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Hey! I got an unexpected message and now I'm working in Mediamarkt for 2 days. New exciting thing for me to try, today was awesome but exhausting and hope tomorrow's gonna be more on the first side haha. At least it's not 9 hours like ot was today, uschh.. Anyways, talk to you soon!


Hi everyone! Still working hard on the exam, but tomorrow midnight it will all be over and I can get back to normal life, look normal and blog again. I also got a present recently from Smarteyes that I'm so looking forward to sharing with you soon!

I took a small break from studying yesterday evening though. We went shopping to Emporia in Malmö and then went to see Gone Girl which i absolutely loved. The idea is so brilliant, well at least for me. We both liked it so yes it's a recommendation.

Sorry for the simply awful pictures. It was so dark there haha, but what's a blogpost without pictures right?

To end this post, I want to say that I am truly shocked about what happened today in my small hometown's basic school..this is something I would never have seen coming, especially in our lovely tiny town. I guess you can read it from news pretty soon, even in Sweden. The event really touched me and it's so hard to concentrate on the exam when you are dying to know why and feel so sad because of it.


Hi everyone! I was sent an introduction of a designer from my home-country - Estonia and her contemporary brand named August. I loved the pieces so much and decided to share them with you. August is founded by designer Äli Kargoja (Studio Bercot, Paris) and it's a clothing brand combining natural materials with innovative design. Harmony between comfort, practicality, and style is the main concept behind the design process. Fabric mills are GOTS certified, so the material for clothing is carefully chosen.

I chose some of my favourites from their lookbook to show you. I especially love the high-collar tops and all the simplistic cuts on the pieces. Would be so awesome to combine them with some eye-catching accessories. August is available via online store from December, but you can see all the pieces already from HERE!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Has it been cold enough to make this shoot a throwback thursday on summer? It's the last set of pictures from our shoots with Paul in August and these were just for testing...I later on went for another shirt for the football-shoot. Posted pictures of it here recently. Hope you like the stripy one too, hugs!


Photo: Paul Meiesaar

I've gotten a few questions lately towards following my blog. So I will attach the links here again for all of you.

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I'm so hard-at-work everyday with my home exam, so I'm really sorry for not making any posts frequently. It will again change after the exam. Love to see you still checking in though, thank you so much for that and thank you so much for commenting, I love to read about your opinions! I always take time to answer to all of them at once. :)


Jacket - Zara, Shorts - Levi's, Boots - Nelly

Hi! I got my next home exam assignment and it's 4 long essays on 4 different topics with due of 28th October so I probably will be posting reeeally few posts during that time. Maybe some head-ups and some last pictures from Paul. Sorry but a lot of works need to be done. Oh and the latest exam I had...I got a full maximum on that. It was perfect for the professor, so it was worth putting all my time in that! I'm really proud and try to continue exactly like that.


My very lovely new car - a white Fiat 500. I love it so much and finally gave you some pictures of it haha.


Hi! The reason I was absent from blogging was due my parents visiting me in Sweden. They brought me my new car and we explored Skåne alltogether, watched football and had a really good time these 5 days. I was so happy to see them and finally show them how it is here in Sweden. They loved it here so much that they started planning another visit already haha. Probably in Spring then, but I have no idea yet where I'll be living then.. Anyway it was a super great time and they gave us so many great usedul tips about everything and we did a great deal of shopping also. My mom totally loved Glitter hahah.


Shirt - H&M, Temporary Tattoo - HERE

Hi! Been a long time right? I'm gonna start posting more frequently again, starting with the second post about TTTattoo's temporary tattoos. I wrote about 'em longer before.. In my posts I'm just showing different ways how to wear them so here you have the arm one. Love the text ones so much! The third one will come sometime in near future.

I have been so busy since I had my parents visiting and then I had lots to catch up at university. I think I'm gonna write a post about their visit tomorrow or Monday. Have a great Saturday now!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

T-shirt dress - from some store in Copenhagen, Shoes - Nike AirMax, Sunglasses - MQ, Bracelets - collected from travels, Bandana - Glitter

So another set of pictures from Paul's retro-theme project. Will post his entire blogpost about his shoots later on. Near my home in Viljandi we have this reeaaally old campcar that we used for the pictures. Looks rusty and perfect for this kind of shoot.


THIS is exactly how happy I am right now that my parents will start driving today towards Sweden with my very own super cute car! They will be here by tomorrow's evening and I am so happy I get to see them and show them around Skåne since I have some days off from university. Gonna be so awesome to cruise around with the new car! It's a white Fiat 500, love the little beetle. Now today's task is to get better from my cold and read tons of books. Have a great Thursday!

Photo: Paul Meiesaar


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Shorts - Levi's, Top - old one, Shoes - Converse, Bandana - Glitter, Bracelets - gathered from my travels, Sunglasses - Lindex, Earrings - GinaTricot

So Paul gathered retro-style pictures for his blog and we did an American football shoot, really girly and retro edition. Just lots of running around and posing with the ball, it was fun and I love the edit! Have a happy October! I'm still at home sick though..