Meryl Mägi


I can remember my 19th year as the year of big changes. I graduated high school with better results than expected, moved to Sweden, got 3 more dogs, applied to universities in Sweden, realised what I wanna do with my life during next years and made lots of great memories. Has been awesome and I hope 20th will be even more awesome. :)

Today I did little shopping. Bought a beanie and a pair of sunglasses..just essentials. Joonas had his first game with new team and did great. They won 1-0, but it was only a training match.


Should be out celebrating my last days as 19 year-old, but actually there's no where to go here, don't have friends yet and Joonas has his first game tomorrow with the new nothing to do.
My birthday is on Sunday so we'll go to something I love - shopping. And some wine and small celebration at home. I am grateful for everything I have and opportunities given so I can't be sad for not celebrating my 20th.


Today I tried macarons for the first time (yea I know..where have I been right?) I have to be honest, I expected something heavenly, but these were just normal sweets, but yes they are good. Just good.

And I finally found a lovely glass box for my jewellery.

Then I started to read Joonas's book about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Already the beginning of the book (childhood memories) made me admire him more. Then I watched the opening ceremony of Sochi Olympics and now we're gonna watch the movie called Rush. Have a great Friday everyone!!


Pieces from Asos, Sealoe, Nelly, River Island

For Spring, thank you!


As I said before - I live in a town filled with roosters and chickens..but I was so surprised today, when I went to the park. Besides those birds, there were peacocks (what?) chillin' on singing stage, turkeys running around, geese chasing us for food, swans swimming and lots of duck, doves, seagulls etc. Haha I love this town, so cool. 

They are so funny, just living there freely together.. and peacocks are soooo beautiful.

Went shopping today too, brought home this beautiful jacket from Gina Tricot.

And that's about it, bye!:)









It's so warm and sunny today that we decided to check out the port behind our house and go for a cafe later.

I really like this town, it has so many cool buildings and it looks so adorrable. We even have chickens and roosters living in town with all kinds of other birds, haha. I think I'm gonna go take pictures of them tomorrow.

Weird looking house 

My perfect Fornarina jacket

Eating lovely lunch by darling right now


My best friends know that I've been dreaming of a small room as a closet for a long time. I've gotten so tired of one big closet where all my clothes are stuffed and fall out..ushh. But now I have one and I couldn't be happier. It's small, but I will decorate it and make it dreamy.
Whether big or small - 

I will show you some parts of the apartment. There's so much to do.. We have to move things around, buy some furniture, buy everything essential and then find awesome decorations. 


Giorgio and Hermes - 2 favs I bring everywhere I go

In a desperate need to find a cute jewellery box

Shoeholic couldn't bring more heels with her this time, but all the beauties will arrive soon from Estonia

Fav pieces from wardrobe




Love the 4 huge windows towards the main street, but right now the huge room seems so empty.



Main street 

Not much to see right now, but so many friends asked about the apartment. I can't show the bedroom right now, because all packed stuff is still there, but I can tell you that it has a fireplace yaaaay.

Today it felt little like spring here, since I didn't need scarf, gloves or a beanie. Oh and I finally got the golden iPhone 5s!! (bye-bye crappy quality) And I also met some Joonas's new teammates during our visit to the football stadium. They seemed great.
Also went to the stores today and I'm gonna have to go back tomorrow..enormous sales!!

Now we're gonna make something yummy for dinner. Kisses!


Blazer: old one, Top: GinaTricot, Jeans: Guess, Shoes: H&M

A little outfit post with my new favourite jeans by Guess. Love the way the pockets hang a little lower than they should and that they are ankle length. 


I've been in new town for 3 days now and I haven't seen more than that one main street I live in. I've been so busy trying to get everything in place in our new apartment so I could start decorating it soon. And of course jag är lite förkyld, part of cold winter.. Wish it was spring already or just warmer, so I could throw a leather jacket over anything and go out and explore the town.

The furniture here is light brown, so is the floor and everything else is white. I think I need some help figuring out what colour the decorations (frames, candles etc) should be here.

Oh and it's so hard to get used to my new hair colour. Been blonde for so long and wanted a change by making some light brown highlights in my hair, but my hairstylist said that it will last longer if she makes them a little darker. So in 2 weeks the result should be perfect so I just have to get used to being too brunette for a while. Hope it turns out great soon.



My better half turned 22 today.
I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Despite the fact he is a very talented footballer and always looks so good, he is talented at being the best boyfriend in the world too. No one has given me so much motivation in everything like he has given and thanks to him I have done so many new exciting things. He gave my life a whole new meaning and he means the world to me. He makes me laugh, makes me feel like a princess and is a really fun person to be around with. Everything about him is perfect to me.
Truly an amazing person, who I keep admiring every day. My one and only.
Happy birthday love!

