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Knit - Lindex, Boots - Timberland's, Jeans - oldies, Leather Jacket - Zara

Widely used knit by me, but I love it, it's funky and still fits the snowless Winter we have now.

I know, I know I've been lost again somewhere, but it's for many reasons. First after J left, schoolwork exploded suddenly, I have sooooo much to do until the day I have my flight! Exams, essays, assigments, group assignments, projects and presentations..I'm going insane and yes I have been very very stressed. I read Anna's blogpost about her having slight panic and stress with all the things going on at once so I texted her last evening asking her how she dealt with chaos and she gave me the sweetest ideas and tips how to save the days! So thankful! Also there was a storm in Skåne and basically all Sweden which made it impossible to take any shots outside for blog. So that is why I've been away but decided that today I'm gonna be a good girl and deal with what I love - my blog. You can't allow work to take over your life, you have to do your hobbies and relax and as my mom always says "never take life TOO seriously".

Oh and my flight home from Sweden is on 21st of December and I am staying half time in Viljandi and half in Tallinn, so feel free to contact me because I am available in Estonia for almost a month!

Hope you like the continously autumnisj outfit, which actually today was my ootsd - outfit of the schoolday haha! Talk to you soon loves! <3

9 december 2015 21:13 | FASHION |


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