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I had totally forgotten about my cosy grey maxi dress, so I grabbed it out quickly because what's better to wear during spring than a cotton cut-out maxi dress? This one is from H&M and cheap as hell. Best to wear with white Converse.

Oh and we found a offer at Skopunkten where you can buy 3 pair of shoes but pay for 2. So Joonas got one pair from Vagabond (cute summer sneakers) and I got the basics for spring and summer - Converse of course.


Yesterday Joonas took me to a chinese restaurant here in Trelleborg. I had never eaten fried noodles with chicken and veggies so I decided to try that. After we ate Joonas went to train the little footballers and then we watched football later on.


So yesterday I went to the first home game of Joonas's team and I was happy to notice that I have a great reserved seat just for me the whole season and I'm considered as VIP who gets offered coffee, tea and cakes during break. And of course watching my snygging play so good. Unfortunately the game ended 1-1.

Today we went to a Turkish restaurant which is in front of our house and decided to eat some junk over some time. I wasn't that hungry so I took a perfectly small menu for me with steak. It's a nice place - right on the main street, right in front of our house, during day a restaurant, during night an outdoors bar.

I've gottrn so many letters from Lund that tell me what I need to do before school starts. Guess I'll sit down this week and start making a to-do-list for everything. I am so excited, already met some people from course and soon the party-dinner-picnic-outfoor cinema schedule will be sent too. University sounds fun!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

The ripped jeans, black jacket and animal print slip-on combination is my favourite look this spring.

Today I finally get to see Joonas play in his new team. All the games since have been far away so today is the first one on home pitch. One thing is loving to watch football, another thing is watch your loved one play it, so excited. He has a big future ahead of him..I'm a proud girlfriend.


Today was super fun. We went to Malmö to meet Joonas's agent and his girlfriend. We went out to eat, then sat på Lillatorg, drove sround the city and then me and Joonas went shopping to Emporia, mainly to fill Joonas's wardrobe. The agent and his girlfriend were super nice and friendly people, can't wait to go back again, I really fell for Malmö today. I know I'm a bigger-city-girl in heart, but I have to wait until I can live in one. Nevertheless, I can't say that I don't like it here in small Trelleborg too, we have an amazing apartment here and the town in so beautiful and peaceful.

So some snaps from today eventhough I forgot to take pictures most of the time..I was enjoying too much haha.


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In love with this tube top from Zara TRF.
Photos: Paul Meiesaar



1 - HERE, 2, 5, 7 - H&M BASICS, 3 - HERE, 4 - HERE, 6 - Boots from Centro, 8- Nike Air Max from Nike store (can find almost in every sports store) 9 - Bikini Top from H&M, 10 - Crop top from H&M, 11 - HERE, 12 - Necklace from H&M 

So some stuff I grabbed on the way from Estonia to Sweden, most from H&M since we had not more than an hour in every large department store so we would quickly go through stores we already know (H&M, Nike, Mango, Centro, Guess). The goal was to find perfect Air Max's and found em' ! Also bought some great make-up, but I'm going to make a make-up post soon, where I talk about my favourites. Oh and if you ever visit Poland then find a store called Centro, should be in every bigger department store there. It's a shoe and accessories store and it is amazing with even more amazing prices. 

Enjoy the unbelievably great weather! Kisses!


Sorry for the reeeealllly long post, but wanted to show you what I saw during the trip. I've been there before. but haven't walked around so thoroughly and never had anywhere to post pictures from trip. So the route was Estonia-Warssaw-Berlin-Rostock-Trelleborg. The ship ride from Rostock to Trelleborg took 6 hours and I came here alone, was terrible. My parents and our friends headed back to Estonia after dropping me off at port. I had so much fun and found some really nice things from shops. Wanted to shop more at Designer Outlet, because it's full of beautiful designer pieces with great price. Unfortunately we had only an hour there and we even didn't know it first. McArthurglen has those outlets allover Europe, I've been to 3 now. At Rostock we met up with our cousin who lives there and she lives in one of the most adorable towns I've seen. It was filled with Easter fair, rabbits everywhere and lots of fun activities. At Rostock we finally had luck with weather, before that it rained and it was cold. But I'm happy my parents decided to send me back in Sweden with this trip.  


I love travelling, doesn't matter how and where, but there are some downsides of it. I am tired when the trip is over and I'm back home. It takes few days for me to recover and get some energy again. The other thing is that I don't eat as much as normally when I'm travelling and I might even lose weight. That's not good either so I need to eat more and more. Also this time I'm alone because Joonas has his first game of the season today and drove off yesterday so all the chores are up to me and I have no energy.

Now I'm watching Gossip Girl and just eating as much as I can and should. I have so many posts to write so when I get myself back on rails again, I will post them, including the one about trip. But first..chores.


It's a great holiday since rabbits are everywhere and I LOVE RABBITS! There were real rabbits running around in a mall in Rostock so I stayed there a while.


So I'm back from my trips to home in Estonia and to Germany and back to Sweden. I'll upload some photos of Berlin and Rostock and our way there through Baltics and Poland later on.

During my stay home I did so many photoshoots with Paul, went for long walks with my dogs every day. They are just amazing. Also did some important stuff, shopped and went out with girls.

Always enjoy my stays at home. You really start to appreciate everything when you are away from all of it. It eas sad to leave the dogs but I was happy I could spend some fun days with family in Germany and get back to Joonas in Trelleborg.

Some snaps:

Thank you for the great time!


Hi! I have been so so busy here in Estonia that I haven't even noticed that my blog's been empty for so long. Been spending some quality time with family and dogs, seen some friends, done important stuff and many many photoshoots. Sad to leave for such a long time again, I love my home and everyone in here. Bed here still feels like I'm sleeping on clouds, parents are still funny and sweet and dogs have grown up and are cuter and funner than ever.

And a sneak peak of some photos we've made: