the seminar, so I better start picking up the pieces now, but first NAP! x 


Tsau mu vahvad! Need, kes mind Instagram'is jälgivad (@merylmgi) teavad, et Pariisis sain ma kokku ka oma super hea sõbranna Kätliniga! Meil oli nii vahva päev kõik koos, mida muidugi alustasime piltidega Eiffeli juures. Kätlini kaamera lihtsalt muudab kõik 5 korda maagilisemaks, kas ei tundu!?

Me mõlemad olime Pariisi kaasa haaranud oma lemmiku paari Bronxi kingi, tema imeilusa paari erkpunaseid stiletosid ja ma kõige kõige nunnumad roosad kingad, millelt ma enam pilku ära ei saanud kui olin nad leidnud. Kusjuures me suundusime sealt otse munakiviteedele, et leida mõni ideaalne kohvik šampa ja koogi jaoks ning mu kontsad olid täiesti imelised nendel teedel. Üsna uskumatu, et taolistel tänavatel mõni kontsapaar üldse mugav saab olla. Mõlema kingad on saadaval nii Bronxi kodulehel kui ka mu lemmik kingapoes Tartus - Showroom Styling. Kuna väljas oli vaatamata ilusale ilmale ikkagi päris jahe, siis viskasin peale nahktagi ja kingade juurde sobisid väga hästi valged culotte püksid ja satiinpluus Misspap'ilt, kusjuures kui klikata ülal lingile, siis on näha, et viimane on hoopiski üks armas kleidike! 

Mul oli täna nii varajane äratus, kuna koolis oli vara seminar ning peale seda jooksin otse tööle. Mu bakatöö tallati üsnagi jalge alla seminaril täna, seega peaksin hakkama neid tükke vaikselt uuesti kokku korjama, aga enne LÕUNAUINAK! x


Me and J wearing Nickelson jackets and shirts/ available HERE

Photos - Paul Meiesaar

Oh we had so much fun doing this shoot with J for Streetshop One's Nickelson selection! It was horribly windy and cold on that roof, but we ran around enough to keep us at least a bit warm. So this is the second and final look with Nickelson, the really cool Dutch brand that creates really different and super high quality streetwear. It just looks so effortlessly cool! I styled my pink detailed shirt with similar pink Converse and blue jeans and J paired his black look with details with white sneakers and sweatpants. In Estonia, you can find the Nickelson selection at Streetshop One store (link above) Streetshop One is a showroom and online shop in Estonia that offers casual clothing from different new and exciting brands and promises the best quality. 

By the way, they have a birthday coming up this weekend on Saturday (13th of May) as Streetshop is turning 3! Everyone is welcome to celebrate at the Streetshop One showroom at Filtri 1, Tallinn. There will be yummy snacks, drinks and 45% off everything from Nickelson, even the new collection! Wish I could join, but have fun shopping you guys! x


Meil oli nii vahva seda pildistamist J'ga teha Streetshop One'i Nickelson'i riietevaliku jaoks! Seal katusel oli kohutavalt tuuline ja nii külm, aga me jooksime piisavalt palju ringi, et hakkas enamvähem soe. See on siis teine ning ühtlasi viimane Nickelson'i look, mis me üles pildistamine. Nickelson on üks väga äge bränd Hollandist, mis loob erisuguseid ja super hea kvaliteediga street stiilis riideid. Lihtne aga nii lööv! Ma sobitasin roosade detailidega särgi koos sama värvi Converse'dega ning siniste teksadega ning J lisas oma musta valiku juurde omakorda mustad dressipüksid ja valged ketsid. Eestis leiab Nickelsoni valiku ainult Streetshop One'ist (link ülal). Streetshop One koosneb netipoest ning Tallinnas asuvast showroom'ist, kust leiab palju uusi ja huvitavaid casual riiete brände ning lubab vaid väga kõrget kvaliteeti. 

