Meryl Mägi


Photo from our shoot with Liisa. Will show more pictures soon.

Hellooo, I'm just checking in to tell you that now I am officially sick and need to get myself in some condition before first day at uni on Monday. So I won't be as active as usual in my blog. Have a great weekend!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

And the last ones, lovely pink sunset isn't it? Sad it's the end of summer and these pink summery sunsets will have to wait again.


Jacket - Mohito, Shirt - River Island, Boyfriend jeans - Guess, Sneaks - Nike AirMax

A comfy basic outfit. J took the pictures when we were on our way to get some pizza. Tomorrow I will have a full busy day at university, I'm sad that I can't attend every event because I live quite far away but I still try to do some stuff with my new friends before the serious study-mode is on. Today I was a complete cooking-cleaning-whole-day-housewife again, so I'm tired and gonna hop to bed right away, watch some series with J. Happy to be hearing from so many followers already, you make me happy! :) Good night!


Guess who finally found the black glitter skull she'd been looking for? It appeared on the window of a store called HomeMix and I got the last black one left, lucky. Now I need to find a perfect place for that.


My long boots from Nelly finally arrived and next thing I was on the floor putting something together with them. Long fur-sweater + hat + round shades + long boots + some gold and animal print. Suddenly I'm excited about autumn haha.


Hat - H&M, Shoes - DinSko, Jeans - TopShop, Top & Kimono - H&M, Bag - Zara

So you know...I love hats now. Once you get used to it, there's now way back. So bye summer's cap and hello fall's hat!


Bomber jacket - Zara, Top & Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Nelly, HERE, Temporary Tattoo - TTTattoo, HERE

TTTattoo sent me some samples of my choice so I could show you how you can add a this little something to your outfit with a text/symbol/picture they offer at their website (below). I think these tattoos are such a great idea if you don't want to have a permanent one, but feel like that crop top or bare arms should use something exciting to them. I chose the text one because I've been thinking a lot about getting a real permanent text-tattoo, but still 0 ideas. I think after these pictures I've decided where I would want it though. Also the temporary ones are so quick and easy to put on.


You can see TTTattoo website and their broad variety of temporary tattoos HERE.

U & ME - vol3

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Now I can add Paul's blogpost about this shoot too, you can look at more photos HERE.

So the third round.. final ones will be the sunset ones. Sorry I haven't done many outfit posts recently since my boyfriend has caught cold and a small injury from the game and is stuck inside and can't take my photos..I have so many plans so until he's sick I can just show you the photos of us. Have a great evening!!


I was scrolling through facebook timeline out of pure boredom and found this photographer Said Mhamad work. You can just lose yourself scrolling through those magical pictures and beautiful people, but if you start focusing on the dresses...OH MY GOD!! Look at these gowns, I could never go back to classical boring wedding dresses after seeing those. It's a rare thing when a picture of a dress can totally captivate me, this is pure beauty of design here.

The reason I'm scrolling through facebook on a Saturday night isn't the reason that I don't have a big university Welcome Party to attend's because I haven't slept over an hour after yesterdays big dorm party where there were like 300 international students partying around the corridores of a big dorm. I got back to Trelleborg ( after long waiting and driving) near 1pm and prepped myself up for J's football game and now here I am totally overtired and just not able to go to tonights Welcome Party. I would love to but it's too much for me so I'll just be happy that yesterday's party had an awesome kickstart to my university years. Have to love international students and my new girlfriends! Oh and J's game went really well, they said that it looked like it was only Joonas playing against the other team haha, he was just so so amazingly good today. So he was chosen Man of the Match again and te game ended with a draw.


From up left: 1 - HERE, 2 - HERE, 3 - HERE, 4 - Nelly, but sold out, 5 - HERE, 6 - HERE, 7 - HERE

Yup, it's that time of the year again where you need to throw out your crop tops and step by step bring in your warm coats. I've always been a fan of longer boots when it comes to fall and winter, but now I discovered myself boots that are so tightly around leg that they're like socks. So I gathered some examples together for you in all different styles. It is so simple but adorable to match over knee boots with a dress or skirt + top and a coat/long cardigan. Can be both casual and formal and gives you such a lady-look. I ordered the ones with the golden toe and I'm thinking about ordering the first ones with heel too, will see. Just doubting if I could handle walking in those. 


I'm gonna make a little shoutout post about my really talented helper-elf Liisa. She is an amazing make-up artist and so trustworthy when you need whatever make-up for whatever event. She works together with my photographer friend Paul and they're a super team when it comes to make-up + hair + photos. She also does super educative make-up videos, but they're only in Estonian so Estonian readers go check them out (link below).

Liisa herself

Photos by Paul Meiesaar

You can find out more about this pretty little lady and her awesome work on her:

Instagram: @liisaleetma
Youtube channel: MUA Liisa
Facebook page: Make-up Artist Liisa Leetma


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Dress - GinaTricot

Hard not to be in love with long dark pink dresses..



Cute little market place


So the last snaps from my camera (and phone). Just wanted to put in use all the pictures I took because I have no idea when I can go back to Saaremaa again.

U & ME - vol2

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

So the second round of our so so lovely photoshoot with J. There's so many pictures that I will make 2 more rounds haha. And I will share the long post from Paul's photoblog soon too so you can check out his other work too.

Small pair of shorts that go under short flowy dresses are such a must-have when you have an active photoshoot with a minidress, trust me. So many pictures would be ruined if I didn't have those things. These I found from H&M Basics.


Okay tomorrow I will upload the last ones from my camera. Today I'm done. Wish I could've had posted these at the time but my small disease got the best of me then.

So these are taken when we were driving back with the ferry, tried on something I don't usually wear and it was so so so hot outside.