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Today we started the big apartment cleaning and will continue tomorrow. Goal is to make this place as spotless and dustless as it can be. It's a big place so I need J's help. Also I managed to get some sun again and worked out in the gym. God how I missed gym...aaaand I finally made my decision and I'm going to Norrköping on Friday and hang out with Maria. I will come back on Sunday. I guess I can still go to Rostock if I feel like ship-travelling at the end of this summer.

Make great memories this summer!


We have such a bad rainy weather today, boo. I'm gonna try to make it to the gym today, no other plans. Also I was sooo happy when Brazil won the penalties yesterday, my face was literally touching the tv during it. Wake me up when someone discoveres something more exciting than penalties in football.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that we both wrote down the teams we think get through from each group in World Cup and I won!! Joonas had 9 right and I had 10 haha, close one. But I guess 12 years of strict football watching is helping me a lot at betting.

Photo: Paul Meiesaar


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Blouse - H&M

Today it isn't so sunny but it's a great day anyway because Joonas has a game here I can watch. I'm sorry that he has to play here for a year..the team is so bad and don't take football and results so seriously. But luckily he's here only for getting playtime and it's so easy for him here, not his level at all haha.

Yesterday I worked out at gym again and it's been a while since I had 3 different colours in my face after workout, quite proud of myself for pushing my limits again. We also had lunch at a Chinese restaurant where we tasted honey-covered cripsy was soooo goood!

Hope you like the pictures and have a great day! Kisses!


Blazer - Mango (HERE), Top - H&M Basic, Skort - Zara, Fur bag - old one/almost self made, Sneakers - Rebecca Stella for Nelly

So I wore all-white to Copenhagen. I'm glad I found this crop top from H&M because it goes with so many things. Again I got some compliments on what I was wearing, even from an Indian woman who was travelling around Europe. But I really had a bad bad BAD hair day. Hair felt 10cm shorter and was fuzzy and not as soft as they always are..don't know what went wrong because now they're okay again.

I love that Danish people are so stylish like Swedes, this kind of city-picture is something really new for my Estonian eyes. Everyone looks so unique and aren't afraid to try out something new.


Good morning! I'm eating Swedish strawberries for the first time and they're really delicious. J also brought us some energy drink since we still feel so tired and we have some stuff to do today. The workmen finally finished with our windows after over 2 weeks and left such a mess behind so we need to clean it up and then clean the whole apartment thoroughly.. Also hamster needs stuff from the store and I need to pay gym a visit. Hope I can do something there because my heels are killing me from wedge-sneakers and even walking is painful.


What a day! Our feet hurt so bad. We took the morning bus to Malmö and ate breakfast at the train station. Then we took the train to Copenhagen and near airport it was pouring down so heavily that we were sad that our day is already ruined. But at the city centre it was warm and sunny eventhought weather forecast promised thunder..whatever. I took my camera with me and I will show you a little of this beautiful city and what we did.

This city is so beautiful and so alive. Would love to live there. I took to many pictures of all the houses and fountains and everything.

Street performers everywhere. Some of them were so amazing to watch.

Lunch in restaurant Mama Rosa. We took the French onion soup and a tomatp soup with baguettes and Corona, yum!

Shopping of course..Found this really cute T-shirt dress from Sparkz and perfect white jeans from Topshop.

Hard to find yours later.

Such a nice day, we will go back soon for sure. So good to live close to these besutiful cities in Europe, but sad we won't stay in Trelleborg after this year.


Waking up to see that is one of the best moments of my day. We are just young and careless with minimum problems right now and that's why we have happy long mornings with smiles on our faces. He is my world and I love to see that face every morning like this - with a cute sleepy smile.


Shorts - Levi's, Crop top - H&M, Shoes - Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Cardigan - Nelly

Crop top weather is back and I hope it is really warm tomorrow in Copenhagen too. Never gonna get over these Rebecca Stella collection shoes and my new Levi's shorts now. That's another style I wear on everyday basis in summertime together with a bright pink lipstick of course. One thing I can't decide - should I cut the Levi's shorts shorter or keep them folded like this?


Today we started the day with tons of sushi, then we went out for a walk, took some pictures I will show next and ate ice cream. Then J went to his training and I decided to try out the gym here, been working out at home until now with my own body weight. 24 seven is a nice gym where girls have their own room for working out, loved it and loved the gym. I really busted my butt there today, feels great but I hope it won't hurt too much tomorrow, especially the legs and bottom. Tomorrow we're going to COPENHAGEN, yaay! Will take many pictures of our long day there.