Since we just moved to town, we had no activities planned for birthday. I made a cake from cookies and bananas since my baking skills aren't really impressive, but it turned out so tasty. We took a stroll around town and had lots of fun today. 

Happy in our new home with a flower-shaped humble cake :)

Glad to have you. Joonas!


Figured I would stay home in Viljandi for a month, but it turned into 2 months, since I had such great time with my family, fiends and dogs. Now I see what my friends mean by saying "It's not fun to stay at Viljandi, but it's always a great place to come back to now and then".
I think I'm really blessed by having a wonderful family and awesome friends back at home and a boyfriend in another country, so I can go from one home to another and back, so I never get bored in one place. But I couldn't be lazy anymore and had to come back to Sweden to find a place to work until the school starts. Turns out we will be staying in Trelleborg this year not Malmö. At first I was disappointed, but then I saw the apartment here and I made up my mind instantly, but more about that some other day. 

So here are the things I did while being in Viljandi.

Met Paul, a new great friend of mine, when I was looking for a photographer to take some pictures of me and Joonas. Later we decided to take some pictures of Paul's ideas and of my ideas and finally did over thousand pictures all together. So I had many days of fun shoots thank to Paul. 


With or without Joonas (best personal trainer) - I did some hard gym time now and then. Really love to go to gym in my hometown, because it's right behind my house and I always meet someone I know there.


We travelled around Estonia due duties and just fun and did so many things together. For example, we went to Joonas's summer cottage by the sea, where all we heard was the sea and trees in the wind. It was so relaxing. We also stayed in the capital Tallinn, because I needed to do the TOEFL test there. I met Joonas's new dog Hugo, such a cutie. The last two pictures are taken from the dinner night we had in Tartu with Joonas's and my family. It was a really fancy restaurant and our parents met for the first time. We're happy that it wasn't awkward at all and turned out really great.


Most of my great time at home I owe to my friends. It was soooo good to see them again and I'm glad they had time to involve me into fun things. Sad that I didn't take any pictures..We got together and had something great to eat and drink while chatting and gossiping about everything. We drove around and went out to eat. We made some gingerbread and shared gifts during Christmas. Of course when we got together we did some shopping, went to a tanning salon and hit the gym. Most of it I did with Sandra, who I would consider as my best friend back at home. Our endless chit-chats are the simply the funnest! Love you!



Never bored, when home with these three. The funniest, the smartest, the sneakiest, the cutest, the sweetest…and so on and on. There is absolutely no way to explain, how much fun I have with just three small dogs.. just buy yourself at least two Japanese Chin puppies. They are so playful and they will love you to death. They want so little from you and give so much back. Had so much fun with them during these 2 months and I have to say that I will miss them the most.. incredible little doggies. I'm happy that they could finally go running along the seaside like maniacs thanks to me.


Did A LOT of shopping in local malls and got to go to the hairdresser's three times. First time I died my hair golden, which soon went back to light blonde again, then I just cut my hair a bit and three days ago I dies my hair half brunette, which I will show later. Of course I went to some facials and fixed my eyebrows and so on. Such a great feeling to get something fixed again.


Of course when you see your friends and old classmates over such a long time you go and party. So I did, a lot. And again I'm sad that I didn't get to do many pictures..and if I did then they didn't turn out so great. So here are a few. No need to mention the fun I had seeing everyone in town again.


The best ones. We made our first decorated cupcakes with mom, I learned so many things to cook from dad, we had so many movie nights and drove around a lot. I went shopping and to cafes with mom and walked the dogs together. I wouldn't have anything I have now without them. They have fulfilled my every wish, done everything that I would have a good life and do better in everything I do. Mom and dad are my rocks, I can rely on them and tell them everything. Dad is the smartest person I know, there is nothing he couldn't do and I learn so much from him all the time. They are so had-working and so fun to be with. 


I had so many things to do, so much paperwork due applying to universities, so much paperwork for working abroad..I had to do some driving tests to get a new, longer driving licence, I had to take care of three dogs who got very sick when parents were away. I can't actually remember everything I had to do, but I had really few days when I didn't need to take care of something important.

Uhh…such a long post, but I think it was necessary.. I'm sorry if I forgot something and sorry for the lack of pictures and lack of quality. Thank you everyone for making my stay so great and I will make a post about my new home soon! 

In case you're wondering..this is my small but magical hometown Viljandi:

Photo by Alar Truu