Meryl Mägi


I knoow the Adidas/Nike sock trend came to me late, but it takes time for me to like some things. Also discovered the bandana for myself again. Anyway I'm really really sick, had to miss uni today because of the feverish feeling and a terroble cough..hope to be back on my feet tomorrow!


Found another great sale on Nelly (gpsh how I love those) and gave in an order to these lovely things - an off-shoulder lace dress, two open-back casual dresses and fun shorts. Can't wait!


Hello from my bed where I'm planning to stay for the whole day. Yesterday was so fun with the girls visiting me in Trelleborg. We took a stroll around town, went shopping, watched J's game and came all to our place where I made everyone dinner and we had some wine and watched movies until it was late. Super cozy and fun day, hope to have there back here soon!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Some more pictures from the photoshoot I uploaded yesterday. Love the angle of em.

Wellll yeeesss it's so good to relax and do nothing finally, the weather isn't the most perfect one either so good to stay indoors, plus I got my two dresses from Nelly today and totally luv them!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar, you can find his photography blog HERE

Dress - H&M, Shoes - Blink, Bracelet - Spark

I loooove this dress! My mom found it when they visited Poland and brought it to me, thank you so much! And I love the pictures also, Paul never fails me haha! I finally got over with my first home exam, so I had wine and so much sushi to celebrate that and I get to relax finally. Saturday I'm gonna host a great day in Trelleborg for my Lund girls, since they are coming for a visit. We're gonna see J's game also, so exciting.

Hope you like the pictures as much as I do, kisses! xx


Hey! In-between my home exam I'm gonna take a break and talk to you about something I have kept in my mind a few days. I should mention first that this isn't relevant to any of my friends or close people, but rather to strangers.
I've lived in Sweden now for over a year and I've experienced more heart-warming kindness from young men here than anywhere in Estonia all 19 years I lived there. You Swedish girls are lucky (and so am I since my guy has taken over all the positive by living here so long). For example, I took a cruise to Stockholm and was abandoned by my friends who had other stuff to do so this one aquiantance, basically stranger to me, left school to come and pick me up from port and tour Stockholm with me and since then became such a good friend to me. Another example would be Joonas's teammates, who I watched a game with once, and one of them offered to bring me tea from 4 floors below without bringing homself anything and after that he went and got me a blanket also, I didn't ask for anything, he just cared about someone who wasn't necessarily his friend. Oh and the best one I remember now is few days ago. I got on a wrong bus in Lund on Color Run morning and I was already late and the bus drove out of the town. So I asked a guy behind me if this bus stopped anywhere near where I needed to go and he said it will stop in 20 minutes almost near to the station, but still half an hour walk. So He went off the bus and I just sat there sadly knowing that I'm gonna miss the whole Color Run. A few stations later the bus suddebly stopped after one station and the same guy came on and said to the driver "I'm just gonna take this girl off the bus and drive her with my car". I couldn't believe the kindness, he literally followed the bus with his car to take me quickly where I needed to be, just because he felt bad for leaving me on a bus with a situation like that. He didn't care about my name or anything, he just wanted to do good and I got everywhere perfectly on time. Who ever you were, thank you so much for restoring my fate in young men even more!
So 19 years Estonia, never any act of kindness like this, even closely nothing, only from my close friends but from strangers, never. They literally don't help with my overweight luggage on plane, they just stare or laugh at it until I directly ask them to help and lift it up. I actually didn't notice any of it until I started to see how Swedes actually give a damn about someone in some need. Huge respect to you. And it's not that they don't exist as estonians but from me they've been hiding for 19 years basically.


The food was so delicious (didn't take a picture of the dessert - chocolate cake with rasberry jam)

Some random late night dance party was hels just outside our dinner place - so cute!

Hard to describe how fun and outgoing these Göteborg Nation people are, truly amazed and entertained by them. Good job guys with all the videos and wonderful performances!

And of course always a pleasure going to places with my main girl Migles!

Sorry again for the quality of pictures!

So overall you see I had a perfect night at the dinner, everyone looked gorgeous and the dinner was carried out really well. After Novischfest we had a small break and then the Color Run afterparty was held at the same place. It was too crowded but also quite fun. Now I'm looking forward to the GA Balen in November!


My make-up for the Novischfest dinner. Nothing better than a pair of bright pink lips to match a blue dress, right?


Dress - Nelly, Shoes - River Island, Clutch - H&M

So sorry for the quality..

This is what I wore to the Novischfest, which is the really formal three-course-dinner with Göteborgs Nation. Glad I got the whole colour off me after the Color Run though, but unfortunately we were already late to the dinner and totally forgot to bring a better camera with us, oh well. Hope you like the look, decided to add some colour to me which is unusual.


Snaps from Color Run, last picture is from Color Run facebook page.

Oooh what a great day! There was the annual Color Run in Lund, which is basically running 5k while colour is being thrown at you haha. We looked like a mess after finishline and then we partied with everyone one the bog square. So awesome! Gonna go again next year for sure.


Tomorrow is finally the Color Run in Lund! Today we went to gather our starting packet (shirt, running number, color packets etc) at the finish line. The 5km wild run will end by the castle-looking building and I will show you pictures of my fun run few days later. Wish me luck!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

So we were doing a photoshoot when suddenly a woman with a talking parrot appeared and offered her lovely bird on our pictures. Had to keep distance since she said the parrot bites real hard if it feels scared. It was soooo awesome!! The whole time the bird spoke to its owner, so cute. The woman asked the bird for example if its beautiful and the bird answered "Yes I am" (in Estonian of course) so funny, would love to own one!


After water-photoshoot with Liisa and Paul.

Photo: Paul Meiesaar

Until next Friday I am fully busy with my home exam essay which consumes both my time and energy to the max. So I won't be posting often but I will be posting good ones. ;) Also Saturday I am gonna let myself loose and run the annual COLOUR RUN!!! Soooo excited, google or youtube it, it's looks amazing. And after that we're gonna have the annual Novisch dinner with our nation. It's gonna be a 3-course dinner and everyone will be in cocktail dresses and suits, so fancy! And after the dinner it's the Colour Run afterparty with around thousand people. After all the amazing fun is over I will be returning to my really hard work so wish me luck!

Tomorrow is my first important seminar so I'm going to bed early, have a great weekend!



Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up: Liisa Leetma

Hey promised to show you our little waterside photoshoot a while back. So here they are. Liisa did both of our make-up and we thought it would be fun to have freckles on too. It was surprising to see how freckles actually do change your facial features a lot. Everything on my face looked sharper haha.

Wrote a post about Liisa earlier on. If you are interested in seeing her amazing make-up, click HERE.

Well I have tons of work for university to complete so I'm gonna go back to that. Have a great Sunday night!


Oh how I miss the days spent on the lake with our bayliner and nice I got to fully relax, swim in warm lake, spend time with family and lay in the sun before the university. Miss my doggies so much though.

Feeling so grateful for everything and so happy right now cause I just heard that my parents are coming to visit me in Sweden in October and they're bringing me a white Fiat 500!!! I will let you know the measurement of my happiness when I start realizing I have my very own car again haha. Going to university will be so much easier and less stressful. Love my mom and dad!