Brazil is through to the final tournament! So happy! Good luck to my fav guys from here, other teams are tough to beat.

Tomorrow I'm gonna finally try out the gym here. Worked out at home again and I just can't motivate myself enough to do my best when I'm not surrounded by other hard-working people.

Now we're gonna prepare everything so that the workmen could start working in the morning and then we're going to sleep. Happy st. John's Day all Estonians!


I've written about my hair care before, I think it was one of the first posts I made in this blog, but I've got some new tips and I think I should share something that helped me get my hair back healthy again. Also a lot of girls ask me how did I get my hair to grow again, so here it is - FULL TUTORIAL HOW TO FIX DAMAGED HAIR

My hair was breaking, falling out, basically dying everyday, ends were split..mainly because I was colouring it blonder and blonder. They were quite thick but they got shorter and shorter everyday because the ends were dead and just broke. I've always wanted long hair so finally I consulted with my hairdresser and we started to fix my hair together, it started last June. I also did some research myself and finally in March, this year, we cut off the last piece of dry ends and now I have completely healthy growing hair, all I need is time now, because they won't break anymore. Oh and they are so thick, more and more hair grows on my head everyday and they're getting even more thicker. So here are the thing I did and continue doing:

1) Conditioner before shampooing - I know that most of you don't do that, but it's actually a lot better for your hair if you defence your ends before shampooing not after. So what I do is hold the conditioner 10-30 minutes in my hair before I start to wash them. They will still be soft don't worry. 

2) Conditioner in hair over-night - Leave a moisturising conditioner in hair for the night and just shampoo your hair in the morning. Such a great tip if you're in a hurry in the morning.

3) Leave different oils in your hair over-night - Olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, castor oil..I use it all, but not at once. Every night, when I have nowhere to go the next morning, I leave one of these oils in my hair for the night. I think that is the thing that helped my hair the most. Your hair gets so much out of this little small thing ýou can do. It may be hard to wash it out at first, but your hair will come used to it quite right away. That's something my hairdresser said I MUST do and now she laughs and says - told you it works, people don't believe but it does. Girls, even those who have healthy hair - do it! Your hair will thank you.

4) Haidresser - I know it must be tempting to dye your hair at home with a colour bought from some supermarket. I did that too all the time, but it's killing your hair. Just go to your favourite hairdresser, say what's your natural hair colour that keeps growing out and figure out what colour could suit you best and what colour wouldn't disturb you if it grew out a lot. If you want to keep your light blonde then just go dye it at hairdressers every time it grows out. They have the products that can keep your hair from great damage. Well I was blonde, I still would love to be, but I don't want to go anywhere to hairdresser except my own in Estonia. That's why my hair is now dark blonde with light blonde highlights, so that if my hair grows out, it will still look beautiful. Now it has gone lighter during summer and it has grown out a lot, almost looks like ombre and I love it. And it was all my hairdressers idea. Oh and stop dying your ends, it's the worst you can do. 

5) Dry oils for hair - The ones you put in your hair after washing them and the ones you use on the ends after stilling or before sleep. I have about 5 of those and I always use 3 on moist hair every time I have washed my hair. Hands up for Moroccan Oil - the best product I've ever put in my hair. Not only me but everyone says it's simply magic. If you think your hair is soft and shiny now, nope try your hair with this oil. I sometimes leave one of these oils in my hair over-night too and wash it off in the morning. Also the good thing about these oils is that they don't leave any oily marks in hair and they last long since you only have to use a small drop every time. 

6) Vitamins - I take Vitamin-B every spring, the whole jar. Your hair needs vitamins to grow. You either eat them in with food or with vitamin-pills or both. I also just finished a bottle of cod-liver oil which I think helped me a lot last few months. Hair grows and grows. So google the foods and products you can take in that help with the growth. Oh I almost forgot - take a spoon of olive oil daily and eat a lot of avocados. 

7) Protein masks - Hair needs protein to grow. I use this one awesome mask for it. Put half an avocado, 2 teaspoons of olive oil and one egg-yellow in a bowl, mix it and put it in you hair for 2 hours. Of course cover your hair with a blanket and wash it off with shampoo later. It's magical. 