Muide juba sellel nädalavahetusel saab Streetshop One 3. aastaseks ning tähistab ka oma sünnipäeva! Kõik on oodatud tähistama 13. mail, laupäeval, Streetshop One showroom'i Filtri 1, Tallinn. Kohapeal pakutakse häid suupisteid, sünnipäevajooki ning muidugi on kogu Nickelson'i kaup -45%! Samuti ka kõige uuem kollektsioon! Tahaks teiega nii väga ühineda, aga loodan, et teil on tore shopingupäev! x


Cardigan & Bag - Guess/ Denim Dream       Playsuit - Sanne Alexandra/HERE (on sale now)      Loafers - Din Sko       Sunglasses - Ray Ban


Here it is everybodyyy! My first outfit from PAH-RHEEE! Of course it's a classical mainstream one by the Eiffel tower, but I've been dreaming of gazing it at day and night for so many years and I wouldn't have an outfit shoot any other way. I think all my outfit shoots include the Eiffel in some way because it was just visible from all the gorgeous places we visited. More about that in my Paris post, but now let's get this talk onto my outfit.

So I had this idea to bring pieces from the Guess store at Viru Keskus to Paris because I think Guess and Paris go together so well, especially their current collection featuring a lot of classical pieces like the cardigan I'm wearing. I don't think it's visible from these photos, but it has those golden threads that shimmer so beautifully and it has some serious Chanel vibes don't you think? So I chanelled my inner Parisian and wore this jacket almost everyday, because it was sometimes so chilly there and this cardigan was a pretty warm lifesaver, better than a leather jacket to be honest. Of course that classical nude shoulder bag just matches the cardigan like a glove. At the Guess store I found this orange dress with rings as a decoration to its belt and when I got back to Sweden I just couldn't stop thinking about it, so I tried to find something similar looking online and found this black playsuit at NA-KD by Sanne Alexandra, woop! I planned to wear this look without tights, but it's so cold still all over Europe, so I had to add some net tights to it. 

By the way, has a -20% discount today, so go grab your fav pieces before they're gone! 

There's so much to do after the trip, so I'm having another busy day with my thesis, a photoshoot and unpacking all my stuff. Stay tuned for more Paris stuff! x


Siin see ongiiii! Esimene look otse linnast PAH-RHEEE! Muidugi on selleks klassikaline mainstream Eiffeli tornikas, kuid ma olen juba aastaid unistanud selle vaatamisest päeval ja öösel, seega teisiti polekski saanud. Mul vist kõik outfit'i pildistamised koosnevad Eiffeli tornist mingil määral, kuna see oli nähtaval kõikides ilusates paikades. Rohkem räägin kõigest oma Pariisi postituses, kuid asub siis selle outfit'i juurde.

Nii siis oli mul idee viia Pariisi midagi Guess'i poest Viru keskuses, kuna mu jaoks sobivad Guess ja Pariis üksteisega ideaalselt, eriti nende praegune kollektsioon, kust leiab palju klassikalisi esemeid nagu ka see kardigan, mis mul seljas. Piltidelt pole vist hästi seda näha, aga kardiganist jooksevad läbi kuldsed niidid, mis nii ilusti säravad ja üldse on sellel täielik Chanel'i vibe juures, kas pole? Pöördusin oma sisemise pariisitari poole ja kandsin seda jakki vist peaaegu iga päev, kuna tihti läks väljas päris jahedaks ja see kardigan oli üsna soe elupäästja haha, ausalt paremgi kui nahktagi. Muidugi Guess'i klassikaline beez õlakott sobib selle jakiga nagu sukk ja saabas. Leidsin Guess'i poest veel oranzi kleidi, mille vööl olid sellised rõngadetailid ja kui ma Rootsi tagasi läksin, siis oli see kleit mul kuidagi nii hinge peal, et ma otsisin netist midagi sarnast omale Pariisi kaasa. Leidsin lõpuks NA-KD lehelt selle Sanne Alexandra musta playsuit'i, woop! Muidugi tahtsin, et see look oleks ilma sukkpüksteta, aga kuna terve Euroopa on ikka nii jahe, siis muud moodi ei saanud ja läksid võrksukad juurde. 

Muide saidil on täna kõik -20%, seega minge haarake oma lemmikud enne kui nad läinud on! 

Mul on nüüd peale reisi nii palju asju ajamata, seega tuleb üks tihe päev bakatöö, photoshoot'i ning lahtipakkimise saatel. Jääge siis tagasi klikkama uue Pariisi materjali jaoks! x 


Wearing Nickelson jackets and tops - available at Streetshop One HERE

Photos - Paul Meiesaar

HIII!! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I took a vacay off everything and headed to the dreamy city of Paris for the first time. I was planning to blog a lot during the stay but the internet at the hotel was horrible that kept switching itself off every 2 minutes, so I am really sorry you didn't get any updates here, but now I'm at Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris posts are coming up during next days yay! However, I'm starting with a photoshoot me and J did a while back for Streetshop One, more specifically their Nickelson selection. The clothes are really street cool and comfortable and not to mention really super high quality. This is only the first part of the photos by the way, I will show you another pair of outfits on us real soon! Until then I recommend checking the selection out from the Streetshop One link above. 

