Meryl Mägi


Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up: Liisa Leetma

Phewww so again, something very different into this blog hehe. Again with my goddess Liisa and a bit her way - looking like some tough fashionable-punk-rock girls. I kinda like this look although I'm more of the sweet and soft look kind of girl. The one wearing pastels and holding puppies haha! But I think they came out pretty good. The best picture of this shoot is uploaded a few posts back. Hope you like this kind of diversity in my blog, more outfits are also coming up in just near days. Have a lot of styles and plans for you, but unfortunately I have to fit it all in with my another strict schedule of writing an essay and studying for the final exam. I'n so tired of these tasks piling up but that's university for you. Stay
strong Meryl!

Hope you're having a pleasant weekend!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up: Liisa Leetma

Sorry for the long post but I love those pictures too much and with my doggies on them it's hard to leave something out haha. These are two of my three dogs, younger ones cause the old lady is too relaxed at home to go anywhere. Aaand I'm on the
pictures with the beautiful Liisa. These pictures made me miss my dogs so much..I will fortunately see them in April so it's just a month left to wait. Hope you like the cute photos!


Had a fun night out in Lund's Bollhuset playing bowling with friends. It was really great since it's been ages since I last played bowling haha. Wasn't good at it either, can't brag although I got some strikes which is nice. I' so tired and off to bed now. Thanks for the fun evening buddies!



Dressed in blue, black and white like Estonia's national flag today because it's Estonia's birthday! Happy birthday my amazingly beautiful, small but strong and talented home-country! Sending lots of love from Sweden and will be watching the President's speech and celebrations via Internet tonight. See you again in April my lovely home!







1st picture: Sweater - Noisy May/Nelly/HERE
                  Pumps - Nelly/HERE
                  Sunglasses - Lindex
                  Hat - a gift from Paul's studio
2nd picture: Dress - IvyRevel/HERE
3rd picture: Top - Nelly/HERE
                  Skirt - Nelly/HERE
                  Blush - Chanel
                  Clutch - Custom made (there are similar in River Island)
4th picture: Sunglasses - GinaTricot
                  Pumps - Deichmann
                  High neck top - H&M
                  Nailpolish - Nails inc
5th picture: Lipstick - Isadora
                  Pink wool coat - BikBok (on sale now!)
                  Furry pink jacket - GinaTricot
6th picture: Boots - Nelly/HERE
                  Fragrance - Chanel no 5
                  Pearl Necklace - Glitter

What my Spring and blog will consist of and what's new in my closet. These things are IN this Spring more and less and I love every bit of it! All blogs are gonna look fantastic probably! Hope you like this kind of table-outfit-pictures. On ugly rainy days like today I'm gonna do this kind of photos. I'll certainly have a vol.2 for this Spring fashion post since there's still so much more to it. 

Just arrived from school, gonna take a little nap and read and read and read.. Have a great start of the week! <3


Matching the interior. Just love my cute car. Found out today that they make "eyelashes" for Fiat 500's haha, people are creative and it actually looked really good.


Dress - IvyRevel/HERE (on sale!), Fur Coat - BikBok (on sale!), Tights - Calzedonia, Sunglasses - MQ, Shoes - DinSko

What a beautiful day it was today! Sun was out, felt like Spring and that brought such a happy mood with it. Although I wouldn't say it was great to take photos with this quite heavy wind... I ordered this Dual dress a while back from IvyRevel and figured I will have one of the last "winterish" outfits with it and then comes a spring outfit with it and a summer one cause I just adore this simple but so fashionable dress! It's so comfy and the sharp contrasts make it look so cool. Sad that they didn't have size 32 anymore, would've been even better, but 34 looks just fine on me too.

Face seems a bit sleepy after the tough weekend of studying, exam and very early wake-up times haha. Will get over it now.


9th of February:

Started the day with coffee after achool with Elise (suspected nothing at all).
And then this happened...I was told that I broke some rose bush with my car when i parked it in my friend's house yard until I was in Estonia and the landlord wants to speak with me, I was pretty surprised but decided oh well let's talk then and when I opened the door with my a-bit-scared-face, my fellow students jumped to me shouding SURPRISE!!!! Aaah I got so scared that my hands were shaking even after 10 minutes! They had planned a surprise party for me with Migle leading it all. Ooh how adorrable it was of them and I had absolutely no clue hahah! I was just wondering why no one really said happy birthday to me in lecture hahaha. I love surprises but that was over the top wonderful of them. I had such a boring birthday day planned for myself otherwise so you can imagine my face hurt after smiling the whole day!