8) Cut off your dry ends - Nothing fixes your damaged split ends, you can only prevent your hair from drying more and more. You just need to fix your hair from the middle and time by time cut off pieces of dry from your hair. First I made my hair grow again and then I started cutting it off each time it grew. 

9) Other products - I use a leave-in conditioner after I've washed my hair. I also use a professional hair mask time to time and a leave-in serum. These all make my hair feel healthy and soft. I also use the tangle-teezer for combing wet hair and removing tangles easily. I don't use hairbrushes anymore. Only the tangle-teezer and small combs. I also use soft bands without any metal or plastic and sometimes I style my hair with a round brush made of boar's hair that doesn't damage hair. 

10) Heat protector - I heat-style a lot, I know quilty and that's the reason I need to strictly keep doing everything above. But nevertheless I use tons of heat protector in my hair before doing any heat styling. It is a must. No arguing that. ANd if you can don't heat style at all. 

11) Wash them right - Don't condition your scalp, don't shampoo your ends. Easy. And start with warm water and end washing with cold water so hair wouldn't get greasy fast. Also don't wash your hair too much, let it be unwashed until you can't stand it. I don't wash my hair for 2 days and then wash it and you have to wash your hair as gently as your hands. 

12) Time - Give your hair time to grow, don't rush into extensions because they haven't grown 5 cm in 2 months. You will just break them more. 

So a long post, but if I missed anything I will add it up in some new post. For Estonian friends, sorry I didn't write in estonian, google translate if you can't understand. And I want to thank my mom, Joonas and Joonas's mom who have gave me products I can use and helped me find the great ones. I really appreciate it. 

If anyone has any questions or want to ask what products I use, you can comment or write me on my e-mail. Hope I could help at least some of you. For me all that worked. 


So yesterday morning I decided to take a trip to Malmö's Emporia again. Spent there around 4 hours and came back with two things I needed most - Levi's vintage shorts from T-Shirt Store and a long white blazer from Mango. So happy I finally found these shorts in my size! I was so tired after but I love to go there alone and just relax in the stores thinking about nothing and I was happy that people came to me there and asked what I was wearing and I got a lot of compliments too. 

Blazer - HERE, Shorts - HERE (or the T-Shirt Store)

There are big summer sales everywhere in Sweden, in stores and online so I have to prevent myself from over-shopping like I tend to do.

Today we have been watching movies all day because workmen in other room disturb our daily lives and we can't do anything in the living room.


Yesterday was Midsommar (st. John's in Estonia) here in Sweden and we as usual weren't going anywhere. So we decided to pack snacks and drinks and go by the seaside at night. We enjoyed the great weather and watched football haha. Funny to think that we were sitting on the edge of Sweden (the south side). Anyway I realize that he's all I need now. These more fun crowded times will come too, but he's always here always ready to go out with only me, he's someone who i really need to feel great doesn't matter where I go. I don't feel lonely with no friends in new town, I have my best friend right here.

Last night by the sea. Wearing a dress by Mohito and Converse.

Hope all swedes had a great Midsommar and estonians - congratz to all who graduated today, sorry I couldn't be there to bring you flowers and have a memorable st. John's day!!


I've been a little distant from my blog because we haven't done much lately. We have our windows changed, painted, fixed for over a week already, we have a lot of them and they are huge so it takes a lot of time. It's stressful to have strangers in your home from 9am to 5pm. Also due that I have had a lot of cleaning to do and I'm trying to push myself to post some longer more important posts, but haven't felt like starting yet. One is about fixing your damaged hair, I managed to make mine healthy with one year.

Tomorrow is Midsommar in Sweden and it seems like a really important holiday for everyone here. We as usual have no plans but I hope we can make our day sweet too.. hope something goes on in this town.

Also I'm still trying to figure out when and how am I going to manage going to Rostock, Norrköping and Copenhagen before I visit Estonia.

And for our friends at home - Today we booked our flight to Estonia on 13th July. Joonas stays only for a week, but I will stay until the start of August. So see you then!

Photo: Paul Meiesaar


Hey, today we spent our day here in beach, took some sun and played somekind of tennis haha. It's so good that I still have tennis moves and accuracy in my hand, I miss playing tennis so much.. Now we're fonna grill some ribs and watch World Cup all night. Go Brazil!

Bikini and hat from H&M.