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I've been having the same Valentine for 3 years now and it still feels exactly the same with him. I love Valentine's Day, I think it's sweet to have a day for appreciating close ones, friends and lovers around you although you should do that everyday, but it's a good reminder and great timing for all kinds of courageous feeling-pops and sweet acts. I hope you are all happy on this day and girls, Valentine's Day should never be sad, be with your friend and family if you don't have a loved one and remember to not go hard looking for love, love will find you so unexpectedly one day that it will sweep off your feet!

For example, I met my love by accidentally waving at a wrong person at a party in my hometown and that 'wrong person' turned out to be so sweet and amazing, spent all night talking to him until I left for home and he left for home to get ready for going to LA for a football match and from there back to Sweden. He left me his beanie though, saying that he will be back in June and wants it back so he could see me again. So we talked almost everyday for 4 months, sometimes 7 hours straight in Skype, we were just not admitting this huge attraction and a bit of love even because we hadn't seen each other since meeting in February. So in May before we even had seen, we agreed that we should be together and then came June and he came back to our hometown (I was still in high school and couldn't travel to him). At first it was awkward silence in my car, devastating silence but after he kissed me later on everything changed, we just couldn't shut up or keep hands off of each other. I was so in love and still am, he is the best waving accident ever and best thing that has happened to me. He still makes me feel like the summer we first spent together.

So you see, this thing needs patience, sometimes a lot of waiting and previously failed relationships and you need to be 100% sure. So sure that nothing can change your mind about him and you only see him as the one target. Never settle for less. Until then enjoy yourself, your hobbies, work hard for your goals and don't bother your pretty head with guys, love comes when it comes!

Valentine's is not only for lovers but appreciating all people you love right now, never feel lonely on this beautiful day! I am always open in my comment section too if you need to get something off your heart or need some advice.

I don't spend Valentine's with my love this year because he's right across the sea and we probably won't see before April. So I'm just gonna study, blog, have a great time with my housemates and then off to Lund to see 50 Shades of Grey haha, feel like a single girl on Valentine's like this but I will be with my single girlfriends, gonna be fun with them! Although I still wish i could be by the sea with him like this again.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ♥

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