Meryl Mägi


Our beautiful photoshoot, Paul as a photographer. I think I can show you rest of the photos in August so stay tuned.


Tennis. I have no idea for how many years I played tennis before moving ro Sweden, but I'm sure it was over 6 for sure. It will always be something I love. This time I got to teach J how to play. We went to Leparanna tennis courts and played some matches, still got the skills in my hand over 2 years, so great!


When J was on vaca and we took a trip to the sea.

I haven't been posting for a while because I have felt really sick for a week now and it's hard to concentrate, I won't share no details though. Now I'm getting better and I'm slowly getting my strenght back again and I'll be posting pictures from my past 2 weeks before new ones.


Hello! We're having fun in Saarema with mom. We've been to so many places this far, so i thought I should update a little bit with my phone. Not the best photos but can't get the ones from my camera before I get back home. Btw does anyone know somekind of photo editing app on phone that is really really good? I could use it right now.

So the place is Panga pank, a high coast, maybe around 15-20m high. Kind of scary to stand on the edge.

I'm wearing cardigan and blouse from H&M, Shorts from Tally Weijl, sunglasses from MQ and old boots from Seppälä.


Steffi blogs about beauty and interviews people who's style she finds interesting. So she asked me to answer some questions and I thought I should share it here too. Her blog is (apparently it's in Estonian).

You can find the interview in Estonian and with pictures HERE.


I was very happy when Meryl agreed to chat with me. I discovered her blog and I immediately liked it. There is something different about her. She has recently started to take blogging more seriously and her boyfriend helps her with the pictures. Also, in Estonia, she has a photographer- friend who can take the pictures.

1. Describe yourself with 3 words

- Ambitious, big-hearted and creative a

2. How to you describe your style?

- after moving to Sweden, my style has become more sporty (Converse, loungewear, simple t-shirts), but The girlier style I had in Estonia still remains too so it's something inbetween. Especially I love to take simple non-patterned pieces of clothing and match them with something effective like eye-catching sneakers, a cap or a pair of summerboots. I can't really describe my style with one word, but I can tell you that my favourites this summer are T-shirt dresses both casual and formal with wedge-sneakers, also everything eith Nike Airmax's and of course all-white outfits.a

3. What are the biggest fashion-faults you've seen on streets?

- Maybe not caring what they're wearing? I love to get inspiration from people and see some effort in their look, doesn't matter what their style is.

4. Your favourite stores in Estonia?

- The usual Zara, Mango, Tally Weijl, Mohito, Reserved.

5. How often and how much to you spend on a) new clothes b) make-up?

- I think I buy new clothing more than once a week especially with the Swedish summer sales, ai shop and order like crazy then. It's not a good thing, but there are a lot of cravings.

I don't spend much on make-up products. I have my favourites and I buy new ones when they run out. Some run out in a month, some in a year.

6. What is the most expensive piece in your closet?

- I guess it's my red calf-skin wallet from Hermés.

7. How often to you eat out? What are your favourite dining-places in Tallinn?

- In Sweden I go out to eat around twice a week with my boyfriend. We usual cook great dishes at home. In Tallinn I haven't been to 90% of places so as a sushi-friend I liked Zebra.

8. Your 5 favourite make-up products and why?

- Yves Saint Laurent Le Touché Eclat foundation - I had bad skin and this on kept it from going worse. Only one I can count on.
Isadora Sun Powder - I use it everyday on my cheekbones and it lasts so long. Just love it!
Lumene matte cream - my best friend under foundation
Lumene highlighter stick - get that shine on your face
Rimmel pink lipstick no 006 - the lost beautiful pink colour, suits on everyone, eith everything in every season.

9. Are expensive brand make-up products worth their price? What do you like most of them and what not?

- some of them are worth the high price. I used to use low peice foundation and they ruined my skin so I decided to try the more expensive ones like Chanel and YSL and voila, skin is veautiful and the foundation feels so light. Oh and I love Chanel's blushes, they're so perfect. But I don't like the mascaras. I've tried around 3-4 and low price mascaras do their work better and make lashes kore longer.

10. What do you need to have with you all the time? Do you prefer bigger or smaller bags?

- Iphone 5s with a good camera, small comb, a pink lipstick, hairbandage and sunglasses. I prefer bigger bags because they sometimes complete the outfit fully.

