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9th of February:

Started the day with coffee after achool with Elise (suspected nothing at all).
And then this happened...I was told that I broke some rose bush with my car when i parked it in my friend's house yard until I was in Estonia and the landlord wants to speak with me, I was pretty surprised but decided oh well let's talk then and when I opened the door with my a-bit-scared-face, my fellow students jumped to me shouding SURPRISE!!!! Aaah I got so scared that my hands were shaking even after 10 minutes! They had planned a surprise party for me with Migle leading it all. Ooh how adorrable it was of them and I had absolutely no clue hahah! I was just wondering why no one really said happy birthday to me in lecture hahaha. I love surprises but that was over the top wonderful of them. I had such a boring birthday day planned for myself otherwise so you can imagine my face hurt after smiling the whole day!

I was lifted up 21 times the Estonian way. Only Baltic girls and a Polish girl understood when Migle said "let's lift her up with the chair 21 times" that was so scary though..

Super adorrable gifts.

With the girl who planned this all. Love you Migle!

We had cake, played some fun group games, sang karaoke and danced, did some crazy stuff with the room filled with balloons and made a lot of pictures. I loved the food, the decorations, my fav swedish cake and the amazing people and everything. Thanks for making my 21st much funner than it was planned to be!

So after the surprise party me and Migle and Elise went on to Dalby to have a small "sittning" at my place together with my two lovely housemates. We stayed up until 1am having some weird German powder-shots (on picture), eating snacks and talking about everything. Loved the night also! Ah such a good but also quite peaceful 21st. As I hate planning birthdays then it was super great for me. And all the birthday wishes coming from far away were also total mood-lifters! Thank you
all! And thank you mom and dad, Joonas and girls for all the lovely gifts!


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