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Coat - Bershka, Sweater - Lindex (coming soon in SS16), Heels - Bikbok (old), Jeans - Dr.Denim, Mobile Case - Marlene Birger

Hiii I'm back! Phew it was crispy cold outside today, but I need to get back to shooting outfits. Here's a look with the gorgeous piece from Lindex I told you about in the last post. I love this wide turtleneck cause it's just perfect for tucking your hair inside and you can close and open the buttons on the side the way you want them. So cool that you can create a split on the sides! The navy colour is perfect but I also liked the light grey version a lot. I matched the sweater with a long coat and pointy heeled boots that are really in right now. Just a hint that you should keep an eye on the pointy ones in stores.

I've had incredibly good time with my family at home. I will post something as soon as I can about my Christmas but schoolwork's due is soon so I have to spend more time on that now. Tonight I'm gonna have a Christmas dinner with my two best girls and then we'll have a fun night out. Sent my J back to Tallinn today too so now I can focus on friends and studying and take care of my pets while my parents are in Poland haha. He's such a good distraction, always so fun!

Have a great weekend! <3


In English: Dracula's tummy is full!

So we visited the Exit Room in Tallinn and hahah apparently got ate by Dracula.. We were locked into a room full of hints and tasks, but since it was just the two of us there were too many things to solve. We got through the first room, thought we had escaped but noo there was another and then the time ran out by the Dracula's coffon and I got super scared when all the lights went out hahaha. We loved it so much, solving mysteries is so interesting for both of us so we're gonna go again to another room. They have such a big choice of different rooms to escape from, so cool! Now we're a bit smarter and more prepared I hope haha. I'm not gonna give out any hints since I think all of you should go try it out. I think every bigger city in each country has one at least.

LINDEX SS16&nbsp;

Lindex SS16

Hey all! I'm finally back at home for the Christmas break and spending 2 days in Tallinn eith J until he has training here. Today I visited Lindex Showroom to check out their new collection for Spring and it was again so so beautiful to look at! I was really happy to see that suede is here to stay and Lindex had just the perfect suede trench and deep blue jeans to match it. I think I finally have to get myself a suede tempted! Also if I were you I'd keep my eyes on all the trench coats and classy pencil coats coming for Spring. The pencil coats have funky details on buttons and the trench coats are perfectly flowy for Spring breeze soon to come. Also the lace pieces seen last year among Lindex's summer collection are back with some new edges and the blueish lace underwear is to die for (also pictured above). The colour choices were mostly classical Lindex, but every collection always manages to surprise me and in a good way!

So what I would definitely go for? Well ALL the sunglasses that I heard hit the store already, the lace cardigan and dress with funky wide skirt-sleeves that are really in recently, the trenchcoats and the silky shirts of course!

Thank you for the invite and the gorgeous piece I am dying to show on blog already! But first it's time to see my family again tomorrow after such long time. Got to spend such a wonderful time with my love today too. We had a lovely lunch at Babyback BBQ and headed shopping until 16 when we went to the Exit Room. I will post about Exit Room tomorrow though. Now it's time to cuddle up for a movie and prepare for tomorrow. Have a great Christmas time everyone and talk to you soon!


Just a quick reminder to you all that I have a competition on my Instagram at the moment where I give away bikini from To Die For Swimwear, a pair of your choice! Competition ends midnight so hurry up!! :)

Instructions can be found in my previous blog post and on my Instagram under the bikini photos. Good luck! ♥

Yesterday I had my oral exam which I passed easily and now all it's left to do is present the social enterprise we created on Monday and packpackpackkk. My flight goes Monday just after the presentations. So I hope you can all understand that I am too too busy to blog about outfits etc. right now but I promise you a looot of fun stuff when I get to Estonia! Stay tuned!

I will stay in Estonia from 21st of December until approximately 18th of January so everyone write me! I will again be both in Viljandi and Tallinn and of course I have two final exams to write during my Christmas break. Uni life it is! nn


Picture from @abandgab


It's Christmas soon and in collaboration with To Die For Swimwear (@todieforswimwear) I am giving away a bikini of your choice from! You can find instruction on my Instagram account (@merylmgi) and here:

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And that's it! Only one entry per person is allowed and the winner will be chosen randomly in 3 days!

Good luck!! <3 


Kohe on käes jõulud ning koostöös suure päevitusriiete brändi To Die For Swimwear'iga (@todieforswimwear) annan ma ühele teist oma valitud paari bikiine nende lehelt Juhendid osalemiseks leiate mu Instagrami kontolt (@merylmgi) ning ka siit:

1) Jälgi Instagrami @merylmgi ning @todieforswimwear
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Ja ongi kõik! Võitja valitakse juba 3 päeva pärast!

Edu kõigile!! <3 


Throwback to this awesome snow in December 2014.