Also, right now Streethop One has a sales day with -15% discount (not for long though) so make sure to hop by their online store or their Showroom at Filtri 1 Tallinn. 

I will chit chat a bit more during next days and will tell you more about Sreetshop and Nickelson under the next bunch of photos, but now I gotta run to my gate! Hope you liked the photos and talk to you soon! x


HEIIII!! Kõik te kes mind Instagram'is jälgite ilmselt teate, et ma võtsin kõigest väikese pausi ja läksin unistuste linna Pariisi ning seda päris esimest korda elus. Plaanisin postitada juba reisi ajal palju, aga hotelli internet vedas mind täielikult alt lülitades end iga 2 minuti tagant välja. Väga väga vabandan, kuid Pariisi postitused hakkavad nüüd järgnevatel päevadel ilmuma järjest. Olen hetkel Charles de Gaulle lennujaamas ning mõtlesin, et enne kõike näitan teile minu ja J photoshoot'i Streetshop One'i Nickelson'i valikule. Need riided on hästi lahedad tänavastiilikad, väga mugavad ning muidugi super kvaliteetsed. Need on muide alles esimene osa piltidest, kuna mul järgmised outfit'id nii minu kui J seljas veel samuti olemas ja tulekul siia kohe-kohe-kohe. Senikaua soovitan kogu kollektsiooni järele vaadata Streetshop One'i netipoest (link ülal). 

Lisaks sellele on hetkel Streesthop One netipoes mügipäev, kus leiab igasugu põnevat -15% allahindlusega (mitte küll kauaks) seega hüpage kindlasti nende netipoest läbi või lausa nende Showroom'ist Filtri 1, Tallinn.

Räägin pisut rohkem teile järgnevatel päevadel ning Streetshop One'ist ja Nickelson'ist veelgi juba järgmise postituse all, kuna pean hetkel ruttu oma gate'i jooksma! Loodan, et pildid meeldisid ning räägime juba peagi! x 


Blouse - Lindex/ HERE       Jacket - Chiquelle/ HERE        Jeans - Topshop       Sneakers - Guess        Bag - Calvin Klein 

Hello 1st of May! Yesterday I celebrated Valborgs with friends at Stadsparken in Lund, you know the annual huge party where nearly 20000 students gather to a park and have fun basically haha! Before and after that it has only been work work work for me and these photos are also taken in the morning just before heading for another 6 hour study session with Elise. I do look tired yep, cause I damn...tired. So here's a quite casual look for ya. I've been wearing this knot tie blouse from Lindex a lot since it has a really nice cut and the colour is cute. I've started to like the knots more now though. 

Tomorrow I'm finally heading to PARIS!! You guys, you have no idea how excited I am about this since it's my very first time in that magical city and I just cannot wait to finally meet it! I have some plans but there are a lot of gaps in my days still, so if you have any suggestions for me regarding food, photographers, places to see/visit or what to do, then I would love to hear about them in the comments below! Since the flight is really early tomorow then I will have to say bye now and start packing and doing laundry and preps, so talk to you real soon, okay? x


Tere 1. mai! Eile tähistasin sõpradega volbrit Lundi linnapargis, teate küll seesama pidu mis ikka iga aasta, kus 20 000 õpilast kogunevad parki ja põhimõtteliselt lihtsalt lõbutsevad haha! Enne ja pärast seda on mul muidugi olnud ainult töö töö töö ja need pildid on samuti hommikul tehtud just enne järjekordset 6 tunnist õppimissessiooni Elisega. Näen väsinud välja pisut ja seda ma olengi...nii....julmalt...väsinud. Riietusest nii palju, et seekord siia selline lihtne casual look. Seda Lindexi sõlmega pluusi olen viimasel ajal päris palju kandnud, kuna lõige on väga ilus ja värv samuti nii armas. Mulle on hakanud ajapikku need sõlmedega asjad täiesti meeldima.