11. Who inspire you the most?

- Bloggers on, Angelica Blick, Sendi Skopljak, Janni Delér, Johanna Olsson and Kenza.

12. Your biggest accomplishment so far.

- Maybe getting accepted to one of the best univesrities both in Sweden and world and the effort and hard work before that.


Roadtrip to Saaremaa with mom. Visiting relatives over 2 years, gonna be fun 3 days I'm sure.


On 25th August a collection of glasses from Izabella Scorupco and Smarteyes will launch in stores. Izabella is a famous artist, modell and actress (joined one Bond-movie) and she has inspired the designers of Smarteyes for this collection. The inspiration comes from LA where she lives to day. The special thing with this is that the case also is possible to use as a makeup bag and looks so gorgeous.

I have needed glasses now for more than half of my life and I can assure you that a pair of red frames looks really hot. Now I have a pair of black and whites but I'm craving again for the red ones I always had before. So here is a exclusive sneak peak of two pretty red frames from the forecoming collection.

More about Izabella Scorupco:

Izabella Scorupco is a Swedish actress, model and fashion profile. She has starred in movies along side actors like Academy Award winners Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. In 1995 she played the lead female role in the James Bond movie GoldenEye. Today Izabella lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


Well inbetween our vacation by the sea we had to drive from Lemme to Tallinn. While Joonas was busy doing his stuff I met up with Kätriin who I hadn't met up with until then, which has been a mistake. We had so much to talk about and she's exactly my kind of girl, so awesome. We had a really great time shopping in Viru keskus and eating puree-soup on rooftop in the restaurant Komeet. I should visit her again in winter when I'm back in Estonia again. This time I hadn't slept well and felt really sick and weird, it always happens when I'm driving over 2 hours in a backseat but oh well.. Oh and I wouldn't prefer Tallinn as a place to live in everyday, but it's great to visit this beautiful city now and then, lot to do there and a change to see some familiar faces too.


So today Joonas left and it was his last vacation day. We got up and right away our friends picked us up to go disc-golfing. We hadn't played it before, the field is right here near my home but I always thought it's so stupid of me, it's so relaxing and fun actually. After that we packed his stuff, ate at Bangalo with friends and went to see his cousin's new baby with bunch of other cousins. We went swimming there, rowed the boat and ate soooo much. I'm already missing him but I guess 3 weeks isn't that long.

I'm gonna try to upload some ootd's soon, but I'm so busy that I will be mostly posting about my days. Also I hate that I don't have a proper laptop and Lightroom here, blah. Aaand I have to wear longer skirts or pants on these hot days because by the sea I got totally bitten allover my legs by bugs at night, but it should heal in near days.


So finally a blog post again - just gonna show you few pictures of our small boat ride around lake Viljandi in our hometown. Trying to keep Joonas's vacation as busy as I can that's why I haven't been blogging as much as usually. He leaves tomorrow evening and on Monday I'm gonna travel to Saaremaa so I'll try to keep up with the blog.


Some snaps from our days in Lemme, more pictures coming later.

I have no internet, laptop, photoshop or camera - we're on vacation with J in Lemme, Estonia. We're here with his family in their lovely summer cottage until Thursday so before that I won't update here. Thursday morning we'll head to Tallinn and after that I get my internet back and we're going back home. We play ball, sunbathe by the sea, go to sauna, play tennis and just enjoy it here. Love to stay here everytime Joonas is in Estonia.

Now we're gonna leave the tennis courts, go to sauna and grill and I will show pictures of vacation after Thursday. Have a great week! I sure will.


Started our trip 2am, drove to Malmö, then we went on a train to Copenhagen, took a flight to Tiga and here we are waiting for the flight to Tallinn. And of course after that 2 hours to our hometown Viljandi, good thing my parents pick us up. I'm getting so pissed here at Riga airport...the speakers are on max volume so it makes my head ache and it's literally deafening..


Some necessity shopping before I start to pack for Estonia and go to the last match of Joonas's team before season-break. Need tank tops and make-up.

Today I will be watching the game with Joonas's former teammate and with J's agent, gonna be fun. He's a striker again and last game as a striker he impressed the fans, the coach, the all team and TFF workers. Hope it goes well again.