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I was scrolling through facebook timeline out of pure boredom and found this photographer Said Mhamad work. You can just lose yourself scrolling through those magical pictures and beautiful people, but if you start focusing on the dresses...OH MY GOD!! Look at these gowns, I could never go back to classical boring wedding dresses after seeing those. It's a rare thing when a picture of a dress can totally captivate me, this is pure beauty of design here.

The reason I'm scrolling through facebook on a Saturday night isn't the reason that I don't have a big university Welcome Party to attend's because I haven't slept over an hour after yesterdays big dorm party where there were like 300 international students partying around the corridores of a big dorm. I got back to Trelleborg ( after long waiting and driving) near 1pm and prepped myself up for J's football game and now here I am totally overtired and just not able to go to tonights Welcome Party. I would love to but it's too much for me so I'll just be happy that yesterday's party had an awesome kickstart to my university years. Have to love international students and my new girlfriends! Oh and J's game went really well, they said that it looked like it was only Joonas playing against the other team haha, he was just so so amazingly good today. So he was chosen Man of the Match again and te game ended with a draw.

24 augusti 2014 11:03 | FASHION |


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