Homme suundun ma viimaks PARIISI!!! Oh te ei kujuta ette, kui põnevil ma sellest olen, kuna see on mu päris esimene kord seal imelises linnas ja ma ei jaksa oodata enam, et sellega kohtuda! Mul on mõned plaanid, aga on ka päris palju ruumi uuteks, seega kui teil on mingeidki soovitusi mulle söögikohtade, fotograafide, kohtade või tegevuste kohta, siis ma ootan neid väga väga all kommentaarides! Kuna lend on homme päris vara, siis on mul veel palju pakkimist, pesu pesemist ja ettevalmistusi teha, niiet räägime juba peagi eks? x


Bomber & Hoodie - HERE

Hey everyone! I have a new giveaway on Instagram!!! I'm super excited about this one cause I am giving away one of the participants, guys or girls, their own favourite basic bomber jacket from Streetshop One! How cool is that? Those who know, know that the bomber jackets Streetshop One are super great quality and well everyone looks great in a bomber jacket anyway. I love to wear my red one a lot right now, since the weather just doesn't seem to get better. So to get yours, do the following:

1. Find the bright red bomber photo on my Instagram @merylmgi
2. Follow me and @streetshop_one
3. Tag 2 friends

And that is all! If you think a friend of yours or your girlfriend/boyfriend would love a jacket like that then take part for them as well, since don't we all just love gifts!? Winner will be announced on 1st of May, so I wish all of you good luck! x


Hei kõigile! Mul on Instagramis uus giveaway toimumas!!! Ma olen super põnevil selle üle, kuna ma annan ühele teist, poistest või tüdrukutest, omal valikul basic bomber jaki Streetshop One'ilt! Kui ägedalt see veel kõlab? Need, kes teavad, teavad et StreetShop One'ist leitavad bomber jakid on ülikvaliteetsed ning muidugi igaüks näeb ka bomber jakis väga hea välja. Kannan enda erkpunast bomberit hetkel väga palju, kuna tundub, et ilmad ei muutugi kuskil paremaks. Et saada kätte enda lemmik, järgi seda listi:

1. Otsi minu Instagram'ist @merylmgi pilt erkpunase bomber jakiga. 
2. Follow nii mind kui ka @streetshop_one
3. Tag'i 3 sõpra

Ja ongi kõik! Kui sa arvad, et kasvõi sinu sõber, tüdruk või boyfriend oleks õnnelik taolsie jaki üle, siis osale ka nende eest, kuna kõigile ju meeldib kinke saada!? Võitja avalikustan 1.mail, seega soovin teile kõigile edu! x 


Blink Shoes open-toe boots from Showroom Styling.

Well today I exhausted myself both mentally and physically as I studied 5 hours in Espresso House again with Elise and after that spent 2 hours at the gym as well. Can't wait to just lie down, chow down some good food and put on El Clasico game, the best football out there for me. Buuuut since there's a little time until that game, I decided to post the last one from the Lydia Hotel series, where I'm showing you all some perfect finds from the Showroom Styling shoe store at Tartu Kvartal. So I completely fell in love with these open-toe boots and as my long time readers would know, these are my main go-to party shoes as I find them the comfiest out there. The Blink Shoes version is even more exciting as they're really flexible and have those air holes styled in a really cool pattern. Also this kind of boots NEVER go out of style and go with everything. I've had my other pair for like 4-5 years now and I'll never get tired of them haha! Btw, ain't Lydia Hotel's lounge just the prettiest!?

So hopefully I can have a little one day rest from my thesis as I might work tomorrow. Time to cook now! Have a great Sunday night babes! x 


Nii täna ma väsitasin ma end küll lõplikult ära, nii vaimselt kui füüsiliselt. Õppisime Elisega Espresso House'is 5 tundi täna ja pärast seda veetsin jõukas 2 tundi. Ei jõua ära oodata, et lihtsalt pikali visata, midagi head kõhtu pista ja El Clasico peale panna, parim jalka, mis mu jaoks üldse olla saab. Aaaga kuna mänguni on veel aega, siis otsustasin postitada viimase seeria Lydia Hotel'ist, kus proovin näidata erinevaid lemmikuid SHowroom Styling kingapoest Tartu Kvartalis. Nii siis, nende avatud ninaga saabaste fänn olin ma kohe esimesest silmapilgust ning nagu mu pikaaegsed lugejad juba teavad, siis see on mu põhiking igalepoole, eriti just pidudele, sest seda tüüpi kingad on minu jaoks mugavaimad kontsad, mis olla saavad. Blink Shoes variant on eriti vahva, kuna nad on hästi paindlikud ja õhuaugud on tehtud ägeda mustriga. Sellist tüüpi saapad ei lähe KUNAGI moest samuti ning sobivad kokku kõigega, mis sinna juurde sobitad. Mul on paar selliseid saapaid olnud juba 4-5 aastat ega väsigi vast iial neist ära haha! Muide, kas Lydia Hotelli lounge pole mitte imeilus!?

