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Here with my dear Marii-Heleen! I wore the H&M Studio SS19 safari styled cargo dress that I absolutely adore. It's pretty heavyweight and has amazing quality material, but my favourite thing about it is the absolutely cool baggy cut. I styled the dress with River Island knee-high boots, Louis Vuitton bag and Off-White pink industrial belt. 


Here with the cool girls - Marii-Heleen and Triinu on first photo and Aljona on the other. On the second TFW day I wore full River Island, except for the Gucci belt and bag. As I sad in the Mood magazine as well (find the article HERE), I am all about midi satin skirts this SS19 season. I started off with a black one at TFW but I will sure head to some beige, golden and brighter coloured tone once it's more summer-y. Can't wait to wear these with absolutely anything to be honest haha, they go well with most stuff (huge recommendation for summer!). I paired the skirt with woven leather ankle boots also from RI that I adore and a satin dress with an open cleavage that I made into a half-blouse, half-dress for the outfit. 

Thanks for the invite Tallinn Fashion Week, it was really fun and the organizing just gets better and better! Thanks for the fun times! Also it's probably good to pint out that from the two days my favourite collections were from Riina Põldroos, Woolish and Eve Hanson! The last two were super-wearable and so pleasant for my minimalistic eye, but Riina Põldroos came out with some pretty dope statement pieces but also not too overtly-detailed ones! Wish I could've attended the third day in Tartu, but I had to head home to cure the cold I got from windy Tallinn (still curing it here though) and pack for Poland as we're heading there tomorrow. I might blog another outfit tomorrow evening if I have tme, but now I gotta go pack some more, write some e-mails and head to the store to get some snacks on the road!

But until Autumn TFW! And thanks everyone who made it fun this time! x


Dress & boots from NA-KD

Some beautiful but completely forgotten photos from Summer18. My girl Helena asked me a month ago where these photos had disappeared and I'm so glad she reminded me of them, because I absolutely adore them. Major summer feels in the middle of the cold! The reason I forgot to publish them was because I wanted to wait until NA-KD puts the dress up on their website but they never did so I couldn't link the dress for you guys. I hope the design comes on sale for this Summer because the dress is absolutely stunning!! Made for twirling on a field with a sunset to be cheesy about it.

I've been thinking a lot about last Summer because I felt genuine happiness throughout it. The weather was more than anyone could ask for, I was in Norway making new great friends and spending days outdoors and driving around nature with my boyfriend. I watched football in the sun on weekends and blogging and photo taking was so fun with these beautiful sunsets everyday. The point is that I had little worries and felt like I fulfilled my days with enjoyment, but I don't feel that unworried right now somehow. Nothing is bad don't get me wrong and I am sure Summer this year is gonna be happy again since you know it's Summer, but I've started to feel like I need more. Since I moved to Poland with my boyfrriend last month, I got a little bit tired of blogging but not here but on Instagram to be precise. It started with the new algorithm being absolutely unfair and my likes and reach dropping almost 50% which made me feel really bad and not because I could care about who and how much likes me (when you start caring about that then delete the app now!) but actually what it gave out to the brands I worked with. For them I wanted more because I LOVE brands I work with and I want the best reach for them and Instagram didn't give me that at all in the way it was before. My photos and feed have gone better, I've started to be more active and my followers as well (thanks dears!!!) but Instagram keeps throwing me back. This was for one, of course I started to reconsider what's important to show for brands and kept working hard on my content and what I want to put out, but another thing was staying in Estonia for too long.
I have no idea why young people have been really evil about anything that comes to fashion bloggers or Instagram stuff. I endured so much mocking, laughing, photos titled in a sarcastic way and people asking me and my friends really agressive questions like "wow I thought you'd be something so much more than you are now, sitting on Instagram and stuff". It's been REAL UGLY let's face it. And I know it's not only bloggers who have to listen how stupid they are and how they should get an education and go to work because they don't sit in an office right now (I just was there). Most Estonian bloggers have degrees and work and some don't need to work, but to be honest why is this your business? I think blogging is for such a narrow segment of people interested in what the blogger has to show or say that the rest who are not interested shouldn't even worry they have to see or listen to them at all? I've come to understand that if you try to do something that is "new" or "different" or not so "mainstream" in Estonia, then you are laughed at automatically and it's very sad that this is done my young people. I know I shouldn't care but this adds up to unmotivate people to do what they love you know? I consider blogging an useful hobby but no one has the right to comment that in such a mocking way regardless what it is or means to me. 

So with all the negativity recently of course I keep going, no one can stop me from doing what I like, but I realized I was thinking too much about it. I have another job which is also with social media only (and writing articles and newsletters), but I was sure I needed more outside my computer. I am not the type to feel relaxed when I have nothing to do for half a day and I love to keep myself busy which is why I hoped for an internship for my university degree or with fashion, but it's pretty difficult in Poland, where I don't speak the language at all. So I will look into that in June when we probably leave Poland for a new place. I am still waiting for university results for some time and uni itself starts in Autumn, so it's a long time until then too. I took up a training routine as a first to keep myself busy with getting in shape for Summer and move a little more. I figured I have so many long-term goals and thoughts that cannot happen right now, so I needed to change my mindset so much. I need something next to blogging right now, so I decided to start now. SO I am going to start taking multiple internet courses to learn about things I haven't learned at school or uni or in life yet (e.g investment and marketing outside social media) and it's been the best idea. I can keep myself really busy when I want to while having my hands free to enjoy time in Poland when I want to. I value the fact that I get to live in so many countries with my footballer boyfriend so much that I want to see and experience everything to grasp differences and broaden my view on ways of life, so I want to have time for that as well while preparing for future. A lot of girls who are together with their footballer boyfriends start their career once their other half has ended theirs and I feel like I need to start preparing for this faster and sooner with legit courses for me and papersof them to show. 

Due to all these things I've been thinking about, I think I have to reconsider the value and amount of my collaborations. I love my current collaborations and I am sure I will love my new ones and I am sure I will always be the one to give more than I get, but that "get" part needs a reconsideration. I am also very happy over my feed as I started to be more "artsy" and share things I find beautiful in daily life and hope it makes my feed more appealing to people interested. In addition, I will have to share my posts more and more when I get there and invest more into it, because it's a fun world I don't feel like backing out of yet. I would just hope for more happiness for people who feel like they need to put down others. I have been very open in this post and that's partially due to the fact that me and my friends have heard unpleasant things and I just want you to know I am a young woman still figuring out what I truly want and how I could prepare for my future dreams while travelling the world with my boyfriend and I don't need this negativity around me and I am thankful I have a place to go away from it (since I can ignore it all on social media very well when I want to). Anyway it's been a blabla bla here and I didn't edit any of that, it came from my late night thoughts and I wanna be open with you about how I feel sometimes too. I am excited for the super good changes I've made for myself until at least June and excited to see what the future holds! 



