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Just a quick reminder to you all that I have a competition on my Instagram at the moment where I give away bikini from To Die For Swimwear, a pair of your choice! Competition ends midnight so hurry up!! :)

Instructions can be found in my previous blog post and on my Instagram under the bikini photos. Good luck! ♥

Yesterday I had my oral exam which I passed easily and now all it's left to do is present the social enterprise we created on Monday and packpackpackkk. My flight goes Monday just after the presentations. So I hope you can all understand that I am too too busy to blog about outfits etc. right now but I promise you a looot of fun stuff when I get to Estonia! Stay tuned!

I will stay in Estonia from 21st of December until approximately 18th of January so everyone write me! I will again be both in Viljandi and Tallinn and of course I have two final exams to write during my Christmas break. Uni life it is! nn

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