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My favs! Adorrable "wooden" frames!

So in Saturday I attended the Smarteyes-event for introducing their beautiful new Elements Collection. We also had nice brunch there and I adorres the wooden frames the most. Since my eyesight is so so bad and I'm still too afraid to have the surgery, then I thought it would be super fun to own like at least 5 absolutely different colour and shape frames to choose from to outfits and school, right? I'm seriously gonna think about buying some more glasses for schoolwear now...

Anyways we attended the event in Trelleborg with Laura (yea I know, I can't get away from my favourite small town) and I introduced her to the town,
eventhough it was raining and ruined
the mood, but we had fun. I haven't been to my blog long because I just did my super-difficult exam on Friday which I studied for a long time and after that i just needed to 100% rest and clear my head, but now normal routine is back and blog will be full of updates! Oh and the exam went very well thanks to strict and even painful studying night and day. I'm happy for
myself, deserved a full rest weekend and I hope I will get a high grade for it.

22 februari 2015 18:01 | BEAUTY |


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