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Some latest examples from my Instagram - left out everything that is already up on blog.

I absolutely love Instagram but ain't so fond of keeping it like a perfect white light or strict schedule album, I just post everything I like no matter what colour pictures I have uploaded before or if the shape matches everything. So as I am a really frequent uploader then it's a really good way to stay updated with what I do and also about new posts on my blog and just to see my stupid selfies, couple-love-pictures and basically evertything that makes me happy.


Timberland boots - you can find them HERE

Got an awesome early Christmas present from mom, a pair of Timber's! She knew I had my eye on those for some time so yesterday she thought I should go and get them as an early present, since it's snowibg elsewhere and winter is behind the corner in Trelleborg too. So sweet! Can't wait to style them in millions of ways!


Fur Jacket - BikBok, Leather Leggings - old, Shoes - DinSko, Sweater - Guess, Sunglasses - MQ

Found this really really warm and fuzzy jacket from BikBok a week ago and now it's my favourite with these cold days. You can just snuggle yourself in it and it looks so adorrable too.


Jacket - Zara, Sweater - Calvin Klein, Skirt - Ginatricot, Scarf - Glitter, Shoes & Stay-up's - Centro (Poland)

Damn it's cold! I heard you guys up north even have snow already. There hasn't been a flake here in the southern part but it feels like it's about to snow any second with this cold. Today's grey day inspired me to be grey myself. Me & J took the pictures with ~ 5 minutes and ran back home haha. But now back to studying, have a relaxing Sunday!


Long post alert!!

The Converse Shelf

The Nike Shelf

Not to forget the ballerinas

Me and J recently started collecting caps, this is the shelf for them. The black one feels kind of squashed haha.

Here in Sweden I have only bags that fit a laptop in for school.

Hey everyone, I got my internet back finally! Just got news that we might move away this December and the first thought was oh nooo I might not have a walk-in closet anymore at the new place not to say i might move into Lund alone without J. :( For a shopaholic girl that has had to squeeze everything into one closet it was a dream come true in this year's January to finally get a closet I can stand in and fit everything. This here is everything I have here in Sweden, rest of my heel-collection and shoes and clothes are in Estonia. Coats and all outerwear is in the hallway and I left out the big closet with underwear, belts, socks, knee-highs, thights etc from the pictures. It's ine the back of the room and also I left out nightgowns, lounge-wear and training clothes. I added some detail-pictures in-between and bsically showed the best about my little closet-room, hope you like it! I know it's pretty full and colourful, in the future when I have a bigger room for clothes, I will organize more. So so hope I will have one..

Well it became a large post, but after hearing that we might move from this perfect and amazing apartment here in Trelleborg, I had to make a post about my long dreamt room just to memorize it here haha. If you see anything on the pictures that you like then don't hesitate and ask me about it in the comments!


Thank you so much Smarteyes for my new cat-eye frames! I love them and I can finally see again in university haha. Never seen brown frames before, loved them immediately after first sight. If it waan't for Smarteyes's beautiful selection, I would've probably chosen square black or red frames again as always. Difference feels good and these cat-eyes compliment my face, so sweet!


Jacket - Zara, Jeans - Dr. Denim, Shoes - Nelly, Scarf - Tie Rack

One of 5 pictures we took before jumping back into the warm car far away from that wind haha. Love all black with a touch of red in Autumn.


Dress & Boots - Nelly, Bracelet - from market in Italy, Headphones - Nokia, Pillow - IKEA, Skull - small shop in Trelleborg

Hey hi helllooo, since we have an amazing weather here in Trelleborg...just kidding it's horrible. We have strong and cold sea wind howling behind the window and gladly I have free days from school and I have stuff to do inside so I don't have to get out in that cold wind, ugh!
So apparently I had to make an outfit post inside and got to try out my another camera that recently joined me here in Sweden. Got the dress and boots both from sale in Nelly, you can imagine my happiness when I saw these Leighton Meester collection boots on sale with my size as a last pair. I thought they were long sold out, yesss! Also there might be inside-posts coming up only because of the disturbing wind.

Anyway, with this party look I'm gonna wish you a great Saturday!


