Meryl Mägi


Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up: Liisa Leetma

Phewww so again, something very different into this blog hehe. Again with my goddess Liisa and a bit her way - looking like some tough fashionable-punk-rock girls. I kinda like this look although I'm more of the sweet and soft look kind of girl. The one wearing pastels and holding puppies haha! But I think they came out pretty good. The best picture of this shoot is uploaded a few posts back. Hope you like this kind of diversity in my blog, more outfits are also coming up in just near days. Have a lot of styles and plans for you, but unfortunately I have to fit it all in with my another strict schedule of writing an essay and studying for the final exam. I'n so tired of these tasks piling up but that's university for you. Stay
strong Meryl!

Hope you're having a pleasant weekend!

28 februari 2015 19:37 | OTHER |


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