Wearing everything from River Island (except the long gloves which are by Ivo Nikkolo) 

New week has started and there's a lot to get done in the next three days so I'm diving right into everything. But first I wanted to blog because it's a sort of a therapy to just discuss clothes and say what I've been up to here and how I am and what I'm been thinking about. I've actually been thinking about a lot of things last week and I already started to write them down here, but I figured why not just take everything on my mind that I've promised to lay down here previously and all the new ideas and just make a seperate self-reflection post. I think I need to get my ideas down somewhere and hopefully find someone to meet me with the same thoughts. That said, I'm just gonna keep it short today. So Spring has arrived to Kielce and yesterday we spent a day in Krakow as it was 18 degrees and it was incredible for my body to feel so warm over such a long time haha! Krakow is a truly beautiful city with an amazing Old Town but there's so much more to explore, so I hope to see it more still. We had a nice lunch and went shopping a bit and walked around the cityand laughed my knees weak with J. Would go anywhere with this guy and have so much fun, appreciate it so much! But overall I've been trying to get the new apartment into its proper shape lately as in bought some stuff it needed, decorated a little with some flowers, pots and candles and got some lounge chairs on the balcony as I sense summer coming and I hope it gets here way earlier than to Estonia. I've kept my head and days busy with that and also work on the laptop the usual, but also been trying to really get used to the life here and it's been fun to explore and discover and we live in the city centre which makes it a lot easier. Oh and I reallly like going to the games here! The VIP section is the nicest yet I've been to and the fans are loud and you know I just really get into a game if it's comfortable to watch and it's loud and present. Can't wait for the weekend when it's a homegame again! 

Talking about the weather again, it's really tricky to dress right now. With the sun and some 10+ degrees it seems like Spring a lot but it can be devious as you can end up with a running nose in a matter of days. What I really suggest is to wear a lot of turtleneck knits because they make it easier to wear a bit lihter jackets on top without the risk on getting some cold. Turtlenecks are something I have in so many colours in my closet just to match whatever I'm wearing. I am missing a grey one so I'm thinking about fetching that from River Island once I get there again, because I like theirs the most. They have that half-cut turlteneck that isn't too long and doesn't reach up to the chin but end half way down the neck and the white one on the outfit up is also from RI. The material is also super soft! I was actually trying to find an outfit for a white turtleneck and flared pants as they have so many good flares as well but that needed a coat or a jacket to be worn with and I was SO SO HAPPY when I saw this light tweed jacket there! That's because my mom gifted me these super long leather Ivo Nikkolo gloves for Christmas and I struggled to find a jacket or coat to wear with them as they require at least 3/4 sleeve to be effective and that jacket had a 3/4 sleeve and looked absolutely perfect for these gloves! The jacket is so versatile and beautiful! So here's my pre-Spring look that I absolutely love and that won't get me sick in these scetchy degrees haha! RI always delivers to my wishes, can't wait to see what's new! 

I can't keep it short here these days but oh well, hope you're strongly with me! I'm gonna do a bit more work and then get ready to have lunch with J when he comes from training and also find some things I need from the store. Then I am gonna start some serious planning as I said, there's been a lot of thinking lately. Enjoy the starting Spring loves! x 


1st row: 1. HERE         2. HERE        3. HERE        4. HERE
2nd row: 1. HERE        2. HERE        3. HERE       4. HERE

Morning Sunday! We were supposed to head to Berlin for 2 days today but suddenly J had his training after all and we had to cancel all plans but we're heading for Krakow instead tomorrow to explore this beautiful city. It's supposed to be reaaally warm tomorrow with 18 degrees so I'm here feeling it haha and surfing online for what I would wish to have in my closet for the Spring- Summer season coming up. Because you know, that's what Sunday's are about haha! 

So here I listed the items I could defnitely use to my outfit looks or for feeling great during summer and what's missing is the perfect ruffle dress to go with the knee boots during Spring and of course a super cute and comfortable knit set with a loose sweater and a midi skirt and preferrably details of buttons or a belt. I couldn't find these from anywhere now so maybe I just need to head to some stores in Krakow tomorrow and hopefully fall in love with a ruffle dress there. It's when you have that image in your head of what you what exactly and nothing else will do you know.

BUT what I did find was this list here and I absolutely adore all these pieces. I actually already ordered the beige net dress as I think it's perfect as a daily dress but also as a beach dress! Been looking forever for that kind of style. Then I added these absolutely adorrable bikinis here that I found from NA-KD and River Island and these two brands are the ones to go looking out for bikinis from, so many amazing styles! Of course there's a lot of satin because your girl here loooves satin stuff. So hard to care for and keep clean but nothing more beautiful than shiny satin on a beautiful sunny day that outlines the body well. I have quite many satin midi skirts already but I don't have a light one with a slit on side that I would actually need and wear the most. Also added a satin slip dress that is ruched, because I couldn't find an ideal one last summer so now I found it from Topshop AND as a bonus it has the ruched side which is definitely a trend detail this season. I will probaböy wait for the black one to come back on sale. Now I don't definitely obsess over denim jumpsuits as it's usually not my style, but the one on NA-KD is just sooooo goood I need to have this one. The cut is perfect and I think it would fit me so well and this kind of jumpsuits with a belt and a boiler suit look are so in this season, but I can't decide if I should go for the denim one or a cargo one instead (if you didn't know then cargo everything is another big trend os SS19 with cargo dresses, pants, jumpsuits, etc.). Lastly, shoes! I have been keeping my eye out for white knee boots until I saw someone's haul on Instagram and fell for these beige ones instead. They are basically ivory whiteish, so same style but I think a bit more different from everyone else who rocks the white ones. Perfect to wear with any dresses! And then there's the black mid heel. Now if you wanna follow THE BIGGEST shoe trend of SS19 then there you goo. I've tried similar in the store a few days back and let me tell you, this is the most comfortable heeled shoe you will ever wear and it's trending everywhere you look. These shoes will go with everything you own in 2019 and I have become absolutely obsessed with these heels but they are also sold out everywhere by now. If you know where to get this kind of shoe please message me real quick haha okay? 

Now that the retail therapy list is in front of my very eyes here in the blog, I will begin with some cleaning and work in advance as tomorrow I won't probably access my laptop. Have a lovely new week! x 


Hiiii how are you all? I feel like now is that time when I feel somewhat settled in Poland and getting used to the lifestyle here. It's all familiar as I've been to Poland countless of times due to our European trips with family, but I've never spent over a week here to be honest. So how is it and how's our apartment and everything? I will share that in my next post as I feel like this one is going to be long already and that's because I have soooo many MAC favourites to share! The reason that there are so many is probably known to everyone who loves make up, MAC is just that good at everything! I decided to dedicate a seperate beauty post to MAC as they take a lot of space among my make up favourites and I will just share everything else that I use in a seperate post. I do work a bit with MAC by now and that's why I've had the change to test out so many products from them, but most of them have stayed in my make up bag for good right after. Also in Estonia we have the change to see the most popular roducts that are bought among Estonians and that's pretty exciting as I get to see what fits our country's skin and beauty the most. This could be the reason that all the products I've tested have fit me perfectly and go well with all the other products I've picked for myself. I do buy MAC a lot myself, because there is always something I need haha. You know I don't use all of the make up I have in my bag at once everyday but I like to create different looks and I have different products for different looks and that's why there's a lot of lipsticks for example. So I will start introducing MAC favs by the product type because then I can name all the shades I like at once and note that I am nooo make up specialist, I just speak from experience! 

Foundation - Let's start with the main deal! I've almost ran out of the Studio Fix fluid spf 15 foundation, but not yet as this is what I used when I had a bit of a more tan! This one was picked out for me by the MAC make up artists at Kaubamaja in Tallinn and this one is a really good coverage foundation. I found it too thick for 25+ degrees as I find most foundations too hard to wear in that heat in Estonia but I really like when a foundation gives coverage. For me it's something it should efinitely do and the formula is super nice to spread with a foundation brush! The shade I used as tan (not that tan) is NC20. 

Concealers - I've tried two and again one is for these tan moments and one for the pale moments. For pale moments I've been using and rebuying MAC Pro longwear concealer in shade NC15 and that is the most common buy among Estonians it appeared! The concealer has such a nice formula and smoothes out perfectly with a Beauty Blender sponge. I use it for contouring mostly - under the eyes, under cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead. The tan moment one I have is Studio Fix 24-hour smooth wear concealer in shade A38 and This one I don't use for contouring but for hiding spots on my skin that I don't want there like redness and so. I have a quite yellow undertone on my skin and both of these are yellow based concealers.