Loodetavasti saan nüüd päeva puhkust oma bakatööst, kuna pean ilmselt homme tööle minema. Nüüd aga aeg kokkama hakata! Vahvat pühapäeva õhtut kõigile! x


Hii all! I'm so happy today, so I figured I would spread some beauty tips with that emotion since who is sad when talking about beauty stuff anyway? I started my morning off by going to 'Kosläpp' in Skurup, which is when they release the cows after a long winter on the farmland and they jump and run around with joy. I recommend this to everyone to see haha, but here it's easier since in Sweden they make a big event out of it. Then Elise and I went to pet baby goats and one of them climbed on my lap and sniffed me and that was enough for a dose of happiness for the day. After that we headed to Lund to study at a cafe and from that happy-goat-cow-dose emotion it was so easy to write so much into my Bachelor thesis yay! But back to beauty talk now haha.. Here are photos and descriptions of the stuff that I recommend you to try out this month. Hope you find something new and exciting for yourself! 

1. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette - I was on a look out for a Urban Decay large palette as you know, they are one of the most known and use ones. I was going to choose between Naked 2 and 3, but then I noticed the Basics one there. One look at the colour choice and I was sold. It has all the colours that I use and so many pretty shades of nude as well. My most used ones are purple, pink, this reddish-orange and yellow and this palette just has it all. Plus it stays on long and has a super great pigment. Such a must-have!

2. Smashbox Eye Primer - So if you want your eyeshadows to stay on from morning to late night and to make them 5 times more pigmented on your eyelid than normally then that's the go-to product. A girl at Kicks recommended this to me, it was a bit pricy by looking at its size, but now I know that you only need to use a teeny tiny portion and eyes are primed. This thing does exactly what it says on package and I'm never changing it. 

(By the way, that gorgeous rose gold watch is from Wilhelm Bergman!) 

1. Beauty Blenders - Every respectable make-up bag contains one and you all probably already own one-two, but I decided to go further from using the classical one and also tried out the little ones that I now use for eyebrows, eyes and other narrow areas on my face, and I also tried out the Beauty Blusher, which is a medium and made for a blush. They are all in daily use for me and it's natural to carry around 3 different sized 'eggs' now. I also has the change to try out the Beauty Blender cleanser named Solid. It makes the sponge cleaning quick and effortless and it keeps them looking fresh, new and soft! 

1. Supermood Egoboost Facelift Serum - When that product was described to me together with its friend Eyelift serum it made me laugh since they said it's gonna pull your face so tight that you can feel it. I don't feel it thank god, but as I tried it the first two times, I couldn't see the difference between my tired morning face and after using this. I kind of left it on the side from my daily make-up routine, but then one day I gave it another go when going to the gym and I checked the mirror like 2 minutes after and bam, I looked so tight and fresh in my face! Now I've been using it daily ever since and I don't know what happened, but it suddenly works? Still not feeling the tightness, but it's really visible around eyes and cheeks. 

2. It's Skin Ye Effector - I heard a lot of good things about this one and saw it's sold out in a lot of online stores, but I wasn't really sure what it did more than boost something with yeast, but I tried it on anyway and eventhough I don't recognize any other effects, it's a super great primer! Somehow after applying this on my face, make-up blends and sticks A LOT better. If anyone knows what the actual effect should be, comment below! 

3. Supermood Youth Glo Radiance Serum - This again does what it says - makes the face glow. I use it together with the Egoboost one and I just love how good it smells and feels on face. Just a little perfect glowy thing. 

1. Focallure Silicone Sponge - I was really curious about the sponge, so I had the change to test it out real soon after. It blends nicely and is really easy to use, but it's probably only me who doesn't love the feeling of silicone rubbing face. Nevertheless, I use it everytime I run out of any liquid product because this one makes your products last two times longer as it absorbs zero product, saves every drop and is so easy to clean. One sponge should last many many months. 

