Meryl Mägi


Been looking forever for a jacket or something like that in this colour and this pattern and found the ideal one from GinaTricot. I think it fits great on everything. And of course the basic chain necklace. Got that from H&M.


Jumper: H&M, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Hermes, Coat: Orsay, Necklace: H&M, Glasses: H&M


When we were in Rhodes last June we had bacon-roll (baguette with bacon) for breakfast every morning by the hotel pool before tanning or going to beach, so i decided to be nostalgic this morning and make myself a bacon-roll. So good!


Random snaps throughout photostream in my phone.




From top left: lovely house, cool winerack I found and is on top of my wishlist, first snowdrops, black pumps, wine-night, view behind our house, Emporia mall, view behind our house with fog, blue pumps


My rock, and it's hard to get a picture with my rock because he's so damn high up and it's always so funny.


Yesterday we treated ourselves with good and yummy things like caramel latte, coconut and fruit salad. Took forever to open the coconuts and chop the fruits but well worth it.

I might have good news soon, but I can't tell anything unless it's sure, but I really really hope I get there..anyway happy Saturday!