Powder - Ah that one is so good! Mineralize Skinfinish powder in tone Medium! This one together with the next product (strobe) in summertime is a dream! But now I use it as a finishing powder and I just love how it reduces the shine well but it also doesn't stay powdery or visible like I would be caked up or something like that. The powder is just amazing at finishing the look and there are no complaints so it's so good! Medium is a perfect shade as well for my pale but not porcelain skin. 

Strobe cream - As the fourth product I am gonna name my number one product from MAC - the strobe cream! I have no words how much I love this product during every season! It gives me the prettiest glow when I don't want to wear foundation on a hot summer day and then I just powder the uneven places and I'm ready to go and it gives me the prettiest glow when I cover my face under thick layer of foundation and make up during a winter day. It's a very beautiful product. 

Highlighter - I have a kind of a golden shade highlighter that I really like but I got the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter from Polhem showroom and I had never tried on a rose shade highlighter, but I like it a lot now that I learned how to use it. It's a more subtle highlighter that is still bright of course but you know rose is a bit more soft than golden shades and is better for a daytime look.

Eyeshadow - I've only tried one palette from MAC because I have too many eyeshadow palettes already that I neeed to use before I buy any more. I have the Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette and this is the one I use for party looks. The colours are very strongly pigmented and have quite of a wow effect so for me it's too strong for daytime but just perfect for a cool night look. I really love the golden glittery shade, the dark brown and the bright pink! 

Brow Pencil - For light blondes this brow pencil is just so good! It's that exact greysih bonde but also slightly brown tone I've always searched for and randomly found from Polhem as I was planning my MAC Instagram giveaway. I don't know if I will ever go back to other pencils from here as they have developed the asymmetric triangle tip for the pencil  and doing my brows is so easy now. 

Mascara - First of all, I love the look of the package, it's like a stretched out MAC lipstick haha! I am gonna be honest and say that this is a closed package as I have some opened mascaras I want to use u before I get to the MAC one but the reviews are insanenly good, so I'm really excited and decided to introduce it here already as it just has to be good! It's called the MAC Upward lash mascara, check it out! 

Spray Fix+ - No it's not a product tyupe, it's a movement, a MAC movement. I just recently hosted a giveaway on Instagram where I asked girls to point out their favourite MAC product in the comments and I feel like 80% was Spray Fix+ and that says it. I've never heard anyone say they don't like the fixing spray EVER. It's so soothing, so fresh, it smells sooo good and of course it keeps everything in the face where it should be. Everyone should just try the feel of moisturizing with that spray after putting on that make up for an hour...oh god. I have tried many versions of the SPray Fix+ by now and let me give you my two most favourite ones - the classical Spray Fix+ for anyday, especially when I want gloss and glow and the Matte Spray Fix+ that I use the most when there is too much glow going on. Sometimes the skin isn't dry at all, or even normal, but more on a shiny part and that's where the Matte helps so much. The Spray Fix+ has to be my number two favourite of all MAC products, no doubt. 

Lipliner - In case you're wondering what fits well the classical Estonian girl lip then here you go - MAC lipliner in shade WHIRL! This is so close to my natural lip colour it's ridiculous and of course perfect as I can overline the hell out of my lips if I want to haha! No really these pencils aren't so popular for no reason, they glide well along the lipline and Whirl is the most popular shade bought in Estonia so no need to say more!

Lipsticks - I would be too mainstream to name MAC lipsticks my number one product from them so I will place them third eventhough we all know what is actually number one in the world anyway. SO where to begin.. it all started with Velvet Teddy which is by the way again the most popular shade Estonians have bought and since it goes perfectly together with the Whirl lipliner then no questions need to be asked, but as much as I loved it when I was tan, I felt it was still a bit too dark for my skin when I have a more winter pale face. So I found out on Instagram one day that there is a lighter but same shad eversion of Velvet Teddy and that is called Kinda Sexy. So I recommend everyone to first try out the popular Velvet Teddy but if you feel that's too heavy then ask for the Kinda Sexy, I promise one of them can be your new favourite nude lipstick! Oh and a really close one is Satin Faux which also fit me better as a more pale person! But talking about reds which are like some trademark of MAC..I have a friend from univesity that rocks red lipstick everyday and it was always so flawless and bright and made her look stunning so one day I asked what it was and bam it was MAC. I went to the store to try it but it was too much for me as I am a light blonde and she has dark brown hair so it happened yesterday when I saw a recommendation on Instagram AGAIN and they told about the red lipstick Lady Danger from MAC that was supposed to make your teeth look whiter and is an overall good look on everyone. I went to the store here in Poland and I got it! It really is what they say it is and it's this crazy beautiful bright red. I don't have it on the photo but look it up definitely girls! Perfect for parties!

Phewww that was a lot, my fingers hurt haha! I hope if you love MAC Cosmetics you found something from this list to add into your collection. I will definitely soak into these giveaway comments to find out the most favourite products from MAC from my followers and will list them on my Instagram stories soon. Also I will be looking forward to your comments in the comment section here on your favourite MAC products and if you found something to try out! I also got invited to an event here in Kielce on 6th of March where they will have al aunch party for the new Boom Boom collection for MAC so I'm excited to see what's new. Pop all the questions into the comments as well and talk to you soon babes! x 


Everything from River Island (except the bag) 

Hi guys! Guess what!? Tomorrow I'm moving to POLAND! Haha yes finallllly J joined another football club, but for only half a year (until June then) because he will start looking for a longer contract in summer when more football clubs are switching players at the beginning of a new football season. So Poland..well I know for sure that Poland is much cooler than it has put out to be and it's a super interesting country to discover! So much to see, so many different sides. I will be moving between Warsaw and Krakow, in the city named Kielce, which is like a medium sized one. J has been there for well over a week now but I had stuff to finish here and wanted to take it easy with everything. I have a new mentality of taking things really easy and on my pace so I don't get overwhelmed, it works really bad for me and now I feel so much better doing things that I like (and don't like) as I worry less and use the pace I find the best. BUT tomorrow's the day I will fly over with some of my suitcases and a new adventure can begin! Excited to live there for a little while, just to be familiar with so many different countries and lifestyles! 

I've been spending time running a lot of errands lately and meeting up with my friends, but also working and spending time with family. Once J moved to Poland I suddenly realized a million things I gotta do so I started spreading all that stuff out on different days haha! I am sooo embarassed by the fact that I completely FORGOT to announce that I turned 25 last week hahaha! I actually thought now that I did it but it seems like I planned it all in my head but never actually wrote down my feelings about my birthday, so I will add this post on 9th of February either today or tomorrow, reflecting on the year 25 because you know, better late than never right!? But yea now you know I ad a birthday recently, but I had no time to host anything big for my friends as I had no idea I was still gonna be in Estonia on that day! Birthdays are not my thing anyway, I don't love to host parties and birthday is exactly that, but I do enjoy the day so much nevertheless! 

