Meryl Mägi


Yup a looot of pictures I know, but I wanted to show you the castle (probably a fort) in Kuressaare together with my outfit when we were playing to tourists with my mom. Playing because my mom lived her 26 years on that island and I was born there and we've visited these places both for like million times. It had been 2-3 years since our last visit so it was fun again. I'm so happy that Kuressaare (where I was born) has such a magical castle by the sea and overall looks so amazing during summer. If I were a tourist in Estonia I would definitely spend most of my days on the island Saaremaa rather than in Tallinn for example. Our capital just ain't my kind of city at all so I'd prefer this lovely island which has to offer things that can't be seen nowhere else in Estonia (okay maybe Hiiumaa has them too, same thing basically).

Top - GinaTricot, Skirt - H&M, Bag - ooold fav, Ballerina shoes - Centro


Ferry pictures I finally took out of my camera, it was crazy windy there. These are taken on our way to Saaremaa with mom and I still have some pictures left from that small trip so I guess I should still upload those eventhough it was some weeks ago.

Today it was Lund University's Arrival Day and I got to see my uni for the first time, it's so beautiful and looks so old, I love that kind of schools. Together with me there were around 2000 international students from around the world and it was such a mess there haha. Would love to meet them soon.


Top - Mohito, Skirt - from Poland, Shoes - Nelly, Kimono - H&M

This is an outfit I went out with in Viljandi but I couldn't get any blog-suitable pictures from that night so I put it all on again to show it here. Can't really fail with red & black outfit and red lips, can you?

And I will be uploading some random snaps from my time in Estonia too, I've gathered so many things to upload that I have to write them down here to later look what I've missed and still need to upload haha. Now I'm gonna have some red wine and put my feet up because I have my last free weeks before strict university schedule starts.


Shirt - BikBok, Shorts - Levi's, Shoes - Nike AirMax, Bag - H&M

U & ME - VOL1

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Some photos Paul took of us when we were on vacation by the sea in Lemme. We have sea-salty-hair and look a bit too relaxed but it's okay haha. This is the first set of pictures, the ones we took in the forest. Later on I will add the other pictures by the sea and sunset. And finally I will add Paul's very long post with all of the pictures on his photography-blog. I'm not gonna add all of them here, just some examples.


T-Shirt - River Island, Shorts - H&M, Shoes and bag - from small shops in Viljandi

Make-up and photos - Liisa Leetma

Here's one of my most favorite combinations this summer - a plain oversized t-shirt or a t-shirt dress with some colour and heels (or sneakers). Can be both casual and formal and Liisa's make-up is on point with this look. Now I understand what big difference it makes whether you do your own make-up or let someone else do it. I have some skills myself but this here is a whole new level thing.


Jacket - old one, Top - H&M, Shorts - Tally Weijl, Briefs - Calvin Klein/ Nelly, Shoes - Rebecca Stella for Nelly

Make-up and photos - Liisa Leetma (gonna make a seperate post about her)

A long long long post for you because of my long long break from the blog. When I posted photos with Calvins some time ago and wrote that they make jeans look better, some asked me how I can go around with a side of briefs showing so I decided to show how. I think it looks cool with a denim jacket and denim shorts and the CK's do make the outfit look more colourful.

Now I'm back in Sweden. Was sad to leave the dogs and comfy home in Viljandi again but I got such warm welcome from Joonas and I'm really really happy to be with him again here. When I got here, he had bought me my favourite food, wine, two big texted frames, favourite magazine and a small present from Victoria's Secret..gotta love that guy!


Hey again from airport! Vacation in Estonia is over and time to get back to Sweden and blogging. I took my break from blog and internet over-all and enjoyed everything else instead. And now I'm just not sitting around in Trelleborg cause university starts wohoo! Note to those who don't know: I got into Lund University, and I will study an international programme called Science Programme in Development Studies. Can't wait to meet all those people from different parts of world studying together with me! Now I'm gonna go buy a YSL foundation and then board the plane! Kisses!


Sorry for non-straightened hair pictures haha.

So this happened. I went to hairdressers the next day I arrived to Estonia and what I asked for were dark brown stripes and from the left picture you can see how many brown stripes I got there...nada, none. So now I needed to go somewhere fast and they recommended me to go to Kärt who worked alone at her small salon and I got million times better service than in a salon. I couldn't visit my fav hairdresser though but now I have two favourites. So happy with my new stripes and ready for uni! So long story short - hard to find out the good hairdressers in Viljandi.

Today was again a kick ass day with my girl Liisa. She did my make-up again so perfectly and since Paul was so busy then Liisa also took my photos and she's even got talent in that, so lucky I have this helpful girl as a friend, I will introduce her awesome Youtube channel and everything soon.


Some pictures of what I'm up to that I don't post often right now. For example today I spent the day on lake again with our bayliner and in the evening had a fun shoot with so-gorgeous make-up artist Liisa. I will upload everything I've done during August so stay tuned.


During our stay in Saaremaa, we visited for the twentieth time the Kaali meteor crater. Still amazing ro see what a small rock can do.


Top - H&M, Skirt - Zara, Shoes - Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Bag - old one, Sunglasses - Lindex

So today I went out with my girl Kerstin to have some cake, walk around beach and chat about everything. I've been spending all my days on the lake with our bayliner with my parents and dogs. I finally have a great tan and right now I can't imagine summer ending, uni starting and leaving on August 12th already, but life kicks in and you got to do stuff you don't like. Hope time flies cause I will miss my doggies so least parents are coming to Sweden soon after I leave!


Pictures from my stay in Saaremaa, wearing frill bag from H&M, dress from GinaTricot, old boots from Seppälä.

I'm sorry I've rarely posted. I thought that I was over my small illness, but I wasn't. It's only now that I have my full energy back and can start doing some photoshoots and blogposts. I'm really busy, been having so fun in Estonia that I need to update of all that a bit later and post by post. Now the ones from Saaremaa (biggest island in Estonia) are coming. Hard to believe it's August already right?

And sorry about the sun-straigth-in-the-face pictures, wanted the windmill restaurant to be the backround.