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Long post alert!!

The Converse Shelf

The Nike Shelf

Not to forget the ballerinas

Me and J recently started collecting caps, this is the shelf for them. The black one feels kind of squashed haha.

Here in Sweden I have only bags that fit a laptop in for school.

Hey everyone, I got my internet back finally! Just got news that we might move away this December and the first thought was oh nooo I might not have a walk-in closet anymore at the new place not to say i might move into Lund alone without J. :( For a shopaholic girl that has had to squeeze everything into one closet it was a dream come true in this year's January to finally get a closet I can stand in and fit everything. This here is everything I have here in Sweden, rest of my heel-collection and shoes and clothes are in Estonia. Coats and all outerwear is in the hallway and I left out the big closet with underwear, belts, socks, knee-highs, thights etc from the pictures. It's ine the back of the room and also I left out nightgowns, lounge-wear and training clothes. I added some detail-pictures in-between and bsically showed the best about my little closet-room, hope you like it! I know it's pretty full and colourful, in the future when I have a bigger room for clothes, I will organize more. So so hope I will have one..

Well it became a large post, but after hearing that we might move from this perfect and amazing apartment here in Trelleborg, I had to make a post about my long dreamt room just to memorize it here haha. If you see anything on the pictures that you like then don't hesitate and ask me about it in the comments!

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