A little before that we had the Marsaana press day for SS19 and I had the worst choice of outfit to the weather we had that day haha! I love this River Island look and besides a dinner I wore the whole outfit to the press day as well but the Tallinn Old Town was iced up that day with sidewalks covered in icy snow allover so I actually fell on my knees smashing the Louis Vuitton against the ground which I felt really sorry about haha, but hey, that's all my fault for not dressing according to the weather. I was pretty pissed at the Old Town at that moment though. Glad I didn't ruin the satin skirt, it's so delicate and I just love it so much. I was a on a lookout for satin midi skirts as I suddenly got over obsessed with them but each was sold out in my size and then, like it has happened soooo many times, River Island delivers so many colours of this stunning satin skirt! I got myself the green one and a midnight blue one and eventhough I would love to wear them with a baggy T-shirt and sneakers or sock boots then it's no summer here yet so I found this other look I love them with - a chunky knit in same shade of green and my favourite RI knee boots! Added a really long basic beige coat to the whole look that I had no idea I missed until I got it. I haven't worn shorter beige coats for a long while now, everything just seems better when longer when it comes to coats. 

The press day itself was such a nice mingle as in the morning we had another event with a breakfast at the So Brooklyn cafe at Balta, but everyone seemed so sleepy there that it wasn't much of a mingle, but I loved the new amika: hair products that launched in Estonia! So colourful and I just neeed to get my hands on their famous dry shampoo now! Hope they have it in Poland as I have no time to hop through the stores in Tallinn anymore. Which reminds me I gotta continue packing and it's pretty difficult as I have no idea what the weather will be soon in Kielce haha. Besides that I wanna cuddle and take out my little doggies, get my ears pierced which I've been prolonging too long now and also take some photos for the blog and do some work. Hopefully will fit the birthday recap in my plans but if not, talk later loves! x 


Another post I am really proud to share because the testing period has been long and strong haha, and I am really happy to share with you the brands you may know of and some you may not know of, but they are great at what they do. You probably wonder what in the world haven't I yet discussed over my hair care routines, but there actually is that one thing left (yay) and it's what to wash your hair with! You may know what I use as other care products from my huge hair fix post HERE, but here are the product lines I have used to wash my hair on different stages. I don't know about you but my hair IS MOODY, going from dry skin to too flat, from dry broken hair to too greasy too soon, from too frizzy to actually really healthy and normal. There are a lot of ways my hair gets and that is the result of the season, whether it's winter or summer, and also if I have had some stress and something to worry about or if there's been some photoshoots wher I've used way too much styling and products in my hair. Depends on so many things and before I used to have just one shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair with but now I've realized I need different lines on these different hair stages and that has made me help get my normal healthy hair back far more easily. I am still learning as it's new to me, because I've gotten to test very different haircare brands just recently and I can only share my personal experience with them, but I really wanted to show you guys in a whole one post what I use for what situation and intorduce you to brands that might help you with your current issue, so here goes: 



Probably everyone knows Placenta Activ products and that's due to a good reason - they give the nutrients that help you grow your hair a bit faster and that is actually what I started using currently. I feel like my hair is quite close to normal now (will tell you below what was wrong) and after cutting my ends off quite a lot I could start testing this line. I believe a hair brand works the best as a full line, as in you use the same shampoo, conditioner and some third product (depending on the fix you need) alltogether to get the best and fastest result. I'm lucky to be testing the Placent Activ shampoo, conditioner and the super famous vials on scalp, but also the really new ones to the line - the vitamins (food supplements with eggshell membran) and the eyelash conditioner! In all honesty I haven't used the products long enough yet to tell you if my hair has had any super growth yet, but I am sure this famous brand has tons of reviews already online, so due to these I have faith in the brand and I will of course find a way to let you know soon on blog. I find it super exciting that they have added the eyelash conditioner to the line as it's new to me and even though I have very long lashes naturally, they also get damage from make-up removal and glue from fake lashes so I'm glad to finally have a good care for them. The vitamins is also news for me and I know any vitamins in my body will do so much good and now hair oriented vitamins are an amazing addition to my supplements. The products feel super nice, the hair feels reaaally good after a wash, soft and glossy and for me these are good products already! So happy to finally test out the famous line, planned this for long! 



So now to the issue I mentioned above. I had a lot of stress at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 and that led to my scalp skin to dry up significantly. The stress was due to nothing serious, but I somehow found myself overthinking EVERYTHING and got very stressed over so many things and I also at the same time had so much to do, so my skin suffered. I'm glad the effect on my face skin was less as that's usual where the stress shows but for me it was my scalp. So I got familiar with the brand London Labs in Polhem in summertime and decided the end of 2018 was the moment to give it a try. The line I used consisted of shampoo, conditioner, scalp peel and scalp mask and the root lifting foam. I also have the hair oil from London Labs that is usable elsewhere on body as wlel, but since I have hair and skin oils in use right now then I haven't tried it yet. By the way, don't open products you don't plan on using immediately as every one of them has an expiration date and you don't want the product to go bad befre you have the chance to use it, so that's what this oil is waiting on right now. So London Labs was great! The wash feels very fresh on scalp especially, leaving it with a smooth feel. I used the peels when I had used more of hairspray and that kind of products and the scalp mask when I felt super dull from scalp. London Labs has lines for different scalp issues but I picked the body building as my hair also gets super flat. I always use foam so I am not sure if the shampoo and conditioner gave the roots a good lift, but the London Labs root lifting mousse definitely was amazing! I loved that it didn't leave anything on my scalp for laters but still did it's work at root lifting. Really important if you have a stressed scalp like mine, but still want to use a hair foam for a lift! With me relaxing on my work and other stuff and with me using this line for about 2 months straight I have a LOT better feel on the scalp and even though it still sometimes gets more dry, I just use the London Labs line again between the Placent Activ care. Oh and I don't have the photo of the foam right now because I accidentally sent it off to Poland with J's suitcase haha! 


Here's a line to everyone whose scalp is fine, hair grows fine but hair looks a bit dull and lifeless. This line I tested during summertime as that's when the sun bleaches my hair beautifully light blonde, but also dries it up significantly. I tested the Linea Natura shampoo, hair mask and vials alltogether for about two months and I actually really looked forward to another wash haha, because I just LOVE the smell of these products!! The shampoo is really really nice on hair and leaves them very well washed. It conatins nutrients like bamboo and placenta, so I guess since I have quite a lot of that shampoo left I could use it together with the Placent Activ conditioner as well? Gotta find that out! Then I used the hair mask which is such a HUGE product that probably will last 2 years for me haha, but it's my absolute favourite! Oh that smell, that smell...I just wanna go smell that can over and over again. It leaves the hair feel like babies hair first thing and second the smell lasts on the hair for pretty long time. I heard from Adeline that introduced me to this mask that this one is the absolute hit of Linea Natura products and I definitely can tell why. The vials also contain good vitamins and nutrients to add after a wash and the line alltogether helped to maintain a very healthy shiny look on my hair that felt soft and smelled good. Definitely my go to when I feel like my hair is in its good shape but needs LIFE, just LIFE. Did I already say thanks to Linea Natura for actually giving people megatons of product if they buy one? 

