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HANDS UP, I\'M 21!

Yesterday I turned 21, yaaay!!

As you can read from the last post I didn't have any big plans for the day and just went to school in the morning, after school was over my girls tricked me into believing some lies and I ended up in a cafe with Elise. Then she said we're gonna pick up Migle and we're gonna go to my place in Dalby but then ahe said that I should park my car and we should go wait for her inside, with some more lying they trivked me into going this one room alone and when I opened the door quarter of my class jumped to me screaming SURPRISE!! It was a surprise birthday party for me with almost everyone I know in class! This was so awesome, all organized by Migle and with the help from others, they are just such sweethearts. There was good food, princess cake, games, room full of balloons and creative fun people. We also sang karaoke, danced and had a lot of chitchat, oh I loved it!! Such a memorable birthday! I will show pictures of it when I get them. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and for coming!

After that me and Migle and Elise came here to Dalby and met my housemates and we had a lovely wine and snacks night here alltogether with lots of fun chitchat. I am so lucky to have friends like that here in Lund and housemates so fantastic and sweet! I can say I never expected any of this and that males it so much more exciting and special. Oh I loved my 21st birthday so much, gonna remember it thanks to all the great people I know here in Lund! You're the best! <3

And thank you everyone who called, texted, wrote me on facebook and so on. Thank you for your kind words, fun pictures and lovely wishes! I know it's gonna be a great year from now. Also thank you parents, friends and Joonas for adorrable presents!

I actually got sick today with a small fever and runny nose so I'll better go back to relaxing and warm tea. Also couldn't update the blog yesterday with all that rush going on!

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