Meryl Mägi


It was so cosy and great back at home that it's really sad to get on that plane tomorrow. I have to start driving towards the airport 4am already and I know it's gonna be hard to say goodbye again to my 3 dogs and parents. Hope all goes well tomorrow..

Got some photos again from shoots, gonna show these before the longer post. Oh and i dyed my hair today, so now I'm more brunette than blonde. A small change feels great!

Photos again by: Paul Meiesaar


Final pictures from the coldest shoot I've ever done so far.

Photos: Paul Meiesaar


We were supposed to shoot in studio, but at the last moment decided to take some pictures outside so there they are.

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Bag: River Island, boots: Seppälä, coat: Orsay, beanie: MadLady


We decided that our new apartment should contain some pictures of us since the last one felt so empty without any beautification. I think those will look just great framed :)


So much has happened recently and I've been so busy..
I thought I would upload some pictures soon from my last shoots and then write a longer post about my activities back at home.
But I'm gonna say that I passed my TOEFL test with a great result and sent my documents to Sweden..yaaay :)
Also I will go back to Sweden on January 31st and will meet my new home in Malmö!


Hey, it's been a while since I've written here and I've got tired of writing both in English and Estonian.
I've had so so much to do since I came back home to Estonia. I have a lot to write about, but I figured I'd start with the main events and write about everything else when I'm back in Sweden. 

Right now I know that I will move to Trelleborg with my boyfriend and somewhere around March we are moving to Malmö. Really looking forward to it, but I have to wait until February 7th to get there. My boyfriend leaves tomorrow so I'll be quite lonely here haha. The good thing is that I get to spend more time with my parents, friends and dogs. 


Christmas was wonderful. First we went to a dinner at my boyfriends' cousins house. I met most of his cousins and had a great time there. Then we moved on to my home. Since my cousins live on an island over sea then I didn't have anyone here except my parents. We shared gifts and the ones I got were absolutely superb. My future mother-in-law also spoilt me with a lot of gifts before Christmas. Lots of useful and expensive skin and hair products and a book about doing make-up. She's awesome. 
We had a nice dinner at my place and had lots of fun.
Next day I met up with my girls and we ate Caesar salad and shared gifts. It was so great to see them again.

Christmas Dinner Look 

Little dwarfs

New Year's Eve:

Me and Joonas stayed at a spacious apartment with an amazing view over a large lake and over town. First we got ready there for the evening and drank champagne and took a lot of pictures. Then we attended a party with my parents and later on we gathered under town's christmas tree to wait until midnight with almost every young person in town. Once again I was lucky enough to kiss the most wonderful person in my world at 12am. Then I met all of my friends I hadn't seen for a long time and we went on clubbing. That night made me so happy and thankful for every dear person in my life. 

View from our apartment

Gonna miss U

dress: Oneness from  bracelet: Spark purse: Giorgio Armani 

Now it's time to say goodbye to Joonas and we will see again in February. Until then I need to wait for results from the TOEFL test I took and send the application documents to Sweden…hope I was good enough..