Meryl Mägi


So we went for a walk in a forest nearby to walk our three cuties and I decided to try out the new camera with an outfit but guess who had the most important settings wrong the whole time? Yup. I guess my dad did a pretty good job anyways but Photoshop had to fix the most. Anyway, I coloured my hair back to blonde today, well not full blonde but a lot of highlights and I left some room on the top so I could grow a good ombre-looking hairstyle in Sweden. Have to think of everything since I don't know any hairstylists in Lund and don't darr to try out some randoms. So I just colour my hair so that it could grow out and not look bad. About the outfit - shoes are Timberland's, bag is from River Island and everything else I found in my closet here so they're oldies. Except for the black coat, that is from a shop in Poland. Not sure what the name was.


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Sweats & Fur Coat - BikBok, Christmas Hat - from Paul's studio, Sneakers - Nike Air Force 1's, Fur Bag - River Island

Just a cosy sweatpants outfit I wore to Paul's studio to take the Christmas pictures. Then it started snowing a lot and he took these amazing pictures outside before I went home. The snow and light in the backround is gorgeous! Guess the best ones come out from unexpected shots.

It's snowing non-stop here. Read this morning from the news that our town is covered with the thickest layer of snow in all of Estonia. It's so slippery and yesterday everyone was driving like 30 km per hour so I don't even feel like driving today not to talk about my car being under 2 metres of snow practically haha. Can barely see it. Despite all of that it is sooo beautiful outside since the sun is out also and makes everything glitter. I can't definitely study for the exam all day with this kind of beauty outside. Should go test drive the new camera probably. Have a great day!!


Dress & Shoes - Nelly, Tights - oldies

Last pictures taken with my tiny camera. Off to better quality and better pictures from now on.
So at the spa we had dinner and after that decided to play pool. Love that spa - it has everything from water park to bowling. Aaand I lost this time but always with the very last ball, seriously, I'm good at it haha! Aaand that dress is so lovely, got it from a sale on It's so pretty and casual at the same time. Can wear it everywhere.


Hey everyone! These two were my most precious gifts this year. Thank you so much parents, Joonas and Joonas's mom for the lovely gifts this year! Can't even describe how happy I am to be able to upgrade my blog completely with the new Canon 100d. Of course it needs some sharper lens to it, but I'll look into it later. First i need to learn how to use a proper camera and then everything else. So the news is that the blog will have a lot better quality from now on. Stay tuned for the first try on some outfit soon! Oh and Chanel no 5 was on my list for long, so glad J remember how much I wanted that parfume. There is something so captivating about this fragrance that I'm almost afraid to wear it haha. Feel like a proper lady wearing this so i can't be wearing anything less than lady outfits when smelling like that. And not to talk about the bottle which looks like a decoration in the room. Love it and I'm so grateful for the fun Christmas dinners and presents and all the people around me who I adore so so much! Alright I'm gonna wrap it up. Happy holidays everyone!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Dress - Nelly, Shoes - Seppälä, Earrings - River Island, Bracelet - Glitter

And another set! Yup I always over-do the posts with pictures from Paul haha. Just love his work! We put up some blue decorations just for the blue dress and the result was quite awesome. I really loved Christmas this year. Had a chance to breathe inmidst all this mess right now. That Christmas and New Year's time has always been my favourite, no doubt. There is just something about people that chances during this time. Like a glimmer of hope and happiness takes over every single person. And of course the decorations and lights and the rush..oh love it all.


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

This is one of the sets we did for Christmas that I wanted to upload yesterday but sadly the Christmas dinner preparations and everything took all of my day and two dinners with both mine and J's families took all night. So here's the one with my favourite Lipsy London dress and BikBok coat. Hope everyone had a super lovely time with their families and I wish you all merry merry Christmas! I really love it that I have still so many readers even if I haven't got spare time sometimes to update it everyday. It means the world to me, thank you so much!! Sending virtual kisses to you all!


Had a super relaxing time at a spa in Pärnu called Tervise Paradiis. It's connected to a water park so you can guess where me and J spent most of our time. Every inch of our bodies hurts still today. Nevertheless we had a great rest from all the moving in Sweden and other stuff going on. Needed some quality fun time with my babe and I got that.


Photo: Paul Meiesaar

The snow came down for Christmas and my hometown looks so gorgeous without the snow being pushed away from streets! Because of the big snowflakes we just had to get out from the studio to take some photos in the snow. Paul did an amazing job with the situation again. The coat is from BikBok and actually I'm wearing a Christmas hat but it doesn't look like it haha.


Dress - Oneness/Nelly, Tights - Lindex, Boots - Nelly, Jacket - Zara, Necklace - Glitter

Saying sorry about the quality of some pictures.

