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Jacket - Zara/HERE, Top - Gina Tricot/old, Jeans - G-Star/HERE, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1/HERE

So my new basics that I recently bought. It was warm today in Trelleborg so it was my last change to show them together, orherwise the seawind is freezing here. I knew that after my first pair of Nike Air Max there will be a first pair of Nike Air Force's and I've always loved the texture, fit and colour of G-Star jeans so I bought these perfect ones immediately when they finally brought in my lenght. I especially love the different colour inside that shows up when you fold the jeans. Aaand I was sold when I saw the back pattern of that fake leather jacket in Zara.

Saturday J had his last game of the season so when he got back late from his game, we packed up and drove to Lund and stayed the night there. I called my friends and we all went to celebrate a little to a bar named Herkules. We had plenty of fun and in the morning when I drove back, we went through Drive-in at McDonalds and I managed to mess up so many times there and also broke the card machine. I was prettttty tired.

3 november 2014 19:10 | FASHION |


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