Meryl Mägi


So this is my favourite dish when I want to have a quick healthy meal. I also like it really spicy and I guess it's like the wok-dishes, but I have no idea cause I just made that one up. Hope you enjoy it. Takes only 15-20 minutes to make.


Heya, want to let you all know that we own a pet here in Sweden now. A small 4-week-old hamstergirl Pipa. One day we just came across the idea of having someone else living here besides us and hamster was the most reasonable choice since we move a lot.

So here she is now, meet Pipa:

We adore her. She is so brave, social and busy all the time building nests. It is hard for 2 animal lovers to not have at least a small hamster at home so now we're happy.


So I was waken up 9am by take-away latte and chocolate muffins in bed. Yes he is so great. So I started my day well, bought some necessary make-up since everything seems to empty at the same time. And I cleaned absolutely everything there is to clean at home, washed dishes and laundry and did some ab workout. Yes I did well too.

Tomorrow it's somekind of shopping-night in Valen mall so I'm gonna check that out. Kisses!


Today Joonas just handed me his credit card and sent me shopping to Emporia. Is he a great boyfriend or what? Spent many hours there, saw so many beautiful things and picked out the favourites from Zara, H&M and DinSko.


I'm so so tired and my feet hurt so badly, can't even think about getting up 5am and having the Trelleborg-Malmö-Copenhagen-Riga-Estonia trip in a week, ugh.


A lot to be happy for I guess. Our walks are always like this - having fun and taking silly pictures.


It was planned that my parents would come for a visit in April and now plans have totally changed. Instead of them coming to Trelleborg, I'm going home to Estonia on 2nd April and I'm staying there until 13th April. I will go do some photoshoots with Paul, hang out with my puppies and parents, meet my friends and go clubbing. On 13th I'm gonna pack my stuff and go on a road trip with parents and some family friends. We will drive to Berlin and stay there for some days. Will go to zoo and shops and look around, gonna be awesome. And after that my parents will drop my off in Rostock where I will go on a ship back to Trelleborg. Will be carrying a lot of package but luckily Trelleborgshamn is right behind my swedish home. 

Opposite of yesterday, today I wasn't really happy. I don't know why, maybe it was the rainy day that made me sad, so new plans made my day so much brighter and I also ordered a cute top from Nelly. Hope it arrives before my departure. Now I'm gonna cook healthy veggie-dinner for us. 

The top from Nelly HERE


Happy happy day! Got the university selection results today and I've been accepted to Lund University in Sweden, sooo happy! It's 67th in world universities ranking, so I guess it's a pretty big deal.

Anyway, went for a walk today with Joonas and we took some pictures.


My finds from local H&M yesterday and today. A perfect shoulder-off blouse, lovely volangtop and a navy scarf with golden details. 

Click on pictures to see the page]



Haven't writren here for a long time so I'll just show snaps of my previous days.

Been going out a lot and sunbathing due nice weather and I've been doing a little shopping. Also been enjoying great sweets and learned to do so many new healthy meals. 


Jumper: Seppälä, Skort: Zara, Shoes: Seppälä

Last pictures as a blondie. My hair is so much shorter on these pictures than it is now. Great!


So happy today!
Had a lot of sushi for lunch, been doing ab workout a lot, sunbathed on the balcony watching the sea and ships and shopped.

My finds from H&M:

Warm weather, cloudless sky and spring always make me more energetic and happy eventhough everything isn't going the way I would like it to go..
Now it's time to gather my caps, Converses and slip-ons to welcome spring once again. Hope everything turns out well in the end.

Tonight I'm all alone because Joonas has a late game in Malmö and arrives late. Gonna watch a season on Gossip Girl. XOXO


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Almost done with pictures as a blondie. After that only one more left...I actually kind of miss being blonde. Will see, maybe I'll colour my hair back in Summer.


Got my women's day treats day after since Joonas had a game yesterday. We went for a coffee to Espresso House and he brought me tulips and bought me a golden watch.
And I know that I seriously need a tan haha. Could easily pass as Snow White.



Happy Women's day everyone! Hope you all had a great Saturday filled with flowers, candy and gifts!


Had an interview with a job recruitment firm this morning in Malmö. Kind of long and complicated trip from Trelleborg to Linnegatan in Malmö, but I've handled worse in Sweden. Oh and I had my first Starbucks today, guess I'm not the common white girl after all.

Guess now it's left to wait only. When I reach Trelleborg I'm gonna crash on the couch because I'm tireed.