I was lifted up 21 times the Estonian way. Only Baltic girls and a Polish girl understood when Migle said "let's lift her up with the chair 21 times" that was so scary though..

Super adorrable gifts.

With the girl who planned this all. Love you Migle!

We had cake, played some fun group games, sang karaoke and danced, did some crazy stuff with the room filled with balloons and made a lot of pictures. I loved the food, the decorations, my fav swedish cake and the amazing people and everything. Thanks for making my 21st much funner than it was planned to be!

So after the surprise party me and Migle and Elise went on to Dalby to have a small "sittning" at my place together with my two lovely housemates. We stayed up until 1am having some weird German powder-shots (on picture), eating snacks and talking about everything. Loved the night also! Ah such a good but also quite peaceful 21st. As I hate planning birthdays then it was super great for me. And all the birthday wishes coming from far away were also total mood-lifters! Thank you
all! And thank you mom and dad, Joonas and girls for all the lovely gifts!



My favs! Adorrable "wooden" frames!

So in Saturday I attended the Smarteyes-event for introducing their beautiful new Elements Collection. We also had nice brunch there and I adorres the wooden frames the most. Since my eyesight is so so bad and I'm still too afraid to have the surgery, then I thought it would be super fun to own like at least 5 absolutely different colour and shape frames to choose from to outfits and school, right? I'm seriously gonna think about buying some more glasses for schoolwear now...

Anyways we attended the event in Trelleborg with Laura (yea I know, I can't get away from my favourite small town) and I introduced her to the town,
eventhough it was raining and ruined
the mood, but we had fun. I haven't been to my blog long because I just did my super-difficult exam on Friday which I studied for a long time and after that i just needed to 100% rest and clear my head, but now normal routine is back and blog will be full of updates! Oh and the exam went very well thanks to strict and even painful studying night and day. I'm happy for
myself, deserved a full rest weekend and I hope I will get a high grade for it.


Oh getting used to these exam periods basically every second week is hard. Coming from a whole other backround of education it's pretty hard to adapt, but I guess that is what first year of university in Swedish uni has to be, adapting and living into all this. So I've been sitting here studying for a first in-class exam for many days now and will until Friday. Then I'm free from all this for some days, ugh I'm so gonna empty my head from everything for a weekend. Friday new people will move into the room downstairs and Saturday I will pay a visit to Trelleborg again for the event of Smarteyes's new collection premiere. Always loved their style in designing glasses, never boring, so it's gonna be pretty interesting.

Alright back to the articles, have a great week! <3


Scarf - Ginatricot/ HERE, Shoes - Nelly, Jeans - G-Star Raw, Handbag - Zara, Coat - Orsay, Sweater - Guess

I was in Malmö at Emporia for 5 minutes to pick up the Princess Cake for my birthday and when I looked behind I saw this huge scarf in Ginatricot with this perfect light grey shade, haha sounds like the movie I'm about to go watch. So I went inside and tried it on, it was so warm and gebtly soft and cheap that yes I had to buy it. It will keep me warm and hopefully healthy during this dangerous Spring-time. I always grt cold and I had no scarves left after the
moving so yea that was necessary. It's like a huge carpet haha, I love them wide and long so you can wear them in so many ways. Surething I'm gonna do some more outfit posts with it!

Now I'm gonna get ready for a cinema night with girls. Hope you're having a great Valentine's Day!! ♥


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

I've been having the same Valentine for 3 years now and it still feels exactly the same with him. I love Valentine's Day, I think it's sweet to have a day for appreciating close ones, friends and lovers around you although you should do that everyday, but it's a good reminder and great timing for all kinds of courageous feeling-pops and sweet acts. I hope you are all happy on this day and girls, Valentine's Day should never be sad, be with your friend and family if you don't have a loved one and remember to not go hard looking for love, love will find you so unexpectedly one day that it will sweep off your feet!