2. GHD Advanced Split Therapy - We got to test this one out after a Polhem event and it's something I really recommend for everyone! What it does is that after washing your hair, you apply a little on your ends, then blow dry and then straighten your hair, and after that the ends feel sooo smooth! They look healthy even when they aren't really (that's me after another bleach) and they help to keep the ends straight and to straighten them faster if you don't have GHD perfect straightener that is (I don't). Love it!

1. Egoboost Beauty Chocolates - Saved the weirdest beauty product for the last! The creator of Supermood is an accomplished Finnish supermodel who longed for her own beauty line and she created everything that she missed from other beauty products. The line is quite new and there are so many exciting products to try out because she really seems like super talented at creating these. I also tried the Beauty Mist of her series, but I couldn't show it here due to handluggage restrictions (aka the mist is at J's place in Tallinn), so I'll introduce that later in summertime. But but one of her most interesting products is the chocolates. She is said to love chocolate so so much, so she decided to create beauty chocolates that either make you get a great dose of beauty sleep or give you a youthful look due to the ingredients that people lose from their skin when getting older. I gave the chocolate to mom since well I don't need it yet, but I tried both of them out. Their taste wasn't my cup of tea and you probably have to eat a lot of those to see some result, but hey, how fun is to try out beauty stuff like that!? 


Coat - Vila       Bodysuit - H&M      Jeans - Topshop       Hoodie - New Look      Boots - Bronx/ from Showrrom Styling        Bag - Guess        Phone Case - Ideal of Sweden/ HERE

Been a busy day today! Finally had the change to meet up with my thesis supervisor to get answers to my final questions before beginning and I left the office sooo happy haha, I actually feel really good and positive about this thesis and it seems like everything is falling into place. Well I know that will change from 0 to 60 real quick too, but let me enjoy the moment. I got a compliment for my red suit pants from some random guy today right after the meeting, so my mood was really good about so many things and then I went to sit in my car and well...I saw that the whole day, my zipper had been open. My mood was crushed, but it's sooo typical of me to ruin a good flow of events with something simply stupid. I really hope no one noticed but well it was hard not to to be honest. Ah I just feel so bad about it that I feel like I'm obligated to mention it here as well. That just plain old me. 

By the way, you can get a -20% discount from Ideal of Sweden if you use the code "idealSS17" when ordering any case in their website! I really love the cases as they are quite thick, just gorgeous and really good quality. 

I have a paper to send in by tonight, so hope you like today's look and talk to you real soon! x


Täna on olnud üpris töökas päev. Sain lõpuks aega, et kohtuda professoriga, kes nõustab mind bakatöös ja sain kõik vajalikud vastused viimastele küsimustele enne kui asjaga päriselt pihta hakkan. Lahkusin kontorist niiii rõõmsana, sest ma tundsin end väga enesekindla ja postiiivsena oma bakatöö osas, kuna kõik tundub olevat paika loksunud ja sujub nii ilusti. Ma tean, et see suhtumine võib muutuda nullist sajani kiirelt haha, aga las ma naudin seda momenti korraks. Pärast kontorist lahkumist ütles keegi võõras poiss, et mul on nii ilusad püksid, mis tegi tuju muidugi veel paremaks lisaks kõigele muule ning läksin istusin autosse ja noh...terve selle päeva oli mul olnud püksilukk pärani lahti. Tuju oli kohe kiirelt pühitud, kuid see on on ju nii tüüpiline minu puhul, et ma toreda asjade kulgemise millegi jube lihtsa ja lolliga ära rikun. Loodan väga, et keegi ei märganud, aga kui aus olla, siis seda ilmselt oli raske mitte märgata. Oh mul siiamaani nii halb tunne sellepärast, et ma pidin sellest siin ka rääkima. Lihtsalt tavaline Meryl.

Muide, Ideal of Sweden'i netipoes saab koodiga "idealSS17" 20% alla kõigist telefonikatetest! Mulle nii meeldivad need katted, kuna nad on sellised tugevad, super ilusad ning väga hea kvaliteediga.

Täna öösel on vaja siiski järjekordne bakatööpaber teele panna. Loodan, et tänane look meeldis ja räägime peagi! x