I hope all of you babes could find something for your type of hair! I had fun testing the brand lines, they are really good brands and products and I look forward to tesing out something that could maybe give tons of shine to blonde hair, because gloss is hard to spot on blondes and something containing tiny bits of shine would be pretty amazing! I mean product lines that do that within a wash, I of course know a lot of great products that you can spray your hair with for some golden sparkle or glossier shine, but here in this I want to say that using too many products is also not good but we all wash hair so if you have any recommendations on a product brand or line as such the HIT ME UP! Sending hugs! x 


Hi readers! I promised to share an unboxing of my newest designer bag ages ago but as promised, I will deliver, even if it's super late haha! I had very little time on deciding what to get from the Oslo Louis Vuitton store because it was really little before we moved away from Sarpsborg and Norway. I was gonna go for the Pochette Metis in my mind, if they would have had one available, but as usual, there was a line for it and they had the black version only in store. So I had previously looked up something similar to the Metis and decided to check that one out and once I saw it the Pochette was well out of my mind haha! The Marignan Messenger won my heart over in that store and for obvious reasons too. First off it's a reaallly new bag, that only came out in the beginning of 2018 so it's not as popular as the Metis and that means it's not everywhere and it's more of a rare sight still. But since the vintage look is huge currently, then this one was meant to be a new modern bag with vintage Louis Vuitton takes and boy did they nail that one with this bag! I love that besides the classical monogram print I have 3 other shades of leather as well - beige on the large front pocket, warm brown tone on the handle and olive tone on the strap and such colouring is super vintage! The lock closing is obviously the most LV vintage thing in LV ever and it's really easy to close up with. The main reason for falling in love with this bag was the size though! It can fit my camera with my wallet and phone and sunglasses and lipsticks, etc etc. It has so many pockets and no mid-section to divide the inside and a really big front pocket too! The size itself is really pleasant as it can be used as a handbag but also a shoulder bag with the attachable monogram strap. I am a fan of really specific shaped bags and that one was said to be a "businesswoman going to go and do stuff" bag in the store so I apparently love to go to that kind of styles in all bags haha! It's like a large envelope bag, bigger than Metis but not much, and I mostly love to use it as a handbag, not as a shoulder bag. Maybe because I would like the shoulder strap to be a bit wider but that is available to add for laters too. Another downside is the really light suede inside that can be ruined easily BUT the bag designer Kadri Kruus here in Estonia gave me some amazing tips on how to keep it clean and how to clean it if a lip pencil would like to draw on it at one point. Thanks so much Kadri! 

This bag really draws my outfits together and makes them feel more sophisticated if needed. I am still very excited over my pick after two months and can't wait to see how this bag will do in some years! I will definitely love my first Louis Vuitton for years! 


Everthing (except sunglasses) is from River Island

Hi blog friends! So apparently I fell asleep so early last night after bath that I didn't write that blog post after all haha, but here I am writing it now! As I said in the last post, January has been a BIG waiting game due to J's football club finding hassle, but besides that I've been trying to work a lot, find some certain collaborations for the season and enjoyed a lot of family time and I really rarely get to spend so much time with J at our hometown or Estonia overall (as he mostly trains in Tallinn now) and it's been quite a blessing to have so many family dinners and do all the fun stuff we used to do when we both lived here briefly, but you know, it's getting kind of tiring not to know what the future holds and things are starting to feel less blessed day by day. Blog work is now fully on as Spring collections are coming fast, there are so many events and I've been of course trying to shoot as many outfits as possible with the weather conditions haha! Speaking of that, I had to shoot this outfit in minus 17 degrees as I thought J was gonna move away in the next 2 days (was terrribly wrong) but I really thought I was in a hurry and I chose to do it on the balcony just not to go out for more than 5 minutes! The sunset with this kind of freezing weather is of course stunning anf I'm glad I got a hold of it on the photos. Makes me feel warmer to look at them haha! But yea I've gotten to hop by Lindex SS19 event and it's truly one of the best SS collections I've seen through years from Lindex! Also there have been many PR press days with another one coming up this Thursday plus some new products on the market as well! Fashion and beauty world is blooming way before flowers and I feel like I will be forever busy, but hey that's the way I like it! 

During January and going strong in february are the huge sales and I decided to snatch a couple of super cool finds from the large River Island sale! You know I love the good basics so I HAD TO get these simple black knee boots! They've been so good already but I know I'm gonna love them more in Spring when I can wear them with dresses and long knits without any thights or coats covering the look. Knee boots are one of the things that are really in this Spring so I recommend finding your favourite colours and getting them as they are super practical and make your legs look longer! I still had to match them with some kind of a dress so I got this knit dress that is actually off-shoulders, but under the coat right now I like to wear it up as it is on photos. Beige colours are a simple way to go and I love matching colour on colours so I got the coat with the exact same shade! This one was not on sale though, but I love the cut of it. Not your simple nude coat for sure, looks very sophosticated. 

Today's not any different from last two as J is in Tallinn and I'm not so I've been mainly trying to catch up with all the laptop work again after the long weekend, since it was J's birthday on Saturday! So I'm using my blog now to once again, after hundred times haha, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life and best friend! So proooud of him and hope no silly let down or unlucky situation can bring him down from everything he deserves! His birthday week means it's my birthday week as our birthdays are 7 days apart which means mine is this Saturday already! Turning 25, which is a significant number but everyone who knows me knows I don't love hosting birthdays or any parties so I'm gonna figure out something fun for myself on that day that I really love doing and it's not a huge party (so sorry loves!) again. Tomorrow I'm heading to Tallinn to support J, take some photos and attend some events. I know I've promised about two posts here and those are coming, promise! Talk soon cool people! x 



Hey guys! I am not even gonna lie, it's been a very stressful past two weeks and this is exactly why I am such a rare occasion in my own blog. It's because of J's search for a new club as it's putting a real bad emotions on both of us and getting a little out of hand. I am not gonna go into specifics here just in case, but what I can say is that he gave 120% percent of himself last year in Norway and took to limits no one saw coming, but apparently besides your own efforts you also need good people around you and lots of luck and that's what the struggle is behind currently, but I hope things will turn out perfect for him in the end! 

Anywhooo, I went to the hairdresser's in the middle of January and what I aimed to do was to go a little bit less yellowish with my haircolours but not platinum but more on the dusty darker blonde side. My go to place with that idea was Decoris Showroom as I know the new Balmain Hair Couture haircolours have been a huge hype since they arrived to Estonia and I also really trust the stylists there to bring whatever stuff I have on my mind to life. So it became to life as I got exactly what I wished for! I still look very much blonde, but if my roots grow out then it won't be visible at all because of my new colours and due to the fact that the stylist took my roots further down my hair so it's kind of like an ombre in some light. I will need that when I will be moving to a new country as I am not aware of the salons and hairdresser's there and probably won't go there immediately. Also I look a bit darker blonde which is my natural colour and I love this look for winter! And I had my ends cut because of what you can see on the first photo hahah! So why the Balmain haircolours? I found it soooo exciting from the launch event in Estonia that they only have a few bottles of colours that all can be mixed to create super unique shades of colours and my shade is the proof of that! Since blonde colouring  damages hair quite a bit then I'm glad to know these colours are really low on ammonia and rather have a blue/violet based pigmentation that silver and pearl shampoos consist of I suppose. The colours contain silk protein and flaxseed oil that contain amino acids from human hair which create a strong affinity with constructing damaged areas, reinforcing the hair strenght and revitalizing the hair. The argan oil and coconut oil consistency has emollient properties that will condition the hair and help the micro pigments to penetrate deep into the cortex. The haircolour is set to last long, helping to restore the hair after colour pigment has entered its core. I actually learned so much through this process as Decoris Showroom stylists explained so well how the colour works and why it's good at what it does. You also get a mask to recover your hair about two days after the colouring and recommendations for products that your hair currently needs. Loved the experience and LOVE my new hair! Sendng thanks and hugs to Helena and Erica! 

I'm gonna take a little break and take a ride to town with my cutest little Emma (one of my dogs is Emma if wondering haha) and will be back to write yet another blog post today because I've been up to quite some things and of course have taken as many photos as I can in this crispy weather! Talk soon! x 


Everything from River Island (except for the bag, sunglasses and sneakers!)