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Oh myyyy look at all the snow on these photos! I remember that night so well. Just day before I came home for Christmas from Sweden and went to take photos at Paul's lovely Christmas scenery in his studio when it started snowing and snowing so heavily that the whole town was covered in thick snow with an hour and so we got white Christmas suddenly! Of course we used this snow to take photos outside too. I was wearing sweatpants and my BikBok fur coat on my way to studio (not such a chic combination for a photo haha) but I think that outfit matched with a white dwarf hat came out looking very cosy. But now..

Been studying for my Friday's oral exam the whole day and looking at this grey autumnish weather outside..not really cheering. After Friday I have to write a small report, put together an enterprise with my group and present it on Monday and then I'm on my flight home and the fun can begin!

And I am really really hoping for a miracle to happen and have that thick snow in my hometown for Christmas!!


nnLace-Up Body & Shoes- Nelly, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Jacket - H&MnnnAs the title says, I can't get enough of lace-up! It was such a nice sunny day here today so I thought I should skip a bit of study time and take some photos with the help of my Finnish Laura. Planned the outfit as something more casual but added heels to it. I am gonna use the backlight more now, was convinced again that this is the best kind of light, especially in the Winter. Yesterday I went to work again, but before that I FINALLY managed to find a matching skirt to my blue Balmain x H&M top from the stores. Oh my it had taken me weeks to find one. I wanted to wear this combination at Christmas Eve and now I finally can thanks to Lindex! I am sooo excitef about Christmas!! Are you too? ♥


Latest photos on my Instagram that I haven't posted on blog.

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Knit - Lindex, Boots - Timberland's, Jeans - oldies, Leather Jacket - Zara

Widely used knit by me, but I love it, it's funky and still fits the snowless Winter we have now.

I know, I know I've been lost again somewhere, but it's for many reasons. First after J left, schoolwork exploded suddenly, I have sooooo much to do until the day I have my flight! Exams, essays, assigments, group assignments, projects and presentations..I'm going insane and yes I have been very very stressed. I read Anna's blogpost about her having slight panic and stress with all the things going on at once so I texted her last evening asking her how she dealt with chaos and she gave me the sweetest ideas and tips how to save the days! So thankful! Also there was a storm in Skåne and basically all Sweden which made it impossible to take any shots outside for blog. So that is why I've been away but decided that today I'm gonna be a good girl and deal with what I love - my blog. You can't allow work to take over your life, you have to do your hobbies and relax and as my mom always says "never take life TOO seriously".

Oh and my flight home from Sweden is on 21st of December and I am staying half time in Viljandi and half in Tallinn, so feel free to contact me because I am available in Estonia for almost a month!

Hope you like the continously autumnisj outfit, which actually today was my ootsd - outfit of the schoolday haha! Talk to you soon loves! <3


Faux Fur - H&M x Balmain, Leggings - oldies, Boots - oldies from Skopunkten, Sweater - Guess

This is again more of my everyday outfit. The faux fur jacket by H&M x Balmain is absolutely my best jacket this Winter. Like a soft snuggle-ball haha!

Just realized today that December is gonna be CRAZY at uni. Suddenly everything from my 3 courses pile up plus exam period is not far away. Can't wait for Christmas already so I can take a few days off studying..yes we even have to write stuff on Christmas vacation, but oh well..back to reading! Have a lovely Christmas month! <3


Jällegi mu üks veidi igapäevasem outfit. Karvane jakk H&M x Balmaini kollektsioonist on mu lemmik jakk sel talvel. Nagu pehme kaisupall haha!

Sain täna teada, et detsember ülikoolis saab olema hullluuuumeeelne. Kõik ülesanded mu 3st kursusest langevad üksteise otsa terve kuu vältel ning eksamiperiood pole ka kaugel. Ei jõua jõule ära oodata, kui saab korraks pausi õppimisest võtta, sest jah..nad annavad meile asju kirjutada ka jõuluvaheajaks. Aga mis seal ikka, tagasi lugema!
Vahvat jõulukiid teile kõigile! <3


Some old and some new snaps.

Took my J to airport today, had my fun but now it's time to set uni first again. Can't wait to see him again on Christmas! Yesterday we went to see a movie named Legend, but as silly as I am, I looked up the wrong cinema and we had no time to reach the other one in Malmö so we drove to Lund to see the movie there one and a half hoir later haha! Liked the movie though, it was so different, I don't know how to explain.

Now back to cleaning and studying. Have a good one! <3


Mõned vanemad ja uuemad 'snapid' kaamerast.

Viisin täna Joonase lennujaama, oli väga vahva arg, aga on aeg ülikool esimeseks seada jälle. Ei jõua muidugi ära oodata kuni teda jõuludel jälle näeb! Läksime eile kinno vaatama filmi nimega Legend, aga ma totu vaatasin meile vale kino välja ja kuna meil polnud enam arga et jõuda tipptunnil teise Malmö kinno siis pidime sõitma Lundi, et seda filmi vaadata pooleteist tunni pärast haha! Film ise oli väga huvitav, väga kuidagi teistsugune.

Nüüd tagasi koristamise ja ópingute juurde. Kõike toredat! <3