Meryl Mägi


In English: Dracula's tummy is full!

So we visited the Exit Room in Tallinn and hahah apparently got ate by Dracula.. We were locked into a room full of hints and tasks, but since it was just the two of us there were too many things to solve. We got through the first room, thought we had escaped but noo there was another and then the time ran out by the Dracula's coffon and I got super scared when all the lights went out hahaha. We loved it so much, solving mysteries is so interesting for both of us so we're gonna go again to another room. They have such a big choice of different rooms to escape from, so cool! Now we're a bit smarter and more prepared I hope haha. I'm not gonna give out any hints since I think all of you should go try it out. I think every bigger city in each country has one at least.

26 december 2015 14:00 | OTHER |


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