For example, I met my love by accidentally waving at a wrong person at a party in my hometown and that 'wrong person' turned out to be so sweet and amazing, spent all night talking to him until I left for home and he left for home to get ready for going to LA for a football match and from there back to Sweden. He left me his beanie though, saying that he will be back in June and wants it back so he could see me again. So we talked almost everyday for 4 months, sometimes 7 hours straight in Skype, we were just not admitting this huge attraction and a bit of love even because we hadn't seen each other since meeting in February. So in May before we even had seen, we agreed that we should be together and then came June and he came back to our hometown (I was still in high school and couldn't travel to him). At first it was awkward silence in my car, devastating silence but after he kissed me later on everything changed, we just couldn't shut up or keep hands off of each other. I was so in love and still am, he is the best waving accident ever and best thing that has happened to me. He still makes me feel like the summer we first spent together.

So you see, this thing needs patience, sometimes a lot of waiting and previously failed relationships and you need to be 100% sure. So sure that nothing can change your mind about him and you only see him as the one target. Never settle for less. Until then enjoy yourself, your hobbies, work hard for your goals and don't bother your pretty head with guys, love comes when it comes!

Valentine's is not only for lovers but appreciating all people you love right now, never feel lonely on this beautiful day! I am always open in my comment section too if you need to get something off your heart or need some advice.

I don't spend Valentine's with my love this year because he's right across the sea and we probably won't see before April. So I'm just gonna study, blog, have a great time with my housemates and then off to Lund to see 50 Shades of Grey haha, feel like a single girl on Valentine's like this but I will be with my single girlfriends, gonna be fun with them! Although I still wish i could be by the sea with him like this again.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ♥


1. Top - HERE, Skirt - HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE   7. Top - HERE, Skirt - HERE 

Aaah the sets!! Something classy that has been here since always, but only now taken limitless merits in style, fabric, pattern, print and cuts. I love them all, I love them with long pants, shorts, long sleeves, crop tops, skirts..they are all so gorgeous when they match perfectly. I ordered the lavendel pair on the picture and now I cannot wait or Spring. Also craving for the white really feminine set and the last one from IvyRevel, it's simply amazing! I also think the really colourful prints are awesome..what's the point of this yadayada, they are all awesome! Not to mention you can wear the pieces with different things and put together so many outfits, yea they are definitely worth the invest since they suit eevrywhere - work, school, parties, you name it. Best of Spring fashion for sure!

Oh and if anyone wonders about the lavendel set then it fits perfectly in chosen size, the colour is more gorgeous in real life and makes you look tan and overall it's a sure go if you want an awesome set for Spring. 

HANDS UP, I\'M 21!

Yesterday I turned 21, yaaay!!

As you can read from the last post I didn't have any big plans for the day and just went to school in the morning, after school was over my girls tricked me into believing some lies and I ended up in a cafe with Elise. Then she said we're gonna pick up Migle and we're gonna go to my place in Dalby but then ahe said that I should park my car and we should go wait for her inside, with some more lying they trivked me into going this one room alone and when I opened the door quarter of my class jumped to me screaming SURPRISE!! It was a surprise birthday party for me with almost everyone I know in class! This was so awesome, all organized by Migle and with the help from others, they are just such sweethearts. There was good food, princess cake, games, room full of balloons and creative fun people. We also sang karaoke, danced and had a lot of chitchat, oh I loved it!! Such a memorable birthday! I will show pictures of it when I get them. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and for coming!

After that me and Migle and Elise came here to Dalby and met my housemates and we had a lovely wine and snacks night here alltogether with lots of fun chitchat. I am so lucky to have friends like that here in Lund and housemates so fantastic and sweet! I can say I never expected any of this and that males it so much more exciting and special. Oh I loved my 21st birthday so much, gonna remember it thanks to all the great people I know here in Lund! You're the best! <3

And thank you everyone who called, texted, wrote me on facebook and so on. Thank you for your kind words, fun pictures and lovely wishes! I know it's gonna be a great year from now. Also thank you parents, friends and Joonas for adorrable presents!

I actually got sick today with a small fever and runny nose so I'll better go back to relaxing and warm tea. Also couldn't update the blog yesterday with all that rush going on!


Last day 20!!

Oh what a year it has been! Lot has happened and I feel that I've grown up so much with that one year.

Tomorrow i'm gonna wake up early, go to school, get some coffee with my friends at a cafe and then we're gonna come here to Dalby to have some cake. Then they will go and in the evening I'm gonna have a small party with my housemates. It's a small celebration but what are you gonna do when you celebrate it away from home and most beloved ones. I am happy I have such great friends here in Lund with that short period of time! I'm gonna enjoy tomorrow definitely and welcome 21 with open arms!