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Jacket - Zara, Boots - Nelly, Wool Sweater & Necklace - H&M, Bag - Oldie, Sunglasses - Lindex

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

New photos from Paul from the time I was in Estonia arrived yesss! This here as a first is my this Spring's favourite combination - a long dress-sweater with over-knee boots. It looks so chic and the marino wool sweater from H&M really keeps you warm. Definitely go for this look ladies, you will look so effortlessly cute and sexy at the same time! I suggest matching an outfit like that with a leather jacket and a bag that is in strict shape not a soft one. 

On another topic...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much
lately but last week my greatgrandmother died and she was the closest to grandmother I've ever had. She lived until 97 years and was a fierce humorous strong woman, a true motivation for me to live up to. She has lived through so much and had been living on her own until she got sick at 97. I have been really sad and unmotivated lately because of it because school and other things didn't allow me to attend her funeral but I will remember her in my own way and I am so so happy I had a great conversation with her when I was in Estonia lately. She wished me luck and joy in everything I do so it's time to start being myself again and do what I promised her. Blog is a great place to get stuff off your chest, you know?

And another topic...

Tomorrow is Valborgs! As a Lund student I will of course be at the Stadsparken all day and see what the night brings. Can't wait to hold my very first Valbrigs at Sweden!! Will tell you all about it and I'm bringin my camera of course. I'm going with my Development stuides people. It's fun to know that Swedes also celebrate last of April, we do it in Estonia too!

Have a nice celebration you all! Kisses!


Flare Pants - Ginatricot, Leather Jacket - Zara, Top & Hat - H&M, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1, Glasses - Lindex

Flare pants! Something I started to see a lot around blogs and Instagram so i headed to Ginatricot to try them out in grey and I loved the feel of those. So soft, so comfy, so elegant haha but I really wanted them in black so i ordered online. I love the all-black and sneakers look to it, looks casual chic just the way I like it. I suggest everyone to have a pair of flares in their closet both for comfy and formal reasons because I think they fit in every context, the black ones I mean. Grey is
just casual, but both make your legs look long and bottom look nice haha!

Have a nice Sunday ♥


Leather Jacket - Zara, Shoes - Nelly, Jeans - Seppälä, Beige Body - Missguided, Hoops - Ginatricot, Sunglasses - MQ, Wallet - Hermës, Belt - H&M

So as I told in a previous post that I will have a package full of basics coming
up so now it arrived and I will start making posts with them because ghey are gorgeous! I honestly discovered Missguided just recently and I fell in love with the choice there and furthermost with their beige selection. As the package arrived with everything beige (skirt, crop top, bodysuit) I put it on and for a skinny skinny person like me they were perfect fit, tightly around me. So hard to find fitting bodys and long-sleeved blouses when you're skinny but Missguided will be my fav spot from now on.

Took these photos quick today with a relatively bad light but I think they came out pretty good. I'm wearing the bodysuit from Missguided which actually is an open-back one (will show the back with another outfit). It fits great, even so great that my bellybutton's ring shows itself through it hahaha.

I'm pretty tired from today, it was my day off and I went to the gym and really made myself proud there. I had some sort of mega energy inside me and also yesterday when I went running. I've been working out almost everyday now at home, at the gym and running in the forest, feels so good that I felt the need to start working out again. Seeing some results already. ;)

Good night! <3



Latest posts on instagram. I update it basically everyday and notify there first about new blogposts!


Fresh hair from salon

Relaxing by the sea

Few snaps from my relaxing week in Estonia.

Again I feel bad for not taking enough pictures of everything. I already told you in the previous post about what I was up to in Estonia but continuing on from there I drove to my boyfriend's family cottage by the sea to have some quality time there for the two of us and it was suddenly so amazing this time. I've been there before but now I knew how to appreciate every moment. We grilled and went to sauna, ran in the wind on the beach and fooled around just like we used to when we lived together in Sweden. I miss these times so bad you have no idea even how much...but it was so fun and relaxing to be there. When the sun set all you could hear was the wind in the trees and the noisy sea. No other people around, just us by the fireplace. Next day I had dinner again with him and my family and a photoshoot with Paul and day after that I already had to leave again. It wasn't so sad this time because I really didn't get used to being there, but I miss everyone already.
Other photos are just random snaps either from plane, of us or other stuff haha. I really tried my best to find somekind of collection of photos out of my phone and camera. Had so much to do and so much fun that pictures for blog didn't even pop into my mind. But I guess that's more of a good thing!

