Meryl Mägi


It's getting darker and darker outside and I keep wondering how bloggers who work or study manage to do any outfit posts when duties take your daytime and it gets too dark to take pictures already at 3pm!? What's your secret? I never arrive home on time to do any ootd's. Finally tomorrow is a free day so I'll start in the morning. But don't get me wrong, there's nothing more I love right now than laying on my bed or couch with a soft blanket, cozy clothing, cup of green tea and my series or a movie. I love this pre-Christmas time when you have had it so light outside for so long and now it is being replaced by dark and shimmering lights. Excited about December! And I still have no news about what's gonna happen to us, as if where's J gonna continue playing soccer.

13 november 2014 16:24 | OTHER |


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