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Ever planned something from an early point and then fail at almost everything when the day finally arrives? That was my first GA-ball.. I'm gonna write about it below but first I want to show my make-up and all-over look, but that was one of my fails - bo good pictures. There wasn't a photographer at the ball which i hoped for so glad I took some but really foggy ones with 3 awful cameras at home... So you will have to settle for some bad quality and selfies, makes me really sad but it's something!

And my hair and make-up

And some pictures from where it took place

Dress - TFNC/Asos, you can find it HERE, Shoes - Nelly/ HERE, Earrings - Lindex, Bracelet - Spark/Swarowski, Clutch - Hermés/HERE

Make-up and hair by me.

So as you see I finally didn't get any great pictures from my look or the night but at least it was fun! Added lots of them so you could get at least an idea on how beautiful this dress was. We had a small sitting with our coursemates and then went off to the ball where the line was sooo long but once we got inside it was so great. People were so beautiful, there was different music on both floors and the place was crowded! I had so many things going wrong that night, I won't start complaining here, but yea still sad since I don't go to events like that much and would've loved to get some good quality memories as pictures you know.

As I said the dress was gorgeous! I love simple things with some eye-catching details and of course slits! The back of this dress is my fav part. Make-up was pretty simple smokey-eye with red lips and since I started watching Gossip Girl again then I got inspired to do my hair as a messy ponytail with my hair as a scrunchie haha.


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