Off to sleep now, in the morning I have school and I should start thinking on my research proposal probably starting tomorrow. Also I hope to get some packages I ordered with a looooot of basics tomorrow too. Good night! ♥


Fur Jacket & Sweater - Ginatricot, Sneakers - Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Jeans - Seppälä, Sunglasses - Lindex, Fur Bag - Custom made

That is completely my Spring motto - Stressed but well dressed. In Estonia we call it "Spring exhaustion" when some people are really physically and often emotionally tired all the time (some take seasonal change and time change more hardly) and I am one of those people every year. Stressed because of it and because of lots of other things like busy times at school and so, but still well dressed! Spring is finally here and possibilities to dress well are expanded again. Sad it's still so cold in Skåne though...last year at the same timeI was on the balcony in Trelleborg taking sun in my bikini and walked outside in a t-shirt dress..
So there you have another sporty chic look with some fur and sunglasses I found today from Lindex. Really bonded with them.
My weekend plans are however boring and I myself am the one to blame but Valborgs is coming up and I've been fighting a headache all day today after the seminar so wouldn't be a good idea to go out. Started off behind my eyes so after the pills nor coffe helped I went to sleep cause it made me sick even. Woke up with the pain gone to back of my head..something is really off today.


Photos: Paul Meiesaar (his photo-blog HERE)

Dress - Lipsy London, Shoes - old, Earrings - River Island

If anyone still doubted in Paul's talent in everything art-related then I'm sure that incredibly catchy corner in his studio will change their minds for sure. These curtains are something amazing, fell for those immediately! Eventhough it was half-done then we still got some seriously deep and good looking photos out of it with a perfectly blending red dress. He calls it the Hannibal style and I love it! As much as I love my old but gold dress from Lipsy London in that really fierce red colour and straps on the back. Pure love and it never gets old (because you dresses NEVER get old).

So now the following message I have for you will be first in English and then in Estonian since it relates to Estonia.

This year there's held a gala for the best bloggers in Estonia, in all kinds of categories and I am also nominated in two of those called "the best beauty/fashion blog" and "the most stylish blogger". As I am a bit of international by being an Estonian, living in Sweden and writing on Swedish blog site and writing in English and having readers both in Sweden and Baltics, I could really use all of your help. I love galas, I love events like that and I do really want to go and meet all other bloggers I've kept an eye on in Estonia so I would really appreciate your vote in both categories.

The voting site is HERE (unlimited voting possible) and the categories my blog ( is on are in Estonian. The first one is a category named "Parim moe- ja ilublogi on..." (the very first one) and the second is way down and named "Kõige stiilsem blogija on...". Just tick the circle in front of my blog in these two categories and scroll down and click "saada" and it's done! 

Thank you all in advance who take the time to vote! <3


See aasta tunnustatakse Eestis esimest korda blogijaid ja seda igasugustes erinevates kategooriates. Minu blogi on nomineeritud kahe kategooria all nimedega "Parim moe- ja ilublogi" ja "Stiilseim blogija". Mulle ääretult meeldivad igasugused galad, toredad üritused ja ma väga tahaksin tutvuda teiste Eesti blogijatega silmast silma, kellel olen aeg-ajalt siit Rootsist ikka silma peal hoidnud. Seega oleksin väga tänulik oma lugejate häälte üle.

Hääletada saab SIIN (piiramatult) ja minu blogi ( on kohe esimese kategooria "Parim moe- ja ilublogi" all ja veidi all pool "Stiilseim blogija" all. Pärast nende valimist vajutage all "saada" ja ongi kõik!

Tänan juba kõiki ette ära, kes hääletavad/on hääletanud! <3


Bouquet of flowers from my love ♥

It's terrible outside today. Raining like a waterfall and the wind does no good either. I'm staying in today, working on my fore-coming seminar and watching live coverage of my boyfriend's football match tonight. Talking about him I felt the need to show you the flower bouquet he greeted me with when I arrived home to Estonia. It was so big and so so beautiful and smelled like Spring and Summer alltogether, such a wonderful surprise from him after my exhausting trip! The bouquet contained my favourite flowers too (gerberas) and had such a wonderful mix of pastel colours and decorations that I even took pastel coloures outfit photos with the flowers haha! The photos are coming soon so check back soon lovelies!


Jacket - Zara, Jeans - Seppälä, Top - Ginatricot, Shoes - Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Sunglasses - Lindex, Necklace - H&M

Had hard time to make those photos look decent and glad I even got some kind-of-okay ones out of it because the second we stepped out with camera it started raining heavily and the eind wanted to blow me away. Anyway this bomber jacket from Zara is one of my best finds, I love the shiny silver details on it, make it look everything but ordinary.


Jacket - Zara, Top - H&M, Sweatpants - Bik Bok, Boots - Timberland's, Sunglasses - Lindex

Back in Sweden! Arrived really late yesterday and travelled basically whole day and had 2 flights. Trying to get used to school and everything again after this wonderful week home.
J took the photos when we arrived to his summer cottage in the woods, by the sea. We spent a day and a night there relaxing in the sauna, grilling, walking on the shore and just having some alone time. Loved every second of it, we always go there on our breaks. The backround on the balcony is so beautiful and you can imagine the good scent of pines, aah.