Heya! I'm sitting on the train again on my way to Tallinn as the snow overdose in Estonia makes me want to stay off roads with my small car. Crazy how much snow has covered Europe! I'm glad though that seasons as we know them are back after many years. The summer was sunny and dry and winter is snowy and cold in a normal amount. I have absolutely nothing against snow, I really enjoy it since everything is so beautiful and it's better to do my work as in take photos with all white than sluggish streets. Looking out of the train window now seems like I'm looking at a B&W video. It's just white, black and grey and no other colours and it's so beautiful!

But enough of the weather reports here haha, I wanted to share one of my Paris looks today! So after Amsterdam we headed to Paris with the train and only the first class premium tickets were available (naturally we were so late with booking) so it was kind of a fancy trainride as we had no other choice haha. J had never been to Paris before so I set three goals for his first visit - make him get at least a bit cultural as in I took him to Louvre, then to get him walk the streets of non-torusity areas to see the real Parisian life and to eat as much as we can since the food in Paris is amaaazing as you all know who have been there. I completed all the goals of course and could also see some new places myself. We had lunch at L'Avenue, did some shopping right on the streets there, took so many photos, got lost in Louvre, walked 12 km a day, visited the Eiffel at all stages from daylight to sparkles at night, ate too much food and collected a horrible but now really funny memory that we will always laugh about, but I'm not sure if I should write it down on my blog hahah! Since we couldn't go far with J's new football club hunt in progress then it was a reaaallly nice getaway for us two! New Year's Eve was spent with J's teammate and his girlfriend as they took us to a more private club on outskirts of Paris and it was preeetty dope! Nothing like I've ever seen before! It's a bit of a blur too to be honest haha.  SO first of January it took us a loong time to get up but I managed to drag us to the city centre by afternoon to have a walk around Eiffel as we made it by Eiffel only on 3rd day and J as I said hadn't been there so I felt obligated to show the tower to him too. I wore my newest finds from River Island sale! The light blue coat and the blazer are both from the Petite collection that seems to fit me like a glove and are both on sale at RI stores, but the leather-imitation grey pants were not on sale though. I have been eyeing on that light blue satin blazer for such a long time as it's soooo amaziiingly gorgeous it's crazy, but I couldn't figure out what to wear it with until now. I was kinda hoping there would be a matching pair of satin trousers incoming, but that didn't happen. So one day I found this light blue coat on sale and those who follow me on Instagram probably know how I keep talking about light blue and brown together as colour-matching perfection so it was a no brainer I had to get myself a light blue coat for winter and spring time (it's quite warm but also its for early spring), but I figured the blazer would go soo well under it and I was won over again. I also found these really unusual but dope looking pants that look like leather and feel like leather but aren't! And they're grey! J really likes them, says they are so different and cool and I gotta agree so I thought that this full RI look would be great together and took it to Paris with me. Had to add a touch of brown to all that light blue though, so I added my LV bag to it for mental balance hehe. Definitely go check out RI sales until you can, there's sooo many gems there right now as I found these perfect coloured basics to prove it! 

So why I'm heading to Tallinn right now is that I will go to hairdresser's there and to be more exact I will go try out the Balmain Hair Couture haircolours for the very first time at Decoris Showroom and can't wait to have a fresh new look finalllly. It was impossible to get a hold of my hairdresser's too late in the Christmas and New Year's season so I had to wing it with my outgrown roots for too long now, but today it ends (yeeaaa!). Then I will meet up with Marii for some lunch and photos and will probably head back to hometown early as I have to drive to Tallinn already on Wednesday to pick up J from the airport and we will stay for the next day to run some errands, have dinner and go to stores. Talk soon! x 


Blazer - boyfriend's       Leather pants - River Island/ similar HERE       T-shirt - gift from Emporio Armani        Bag - Louis Vuitton         Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Hiii! Here's something from Amsterdam! The city is so beautiful, so photogenic, of course there had to be a blog post following the few days there. It's actually two years in a row now that me and J go there around New Year's Eve time, but this time we left a day before for Paris. So we spent around 3 days in Amsterdam again as we love the city so much! We always get attached to cities that have some kind of a certain vibe. Amsterdam definitely has a really different vibe than other cities and the food is so great and there's always something to do and see there. I am sure we will be going there so often even after our second visit. For me, the most exciting is discovering the boutiqes and little cafes as everything looks ten times more magical in Amsterdam scenery. J loves it so much he would probably like to live there immediately haha! We also did a lot of shopping as the stores had some super good sales around New Year's and found some amazing pieces we hadn't seen in other places like a lot of great stuff from Off-White. Off-White is sooo popular right now, it's so difficult to get a hold of the coolest pieces but Amsetrdam had them all! I know I promise A LOT of posts lately that I haven't delivered yet BUT I would really like to share some phone snaps of the trip here soon as Amsterdam cute houses make me do it..oh and in front of these I am wearing one of my favourites looks that is not even from my own closet haha! I love to lend my boyfriend's blazers lately because I love overtly long sleeves and padded shoulders and oversized blazers and mens blazers have it all! So again I used his blazer and wore it on top of the relaly adorrable gift from Emporio Armani! It's a pure logo shirt that has Tallinn written on it, how cool is that!? Thanks so much for the gift EA!!! And decided to add some more detail with leather cigarette trousers from River Island and RI has been my main store for finding these trousers in different colours. Oh and here's my new Louis Vuitton bag! I will show it more in detail in another post so I won't stop on that. Yes I know a typical Amsterdam look is a neutral coloured teddy coat and yes I did wear one everyday there, but here's something different haha! 

So it seems I've finally gotten rid of the damn flu that tortured me for a week (basically from when we got back from Paris). Got it immediately when I entered the snow storm situation in Estonia, ugh. After the trip I met up with some friends in Tallinn while J got his tattoo sleeve completed and then he was off to Doha with the natonal team for some training. I've basically been indoors for 5 days, healing my flu and working on laptop non-stop. I had so much to catch up on after the trip as I kindaaa waaaas lazyyy with my work in Amsterdam and Paris, so now I paid hard time for that mistake. New Year started so fast and I haven't fully gotten into planning a new work schedule for myself or routine or planning collaborations. I haven't even bought a 2019 planner yet, which reminds me I gotta go do it tomorrow for sure! I still don't have news on where J and I will be moving but we do have a lot of options on table I don't wanna share just yet (just in case) and we will probably see real soon what plays out! What I know for sure is that I will start applying for some university Master's degrees in Sweden over this weekend, so wish me luck on deciding! 

Now I'm gonna have dinner with family and cuddle up with my dogs yet agaiiin (just came from there). Done with this laptop for the day haha! Good night! x 


Wearing everything from River Island (from dress to shoes to jewellery)


Hope you spent your New Year's Eve just the way you wanted it - with a loud bang or at home in PJ's! Me and J left for Amsterdam on 27th of December and went off to celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris after the 30th. I will catch up on the trip when I post some photos from it, but on New Year's Eve we went clubbing on the side of Paris city centre and it was so different for me as I've never been to some more exclusive clubs with a big entrance fee and a list, but J's teammate from Norway invited us and it was super fun there! I really did want to see the fireworks by the Arc, but oh well, had to pick one and well fireworks are every year right? Or maybe I'm not right as there's talk about havinbg lasershows in the coming years instead, will see. Definitely will remember this New Year's Eve for a long time due to so many reasons. 

