Meryl Mägi


1. Top - HERE, Skirt - HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE   4. HERE   5. HERE   6. HERE   7. Top - HERE, Skirt - HERE 

Aaah the sets!! Something classy that has been here since always, but only now taken limitless merits in style, fabric, pattern, print and cuts. I love them all, I love them with long pants, shorts, long sleeves, crop tops, skirts..they are all so gorgeous when they match perfectly. I ordered the lavendel pair on the picture and now I cannot wait or Spring. Also craving for the white really feminine set and the last one from IvyRevel, it's simply amazing! I also think the really colourful prints are awesome..what's the point of this yadayada, they are all awesome! Not to mention you can wear the pieces with different things and put together so many outfits, yea they are definitely worth the invest since they suit eevrywhere - work, school, parties, you name it. Best of Spring fashion for sure!

Oh and if anyone wonders about the lavendel set then it fits perfectly in chosen size, the colour is more gorgeous in real life and makes you look tan and overall it's a sure go if you want an awesome set for Spring. 

13 februari 2015 14:43 | FASHION |


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