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So we spent our day in Malmö, ate, looked around, shopped and just sat in cafes. It was such a beautiful sunny day, we had so much fun and just love this city. For a always-lived-in-small-town girl (big city girl in heart) it was so great to be in such a lively place again. Sad Joonas's training schedule doesn't let us to go there more often, but next time we'll go to the beach probably.

Snaps from today:


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

One shoot from the studio, tried out the mirror and used the Chanel mascara to hold something haha.

The bare-shoulder is from Nelly, you can find it HERE


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Have a happy day everyone!


Took quick pictures for a competition, so I thought I should share those here too.

Cardigan - Tally Weijl, Top - Gina Tricot, Skort - Zara, Sunglasses - Lindex, Shoes - River Island, Clutch - Hermès 


Told you some time ago that I'm looking for a pair of sneakers for the summer. Then Rebecca Stella's collection for Nelly came out and I was sold immediately. These white sneakers are so so beautiful and make me look a lot longer, I am so in love that I'm gonna order the black ones too. I want to wear them everyday with everything!


[Click on the picture to see the item]

Last days we've been hanging in the's really hot in Trelleborg. Thursday we're going to Malmö and spend the day in the city centre not Emporia again haha. I have some pictures left from our studio-shoots with Paul, so I'm gonna upload those soon. 


So we bought a football today to teach me how to play since I love to watch it so much but can't play at all. So great to have a personal coach. Now everytime we hit the beach I'm bringing my Brasil ball (favourite team since always).

We went by the sea and played for like 3-4 hours in our swimwear. He thought me so many things that I need ro start practising now. So fun!

Still learning that haha



So my Saturday was filled with football. First Joonas's game and the the Champions League final and after all that a little bit relaxing at bar Istanbul.

It's amazing how football gets into me, when I really want someone to win or lose. I live into it, throw things, yell, cheer, it brings out my funnest and worst sides. I've loved football since I was 8 and watching my man play is a huge bonus. I'm excited about his every game and support him and all my favourite teams always. I love football so much, I think it will be a part of me all my life.

I'm heading to sleep now, happy Saturday you all!


Grey t-shirt dress..any questions? Haha okay I just love it so much. It is so handy when you are not in the mood to put together an outfit and just want to throw something on, but still want to look interesting and cool. Also perfect for a hot weather like it was today. You can throw on a pair of heels or Converse or Air Max or whatever you like with this dress. So effortless..i want these in absolutely every colour and with some numbers and texts on it too.

Got the grey one from H&M Basics.


I've had to do a lot of thinking lately.. I have to figure out when and how long and how many times I am going to visit Estonia, my home this summer before school starts. Also I have this job-issue and I miss my family and dogs everyday, but I also want to be here for Joonas since it's a very important turn-point-year in his career and I want to see his every homegame. I really need to get things straight for myself and since the clock is ticking I need to make decisions fast. Sometimes I overthink so much that everything seems to be out of place, sad, disappointing and I can't adopt the fact these are just small problems and whatever I decide it's gonna be okay. So I hope I'll figure out and make some plans soon.

Oh and I have some blog-related news coming soon, can't tell anything yet, but finally I will have something to work on and it's fun!

Have a great weekend! I sure will!


So too much sun today, finished off with insolation...I felt like a sleepy zombie and had a terrible headache. A cold shower made me feel better and now I'm okay. Haven't got it before with 1-2 hour sunbathing..weird. I don't know if it depends on how dark your hair is since this hear it isn't light blonde like it has been every summer. Should I be more careful?



Oh god how hot the sun is today..we went to the seaside to have a small picnic and sunbathe, but when we gor there it was so windy that we couldn't enjoy anything. On the way we saw the palmtrees that are planted in Trelleborg right after it gets warm here. Because of the wind by the sea I had to take my sun on the balcony.


Another day with lunch out and cleaning the whole apartment. Nothing new in my world yet. Tomorrow if weather is great we're going by the sea to sunbathe and just relax. On Friday Joonas has another homegame and I will be there on the bench waving hands and making noises alone like a retard, but it all comes automatically since I live in the game completely.

Snaps from today:

Oh and I should update about my hamster. She's all grown up, very social and friendly, too fat, does so many funny things all the time and few nights ago learned how to run on the wheel. We love her.


I love love loove the Calvins. They make any pair of jeans so much more interesting and they're so so comfy. Happy I ordered them.

I ordered mine from Nelly.


Photos again Paul Meiesaar

Omg, such a long post haha, but it's the last shoot that we did outside and it's was so freakin' cold and windy. Found these big balloons from a small store in Trelleborg and I think they look awesome with all black outfit. 

I am wearing skirt from Zara TRF, shoes from BikBok, top from H&M and an old peplum leather jacket. 

Weather is so weird here. Before yesterday it was so hot, then yesterday it was so cold, dark and rainy all day and today it's so sunny again. I hate rainy days in between because I like to wake up and lie in the sun for an hour before going out (yea, people with nothing to do can do this). Now I'm gonna clean the apartment, go to store and cook. Hope you like the pictures!



Every single spring I have to go through a dose of vitamin-B. When spring starts I feel tired, I have no energy and everything seems to get out of hands. So again I had to buy a great dose of vitamin-B to get my body feel alive again. This time I found out about Dr.Bradford's öljast tabletter, which seemed pretty familiar to the ones I've taken before. I ordered 1000 vitamins that and I have to take 6 everyday. Now I've used it for like 2 weeks and the big exhaustion is gone and it's really great for the hair, they're growing back faster again. 

If you feel a little down in springtime or want your hair to thank you then you should try taking a dose of vitamin-B in spring. You can get the Dr. Bradford's ones HERE


Hi! A little check-in in blog. I've been sunbathing everyday since the sun finally showed it's face and we've been enjoying it by taking walks. Palmtrees are all over Trelleborg again like every summer and everything feels happier. 


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