Oh what a trip! We took a train from Malmö to Stockholm and before that we had to drop off our car to Lund and we had 3 big suitcases and 3 big bags so you can imagine the struggle with the baggage. Then we had to get to the port and got on a cruise ship, even sneaked in our hamster haha! What a relief it was to fix and wash ourselves and start tax free shopping and partying. It was so fun on the cruise ship as always. As a basic Estonian, I've taken the Stockholm-Tallinn cruise so many times just to party with girls. Always fun to do it on a ship with lots of Swedes and Estonians. I've met some fun people through time by this. So again we had olenty of fun and at the same time plenty of sleep. In the morning we got off and went both to our homes. Love to be back again but more about it soon. Tomorrow I am busy and also going to the gym and after that we will have relaxing 2 days at spa. Aah can't wait!


Dress - Lipsy London, Earrings - GinaTricot, Bracelet - Glitter

Aaah the windows here... hope we have as big windows in the new apartment as here, something appealing about them together with long grey curtains. Figured I would take last pictures on the windows here, kind of flashy cause it's dark outside.

Hope you like em'.


Jacket & Skirt - Zara, Sweater & Bag - H&M, Boots - Nelly

So just a basic outfit from last month that I figured I wouldn't post but as I am moving and have had work and school-work to be done I can't really update a lot so I guess that will have to do. Just a classic all-black outfit and some experiencing with new make-up. Didn't like the look on pictures as much as in the mirror, that was the reason for the non-post back then.

Isn't the storm in Skåne a lil bit fun? I have no idea why I like storms..might be the fact that I've never had negative outcomes from them. Tomorrow we're heading to Malmö. We need to find a small plastic carrier for the hamster, probably will take a walk in Malmö and spend some hours Christmas-shopping in Emporia. Have a great weekend!


Coat - BikBok, Leggings - small shop in Trelleborg, Boots - Timberland, Sweater - oldie

Oh god what quality you get in this weather...

Today we took a little walk to see the Viking Castle in Trelleborg, or at least what's left of it. I'll post pictures of it later but here's my outfit of the day.

I've been dealing with all the moving stuff and worked extra at Mediamarkt so I've had busy times lately, but I will try to blog as much as I can. The thought of moving away is still killing me inside.


Ain't it beautiful even in winter?

Such a lovely park we have here in Trelleborg..I am so gonna miss taking walks here and jogging through it. We have peacocks, geese, chickens, roosters, ducks, swans and all kinds of birds here and the funnest part is feeding them. They are brave enought to take bread from your hand or fly up to it to grab it and when you start throwing the bread it's insane. They just fly all over you. Today I got slapped across the face with a wing and Joonas was bitten by a duck and one of the birds tried to take my Iphone away, assuming it was bread haha. Anyway if you ever have free time before getting on a ship to Germany here or whatever, go through the beautiful park with the fountain, bridges and all kinds of birds. You'll love Trelleborg.

And since I do love it so much and as I am a crazy schedule-maker about everything, I wrote down all the activities I want to do in Trelleborg before we move away. This way I wouldn't feel bad about not taking in everything this small town has to offer. Of course I still have some schooldays and workdays left and need to pack everything, including my walk-in closet which is peobably gonna be so sad for me that I cry all the way through it. I seriously need to learn how not to be in fond of every town I live in..


DRESSES: 1 - HERE, 2 - HERE, 3 - HERE, 4 - HERE, 5 - HERE, 6 - HERE
TIGHTS: 1 - HERE, 2 - HERE, 3 - HERE, 4 - HERE, 5 - HERE, 6 - HERE

Oh that combination of grey lace dress and patterned tights! It's a pity it's not seen around lot, I am completely all over this right now. I have this crazy urge to buy one of the lace dresses here and I don't know, 7 pairs of tights at least to match it with haha, and of course with other dresses too. When else can you rock different tights than not in winter time? Doesn't matter party or work or school, wear patterned tights, they're hot! And as I noticed surfing through net-shops Nelly has the biggest offer of grey lace than anywhere else. So if you started to love my idea of being laced and patterned all-over then you go pick one out there. As you see I loved the choice of different tights in H&M, they're so pretty!



So this is my hair right now. Finally got it to grow in a lenght I'm satisfied with, they didn't grow at all before so I did a year-round treatment at home for them and look at it! So proud! I had a hair growth tutorial post a while back, I'm gonna post a link here later on today.
Anyway what I wanted to ask/say is that I feel it's time for a change again. Before I went from really light blonde to dark brown stripes which made me basically a brunette. Now it has gone light and taken some different shades. I booked my favourite hairdresser in Estonia so now I'm just wobdering whether I should go darker from this or back to blonde from this? Of course I would use highlights not colour the whole thing, but what do you think? Light/Dark?