Meryl Mägi


Been enjoying stores a little, we looked for new stuff for Joonas and I got some pieces too. Like this lovely springtime sweater and those gorgeous navy pumps. This is what makes me happy.

I've also been practising quick drawing where I take a picture of someone and let my hand practically do what it wants and I move it very very about 15 minutes I'm done . If you look the picture close you can see the flaws and scratching allover but from distance they look so cool.
I like to draw like this because I'm not very patient when it comes to portraits..I like the job done fast and in one day. Of course when someone orders a portrait I take time and do it very slowly.

Yesterday I drew Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in 15 minutes.


Nothing beats the feeling that Spring and warmrh is nearly here. So since it's so sunny today, we took a walk around port and later on we're gonna take pictures for a jeans-competition I'm attending on Instagram. Sorry, it's the last one I'll upload, then I'm done with those.

Anyway these here are my favourite jeans (from Bershka) since the ripped-jean is so in right now and the light wash looks so beautiful.


Blouse: BikBok, Jacket: NewYorker, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Centro, Boots: DinSko, Sunglasses: H&M


Made some random photos with a leopard body just to try out the new app that makes pictures look old and retro. I guess they turned out interesting so I'm sharing them here too.


Jacket: GinaTricot, Jeans: Guess, Boots: Seppälä, Sunglasses: H&M


On Valentine's Day we decided to feed the birds in the park and had lots of fun there. Joonas bought me two very soft cuddle-bears for Valentine's because until now I've been cuddling pillows at night haha. We also went to a cafe, where I took a delicious caramel coffee and Caesar salad, mums. That's about it. We wanted to have a wine night, but since Joonas has a game today we couldn't do that, but we'll do it today instead. 
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! <3


Yup..I'm deeply bored. Right now I spend my days walking around town, doing housework, blogging, taking care of my hair and face, watching TV, working out and so on...I know it sounds pretty nice, but I'm the kind of person who needs to do something useful, either working or studying. Studying part will begin in August so I hope I'll find a great part-time job until then. Can't stand just sitting around doing nothing very useful.

We started watching new series called Helix, which is really interesting and I made a user in the site Why haven't I bern there before? So many great people with awesome outfits.

And here's me workout progress:

Hope you all are having fun.


Yesterday night I spent around 2 hours in Youtube, trying to improve my make-up knowledge. Then I spent an hour in bathroom trying to use everything I learned. Wish I had had daylight in room, so I had better pictures of the make-up. I improved my skills in doing eyebrows, using eye-liner, contrasting my features, highlighting the cheekbones, forehead and chin, narrowing my nose and added a simple smokey eye. 

I'm really grateful that few years ago I took a short make-up course and was taught in one of the most-known make-up studios in Estonia (now it's called Glow Makeup by Lana Vallo). There I got the basic knowledge in what kind of make-up and utensils to use, how to pick the right foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick etc, and how to make a daily make-up into party make-up. 

Basic Knowledge: 

I've discussed with my friend, who is a photographer, how important the basic knowledge in make-up is. We've come to conclusion that every girl/woman should have the basic skills in putting on make-up, when going to a photoshoot. First, it's easier to fix your make-up during photoshopping, than losing the greasy glow in the face. He told me that whether you have greasy skin or not, it will still be shiny on the photo. Second, wrong foundation can ruin the whole picture. It's important during photoshoot and every other day, that the foundation matches your skin tone.
When in store, try the foundation on your neck not on your hand or face. If the foundation disappears on your neck and leaves no visible spot, then buy it. If you apply that on your face, then face won't differ from your neck colour. Easy, but still misused by so many women.
When you want to use eyeshadow, then google "eyeshadow for…(your eye colour)". the right colour eyeshadow will make your natural eye colour pop and stand out. When I went to the make-up course, I was like "Seriously? Purple eyeshadow for my green eyes?", but when I applied the purplish colours, then I saw how my green eyes looked even greener. So go for your colour.   

Well I'm still learning about make-up, trying to experiment every time I go out. I rarely practice make-up like I did yesterday, but I realised that I should do it more often. Just open Youtube, learn from the pro's and practice, practice, practice. Knowing what suits you the best, having basic skills and knowing how to highlight you best features is one of the best skills a woman should have in her pocket. Trust me and trust the photographer. Even guys, when you want a good picture, add a little powder. ;)


Smarter than before, but the broken mouth corner ruins the winter problems..


Beanie: H&M, Pullover: H&M, Bag: Giorgio Armani, Coat: Orsay, Shoes: Nike, Sunglasses: H&M


Decorating is in progress,. Bought this beautiful white orchid today. Joonas bought me a small dragon tree on my birthday and now I really want a third plant haha. I feel like a florist now.

Guess Winter is over for me, so all of you who have snow in front of the house, enjoy it before the muddy time. :)


Not much to say about today.. just cleaned the whole apartment, made some good food and did a little shopping. #busybee

I'm trying to come up with something creative to participate in the shoe competition by Nelly. The goal is to upload a shoe-picture in your Instagram and write #oneyearofshoes under it. Easy, but as far as I've seen the pics, competition is tough. :)) Oh and the prize is a new pair of shoes from Nelly every month for a whole year. For a shoe-holic like me, it would be amazing to actually be one of the 10 winners.

Competition: Here 

I\'M 20!!

 Yesterday was my 20th birthday!!

Wow, it feels so different. Not a teenager awesome!
Since it was Sunday and we had nothing better to do, we went to Emporia shopping centre in Malmö. I spent my birthday doing what I love most - shopping! 
Bought some things for ourselves, but my favourite buy were my new boots. 

We spent hours there, ate so many yummy things including little creamy buns, which in Estonian are called vastlakuklid. After we got home, Joonas made some good salad and we drank wine, took pictures and watched football. Such a quiet celebration for such a big birthday, but I still loved it.

I want to thank everyone for lovely birthday wishes! You made my day even better. :)

Few pictures from yesterday:

Wanted a small tree instead of flowers