It's getting darker and darker outside and I keep wondering how bloggers who work or study manage to do any outfit posts when duties take your daytime and it gets too dark to take pictures already at 3pm!? What's your secret? I never arrive home on time to do any ootd's. Finally tomorrow is a free day so I'll start in the morning. But don't get me wrong, there's nothing more I love right now than laying on my bed or couch with a soft blanket, cozy clothing, cup of green tea and my series or a movie. I love this pre-Christmas time when you have had it so light outside for so long and now it is being replaced by dark and shimmering lights. Excited about December! And I still have no news about what's gonna happen to us, as if where's J gonna continue playing soccer.


Ever planned something from an early point and then fail at almost everything when the day finally arrives? That was my first GA-ball.. I'm gonna write about it below but first I want to show my make-up and all-over look, but that was one of my fails - bo good pictures. There wasn't a photographer at the ball which i hoped for so glad I took some but really foggy ones with 3 awful cameras at home... So you will have to settle for some bad quality and selfies, makes me really sad but it's something!

And my hair and make-up

And some pictures from where it took place

Dress - TFNC/Asos, you can find it HERE, Shoes - Nelly/ HERE, Earrings - Lindex, Bracelet - Spark/Swarowski, Clutch - Hermés/HERE

Make-up and hair by me.

So as you see I finally didn't get any great pictures from my look or the night but at least it was fun! Added lots of them so you could get at least an idea on how beautiful this dress was. We had a small sitting with our coursemates and then went off to the ball where the line was sooo long but once we got inside it was so great. People were so beautiful, there was different music on both floors and the place was crowded! I had so many things going wrong that night, I won't start complaining here, but yea still sad since I don't go to events like that much and would've loved to get some good quality memories as pictures you know.

As I said the dress was gorgeous! I love simple things with some eye-catching details and of course slits! The back of this dress is my fav part. Make-up was pretty simple smokey-eye with red lips and since I started watching Gossip Girl again then I got inspired to do my hair as a messy ponytail with my hair as a scrunchie haha.



Photo: Paul Meiesaar

Hi! Yesterday was the ball and since I have reading in size of an elephant to do today then I will update about it tomorrow and also add my look here tooo. Have a great Sunday evening!


A really small but detailed sneak peak on my dress I'm going to wear to the student ball this Saturday. I love it but it still needs some matching to do with shoes and accessories. The ball is the GA ball which is the biggest in Scandinavia after the Nobel ball so i'm excited to check that out for the first time. But now back to my reading! Have a great Tuesday guys! ♥


Jacket - Zara/HERE, Top - Gina Tricot/old, Jeans - G-Star/HERE, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1/HERE

So my new basics that I recently bought. It was warm today in Trelleborg so it was my last change to show them together, orherwise the seawind is freezing here. I knew that after my first pair of Nike Air Max there will be a first pair of Nike Air Force's and I've always loved the texture, fit and colour of G-Star jeans so I bought these perfect ones immediately when they finally brought in my lenght. I especially love the different colour inside that shows up when you fold the jeans. Aaand I was sold when I saw the back pattern of that fake leather jacket in Zara.

Saturday J had his last game of the season so when he got back late from his game, we packed up and drove to Lund and stayed the night there. I called my friends and we all went to celebrate a little to a bar named Herkules. We had plenty of fun and in the morning when I drove back, we went through Drive-in at McDonalds and I managed to mess up so many times there and also broke the card machine. I was prettttty tired.


Hi! So a while back I got an amazing letter from Smarteyes which said I can pick whatever pair of glasses from their shop. It was perfect timing since the clumsy-chick managed to break her current glasses just week before. I've been having hard time seeing in lectures without glasses so i am sooo grateful for a new pair and their frames are just so beautiful and stylish! The lady helping me pick from all these frames so helpful.

I'm gonna go through sight-examination Wednesday and then choose the right pair for me. I've had red and black typical square frames for all my life so I figured trying something completely different. I loved the Izabella Scorupco collection and their newest Broome Street collection (with cool wooden-like pair of frames) but I think I might go for Trend Retro cat-eye-looking frames. You can see both black and brown versions on pictures above. What do you think, which of these two should I pick?


Hey! I worked at Mediamarkt for two days and it was both fun and valuable experience. I'm really thankful for the opportunity and new people I met. Today I finally have time after work and home exam so I can live a normal life again. I'm gonna start by cleaning, doing laundry and stopping by ClasOhlson for something for my car. I'll be blogging more now on.