The outfit itself is as cosy as our stay
there haha. Matched the same patterns of H&M's top and Bik Bok's sweatpants so it almost looks like a complete set sold together. I really like this look when I feel like being really comfortable but still have something sassy about it. Also found the perfect silver sunglasses from Lindex that I've had been looking for. I'd rather buy cheap sunglasses since I have a tendency to break sunglasses often..oh well.

Since I had a really great break from everything, I didn't blog much, but I hope to be back with tons of photos and talk-posts now. I do have a lot of schoolwork but I will manage it. I was really really happy whrn I checked into my blog during the break since I saw all of you visiting mu blog daily with large numbers. I am really thankful for that! Have a great weekend!


I looove the white chunky heels!! No matter in what style they always look so gorgeous! Make your legs look longer and comfy too, what else do you want from heels? I waited for the pair of two-strap chunkies to be re-stocked in Nelly but then my mom went to Poland, she knew I was waiting for those to be in stock and she found these on the photos from some random store there and I couldn't be
more happy! Can rock these lovelies all summer thanks to her.


Photo: Paul Meiesaar

More of this coming soon.

Hey everyone! As you know I took off time and came home to Estonia to relax fully and see my beloved people and pets. I haven't updated much cause I've been so busy with enjoying myself here for this very short time. I've had wine and dinner nights with my boyfriend and family, went to the beauty salon couple of times, seen my boyfriend's football match where he scored a magnificent 30-meter beauty goal, I also went out with friends, had fun with parents and dogs and today I went to my fav hairdresser (fixed the colour, cut my ends and had curls made) and had so many photoshoots. Tomorrow we're going to Tartu with J to see Fast and Furious 7 everyone's talking about and shop a little with my mum. After that will probably have another photoshoot with the HUGE bucket of flowers my boyfriend brought me when I arrived (pictures of it are in camera so I won't be able to upload it before I'm back in Sweden). Once and again I'm amazed by Paul's photos after today...talent.
On Wednesday we're driving to J's summer cottage by the sea early in the morning to relax, go to sauna and spend quality time, just the two of us.
I'll be back early Thursday morning to pack and spend the last day with everyone at home. Time to fly back to Sweden on Friday already.

So here's a little update on what's been up, because I have no idea when I will have the spare time to blog or upload photos. I'll do my best enjoying home, plenty of time to upload later on in Sweden.

Have a great week everyone! <3



1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE


1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE

Whenever you need something that would stand out in a wedding or a formal event you should seriously go check out . Their dress selection is to die for. So many different cuts and colors and the dresses look like some dreams off the runway.

To start with the brisdesmaids dresses I chose, these ones were to most outstanding for me. I would like bridesmaids in my wedding to have something exciting on because I know my dress will be far from ordinary.
The ones I chose from Aislestyle are the ones I find rather hot-looking or with a cool cut so my bridesmaids would also be really attractive looking. I also tend to like purple when it comes to matching bridesmaids with the white wedding dress, something about that color..

The evening dresses I picked out I would love to have my closet just in case! Ah the lace, the see-through, the cuts...And the black dresses are so simple but so chic. My favourite one is the white one, kind of red-carpet style which is leading right now, but it actually isn't see-through but just looks like it, a lot more comfortable yet the same amount of glamuur!

Aislestyle has also bride dresses, promdresses, cocktail-party dresses and so on and on, huge selection! Go check them out .


Hello from Riga's airport! I woke up at 5, half 6 my housemates dropped me off to Lund C, took the train to Copenhagen airport, took the flight at 8 to to Riga and now I am waiting 2 hours more to catch the flight to Tallinn. Home, finally! It's just a week but my schedule is busy and I will see everyone who I am dying to see - my boyfriend, parents, pets, friends, all of
the best ones! And I have some fun activities planned too both for me and the blog (since my all-time favourite photographer is on my must-see list too). Talk to you soon!


Jeans - Pimkie/old, Shoes - Nelly, Bag, Jacket & Turtleneck - H&M, Sunglasses - Lindex

I'm afraid that I can only update my blog through my Iphone during my week-stay in Estonia since I'm not bringing my Mac along. I don't have a freakin suitcase!! Since when J was moving back to Estonia with his stuff, he took all our hand-luggage suitcases with him and left me his big ugly sportsbag only which is the only thing I can use as hand-luggage here.
Fortunately I can come back with the suitcase but now I'm just not gonna harm my Mac in this soft bag which I might have to squeeze in the baggage frames at the airport...So there you go, an outfit post before I leave to my lovely week-off from school. I'll keep you updated what I'm up to but won't add photos until I'm back in Sweden.

Leaving 5:30 in the morning so I should better get back to packing and other stuff and go to bed real early. Also had an exhausting presentation at school so I'm really tired (hope it's not visible on the photos haha)

Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter everyone!!!