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Dress - IvyRevel/HERE (on sale!), Fur Coat - BikBok (on sale!), Tights - Calzedonia, Sunglasses - MQ, Shoes - DinSko

What a beautiful day it was today! Sun was out, felt like Spring and that brought such a happy mood with it. Although I wouldn't say it was great to take photos with this quite heavy wind... I ordered this Dual dress a while back from IvyRevel and figured I will have one of the last "winterish" outfits with it and then comes a spring outfit with it and a summer one cause I just adore this simple but so fashionable dress! It's so comfy and the sharp contrasts make it look so cool. Sad that they didn't have size 32 anymore, would've been even better, but 34 looks just fine on me too.

Face seems a bit sleepy after the tough weekend of studying, exam and very early wake-up times haha. Will get over it now.

22 februari 2015 19:30 | FASHION |


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