I decided to have a short 2018 recap under some outfit photos I took in Sarpsborg the day before we moved away. Took a bit of advantage of the amazing low sunlight we had in our room and the emptyness after packing everything in our boxes. Recalls some sad moments for me right now to look back at these photos, but exciting things ahead in 2019! Before I get to the recap, I wanted to talk a bit about the dress I'm wearing. I have been on a hunt for a good basic black blazer dress for a while and while these are sold everywhere I kind of always FORGOT to buy it haha! Then I saw this one at River Island and decided to try it out and boy did it fit like a glove! I liked the extra blingy buttons in the front, but I tend to wear them in not 2 pairs but one pair at the time (yes you can have 2 buttons instead of 4 visible) because I'm minimal like that. It's a super well fitting dress with an amazing non-wrinkly material so I've been having it on on a party once and at a dinner where I found it a bit too open cleavage so I wore a black turtleneck knit under it (looks so goood on top of a turtleneck guys, huge tip with open cleavage blazer dresses for you!). Hope they still have a few at River Island stores or online as it's HUGE SALES going on at RI right now! Together with the dress I also scored some cute jewellery and these reaaally dope platform heels that are a bit hard to run in I gotta admit haha, but they are soooo beautiful on that it's impossible to leave them boxed. I love this kind of heels so much, I think they make legs look the best they can be! 

So....2018.....oh my

Last year for me was so amazing in a sense that so many new things happened for me and so many really good things too! The year started off with getting back from Amsterdam and J moving to Sarpsborg, Norway to play football there and I continued to work and live in Tallinn until May. Work gave me a lot of new exciting opportunities, e.g. my first work trip alone to Stockholm. My birthday was on 9th of February as usual haha, but I decided to have a small celebration with my best girls at the rooftop bar in Tallinn. In Winter I also had my very  first blogger trip -  to the launch of Loreal x Balmain lipsticks in Vilnius. Had so much fun on this trip (held a snake for the very first time) and really hope 2019 will bring some more of these! Then J came back from his training camp in Spain with Sarpsborg and we spent a few days together and packing all his stuff in his car and off he went again. Soon after I visited J for the first time in Norway and was captured by the different nature immediately and decided I want to move there with him, but wasn't sure when and how with my work place. I figured I would move only when I have completed all my goals and tasks for the workplace so that I don't leave anything half-done or undone.

Then Spring came and we had a second blogger trip to Riga Fashion Week with SIXT rental car BMW's. Another really different trip with my girl gang and so memorable since we drove the cars from Tallinn to Riga and it was my first Riga Fashion Week! Then by the end of March it was time to visit J again as he had his very first Eliteserien league game with Sarpsborg and they managed to beat Rosenborg. I saw how good J was in Norway that I had an even bigger rush to get to Norway as soon as possible haha! Everyone was talking about his in newspapers as he right after scored his first goal there too (he's a defender) and it made me feel so good about that year ahead (will tell you more about it below!). J got me my very first designer bag as a late birthday gift in Oslo when it was my first time ever visiting Oslo. Had been waiting for this for so long as I admire designer bags so much! Thanks baby! Soon after my blog broke down and as I hear from my readers, it still doesn't work properly and I promise to make big changes about it in 2019. Can't take this no more with these stupid blue boxes instead of my photos in certain wifi connections... Now April meant aother trip to see J in Norway as I promised myself to see him at least once a month next to my job. This was the time when Sarpsborg 08 gathered all the wives and girlfriends into a seaside hotel and hosted a dinner and a party for us. That's when I meant all the girls that would start to mean so much to me during 2018. I miss them so much right now and I hope all the best in the world for them as they made my year in Norway the best I've had in any football clubs! Right after I decided it's time to see my university friends in Lund and take a little day trip to my favourite city Copenhagen for some pretty photos and to meet my friends who have moved there from Lund. Had so much fun as I visited just in time for the Valborgs celebrations at Lund so I felt like a student again and of course Cph was a dream as usual. Saw all my friends and the weather was amazing! Oh when flying to Cph, I had my first emergency landing situation as a drunk passenger lost any contact with this world and we were forced to land in Stockholm instead. Scary experience for sure.. Then May came and suddenly Estonia got summer-y as hell and I thought it was just gonna be a really warm May and another lousy rainy cold Summer but weather had a different plan all along and it ended up being the warmest and most beautiful Summer both in Estonia and Norway! That also meant that dad parked his fast boat on the lake and the work-half-week-in-Tallinn-drive-to-hometown-for-sunbathing-weekend began for weeks. By then I already had notified work that I will be quitting and moving to Norway on 1st of June. I was so far with my work that I could take that decision only then.

On 14th of May I left to Norway again with my parents this time to show them where J lives and also bring some of my stuff there already. We also brought our dogs with us! It was when Norway had its National Day so me and J had to march the parade with S08 football club and my parents had a blast watching all the parades all day and attending events in town and evryone was soo dressed up and beautiful that sunny day! Then it was time to get back home, wrap up collaborations in Estonia and spend more time with dogs and family on the lake. Then I heard J is coming home in the beginning of June for national team games so I stayed longer in Estonia and decided to leave with him instead after the games. Then we had this great idea with some of the girlfriends to go see the game against Latvia in Riga and so I had yet another roadtrip to Riga. Then Norway life began! I am gonna sum up the whole 30+ degree summer with 3 words universally understandable - beach, swimming, seaside spa. Of course the whole summer I worked hard on my blog and Instagram, but I am lucky my little job leaves me so much free time to enjoy Summer like this! J was free from 12am everyday and I hope you understand we wanted nothing else in this heat than to grill in our  friends garden sunbathing or swim somewhere haha. Of course the whole Summer was full of Eliteserien games which I enjoyed watching sooo much with the girls and I am so happy J did amazingly all this time! I had to visit Estonia every now and then for some new collaborations, events or meetings so I got to spend this beautiful Summer with my family, friends and dogs as well. I can't believe that 2018 Summer was 100% perfect, it was too good to be true! Going from lake to lake from seaside to seaside with my love in Norway plus spending amazing time in Estonia too with only blog work to do...did I really deserve this haha? I took upon some social media marketing jobs as I felt too lazy though. During Summer I gained so many new fantastic collaborations that I've only dreamed off in 2017 and I was busy as a bee with taking photos for all of them as I couldn't believe I could work with brands like this! More and more of them kept coming during Autumn and to be fair, one of the brands was set as my ultimate goal when I started blogging many years ago and this year they contacted me and I was on the moon!! 2018 was also a good year for blogging absolutely suuurelyyy! Around that time began the adventure that I will remember forever - the European League tournament. With no high expectations, Sarpsborg started its games against different teams across Europe and J was so busy travelling between European countries and Eliteserien games. They won the first round with ease, second was already too hard to beat but they beat them, then the beat another and that's when I got back from my long August stay in Estonia to watch the play off round of the EU League and I couldn't believe what I saw, they won 3-1 at home against a team so strong the odds were completely on their side, but Sarpsborg just kept surprising again and again and again! Then it was soon time for J to go to the national team games in Tallinn and he couldn't take part in the last play off game in EU League due to yellow cards and I will always remember how we were on the cruise ship from Stockholm to Tallinn, anxiously reading the results of Sarpsborg's game in Israel. It was an impossible situation by 85th minute but then suddenly Sarpsborg scored basically last minute and we were in the European League group stage against every damn odd!! Haha we popped some wine immediately and danced around in the ship, it was something historical. Sarpsborg had never even played the European League before and got that far, J was one of the main parts in this success and he became only the 5th Estonian to reach the group stage in history! Oh I forgot! I visited Göteborg for the first time in August as well!

