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It was planned that my parents would come for a visit in April and now plans have totally changed. Instead of them coming to Trelleborg, I'm going home to Estonia on 2nd April and I'm staying there until 13th April. I will go do some photoshoots with Paul, hang out with my puppies and parents, meet my friends and go clubbing. On 13th I'm gonna pack my stuff and go on a road trip with parents and some family friends. We will drive to Berlin and stay there for some days. Will go to zoo and shops and look around, gonna be awesome. And after that my parents will drop my off in Rostock where I will go on a ship back to Trelleborg. Will be carrying a lot of package but luckily Trelleborgshamn is right behind my swedish home. 

Opposite of yesterday, today I wasn't really happy. I don't know why, maybe it was the rainy day that made me sad, so new plans made my day so much brighter and I also ordered a cute top from Nelly. Hope it arrives before my departure. Now I'm gonna cook healthy veggie-dinner for us. 

The top from Nelly HERE

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