In the beginning of September, I had to make a really hard decision. I was called from Stockholm University where I applied for the Fashion Studies Master's and since the studies were about to start, I had to decide whether I will stay in Norway with J or take a risk by going to Stockholm without any housing or anything planned and take part of the 2-year studies. It was a really really hard decision as I always wanted to enroll in this program but it was so hard to do so quickly as all my clothes and stuff were in Norway and I was in Estonia. I decided to listen to my heart and stay with J for his European League adventure and continue living in Norway. It ended up being a really really good decision in the end! I was so sad about it at first but when university told me that they can list me up for next year already then it all felt better. I don't know if it was the right decision but now I feel so happy I stayed in Norway! As we drove to Estonia with the car, we had to go back the same way. When we reached Stockholm we had a spontaneous visit to Norrköping to see our old apartment and eat at the lunch place we always ate at. It was so nostalgic and reminded me to cherish every place I live at so I could have such good memories in every town I once have to leave. I was determined to enjoy Sarpsborg and closeby Oslo to the fullest as we already knew by then that J wouldn't be staying in Sarpsborg but will try to aim higher for next season. What Autumn meant for J was the hardest football months of his life. At somepoint he had 3 games a week when Eliteserien and European League group Stage games collided and the group stage was really exciting with the Sarpsborg town having a party everytime there were homegames and the stadium were packed to the last seat! It was amazing to see the community all come together to support the guys and I felt goosebumps at the stadium everytime! Will never ever forget the feeling the EU League and Sarpsborg gave me and J, undescribable. I took a few trips to Estonia as I had a little girls getaway with Lindex for 2 days and then started to see my Lund friends AGAIN right after because one of J's group stage opponents was Malmö and I could go see my friends plus the game and also of course visit my favourite Copenhagen again haha! So there was my first European League away game checked as well! In Autumn J needed a lot of time to clear his head to be his best in EU League so we started going fishing a lot and boy did he get some amazing catches during his year in Norway! We spent so much time in the amazing Norwegian nature which I am really glad for. We also went to Oslo for many many times as we wanted to discover the city more before moving away. October meant another national team break and so did November. In October we flew home together but I was sick the whole time at home. October also meant Tallinn Fashion Week which was exactly after J's national team break so I stayed longer in Tallinn to attend all the shows I liked. It was a really fun fashion week this time as it gets more and more professional each year.

November came quick and that meant Christmas market in Oslo and beautiful lit up Sarpsborg. I was alone for a long time as J was travelling with national team so I took this time to work basically every single day. As he got back, my parents soon came to visit us to help us move with their car and soend some time in Sarpsborg (and see the Besiktas home game). The trip went bust for them as it rained all week and the Besiktas game was one of the saddest emotions of 2018 when J got injured and after that Sarpsborg lost their 2-0 success to 2-3 loss... My dad still can't get over that game. My dogs were happy to be back in that beautiful park though! When my parents were in Sarpsborg, the club had arranged a Christmas party for the wives and girlfriends and this ended up being the best night of my 2018!! I liked these girls so much already but partying with them at the hotel dinner and party and later out in town at the karaoke bar I felt like I want to stay there forever with these people! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt bad the next day and I got home so late, filled with so much joy and love! This night being the best night also made me feel depressed about moving away from Norway. J went to his last European League game and I was left to pack up our life there and it all ended too quick for me.. I had grown to love Sarpsborg a lot but the reality of football life is that I will have to say goodbye to most places I lived at. I spent the time to meet up with some girls and visit my favourite places one more time and then it was time to move and our car looked like we were on a year-long roadtrip across the world haha, so fully packed! I wasn't happy at all with being back in Estonia but it was Christmas time and I really love Christmas so it was a bit better this way. We had a lovely Christmas and headed on a trip to Amsterdam and then Paris for New Year's Eve. 

This is the largest recap I've ever written hahaha, I am amazed if any of you will actually read through it but I found it important to write down as this blog is also my memory-collection while it is a social media platform! I don't only wanna see my outfits here but also my life and my happy moments I want to remember and cherish later. 2018 treated me and J so amazingly well I don't even know how to thank it. Probably by remembering all these high emotions for the rest of my life! 2018 gave me hard decisions one by one, gave me a new country to experience and live at, gave J a memory of a lifetime in the face of EU LEague and S08 football club and changes to go so much higher in his career now and 2018 made my dreams come true in blogging and life! I am glad I found time during this busy year to meet up with my friends and gave me so many firsts! I am very sure I left so many events and things out but that's my memory for now and I might edit the post when I remember more. THANK YOU 2018 WITH ALL MY SOUL AND HEART! 


Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE 

Hey all! How are you feeling after Christmas? I'm definitely bloated like a balloon and ready to hit Amsterdam soon and then Paris right after to eat even moooore goood fooood!

I actually noticed a funny thing this Christmas Eve - I have been wearing a Dry Lake dress on Christmas dinners 3 years straight now! Well nothing to be surprised about as Dry Lake does create stunning pieces season by season and their dresses just are the best quality, material and cuts for parties where you want to look very feminine, but also fashionable and feel comfortable. I think on Christmas Eve I've always wanted to put on something that sparkles, glitters, but is not like New Year's Eve kind of bling but really classy you know? DL always gets me. This year I had the best one I'm so sure of that! The Sigrid dress has tons of colourful sparkles on it and it's quite heavy as there's two layers of fabric (love when dresses are heavy!!), but it's sooo soft and comfortable I could wear it anywhere! Since I have two dinners to attend within 3 hours every year then I am so grateful when a dress can hide a food baby bump I might have so this dress saves the day with its loose, but still well-fitted cut. The cut is so interesting though with my favourite turtleneck-on-dress thing going on and these really huge sleeves that go up to elbows. So different and chic, well done DL! 

So hereee's some close ups of that amazing dress as the light made it difficult to take full body shots, but I think close ups were the best way to capture the beauty of this dress and the colour of the sprakle. Enjoy your holidays and I will probably not blog a lot during our trip with J but will see! Have the happiest last days of 2018 and thank you already for everything this year my dearest readers! x 



Another year of blogging where I can wish my best to all of you for Christmas while being so grateful you support me by checking back here so often! It is the best gift I could ever ask for with my social media work and I am truly honored by all of this! The only reason I keep doing this year after year is my passion and YOU so I wish I could send you all that love back on this beautiful season! Christmas is such a wonderful time (THE most wonderufl time as the song doesn't lie at all!) and I hope you get to spend it in the way that makes you happy and peaceful. Of course every Christmas might not be ideal as some might be far away from families and friends or have some other reasons but luckily we get this wonderful holiday every single year so try to remember that social media is not what it shows itself to be and no one should be affected by what they see there. Bad times and good times pass quicker than we realize, but it's important to find happiness and peace in every situation. 

I was yet again blessed enough to spend my Christmas time at home with J's and my family (with 3 dinners in total) and we had the best time! I really appreciate how I got to take some time off everything and truly value the idea of this season. We played boardgames, ate good food, had hours of funny chitchat and gave out presents and now I am so ready to jet off to Amsterdam and then Paris for our little New Year's trip with J! 

Oh and aren't we lucky in Estonia to have had such thick snow outside during Christmas that looked like a fairytale day and night?? The weather this year has been absolutely perfect with hot long summer and really snowy Christmas! Definitey one of the highlights of 2018 for many many people! When I get back from our little European tour then I will definitely go have more fun in the snow and try to relax as long as I can at home since who knows when J will jet off to another country and it will be time for me to move along as well. 

But as I gotta drive to Tallinn Airport really early tomorrow then MERRY CHRISTMAS again my dearest readers and I hope that your holiday season will continue to be cheerful and will be topped up with a fun and wonderful New Year's Eve!! Thank you for everything again and again and le's hope that really good 2018 will turn itself into an even better 2019! Sending hugs!! x

(PS! I am wearing an amazing Mongolian fur jacket from the Pello Bello brand that has kept me warm and cozy in snow lately! Plus it's gorgeous and so so soft and I love every bit of it!)