Meryl Mägi


Today me and my housemate went to get my last boxes from Trelleborg. When i was walking up the stairs towards my last apartment my legs were shivering. Now I know what a bleeding heart feels like. It felt so warm and close to heart to be there although i longer lived there, ugh can't describe it, it was really sad for me.
So I introduced Skåne a bit to my housemate. Showed her the nature here, Emporia shopping mall where I picked up some cakes for tomorrow and also Trelleborg's town. We had a lovely but long day. It would be better not to go back in that apartment hall ever again, just for my own good mood's sake.
Now I'm gonna clean up my room and the rest of the house and start studying.


Miss my three little doggies and my tiny hamster so so much. As a huge animal-lover, being away from all four without being able to snuggle them or see them is so god damn hard. Feel like going to an animal store to buy another one just because it's hard to be without any of them really close by. That's why we also bought the hamster in Trelleborg, none of us could be without a cutie anymore and some extra furry company to cheer you up when sad or feeling lonely.I will see them in summer so I hope the time
passes quick!
So enough of midnight thoughts..tomorrow i have to go to Trelleborg to pick up some last stuff and I will introduce the lovely town to my housemate who hasn't been
anywhere outside of Lund and Dalby in
Sweden. Then I will pick up some cakes from Emporia for Monday because tomorrow will be my last day as a 20 year-old and I will be 21 on Monday wohoo birthday!!


Coat - BikBok, Bag - custom made, Trousers - H&M, Sneakers - Nike Air Force 1, Shirt - Ginatricot

So Sabine my new housemate took my outfit photos today, thanks girl! I bougjt this coat a few days ago from a sale in BikBok, it was only 299kr!!! So happy I found it, it's perfect for pastel-filled spring and I love the wide oversized cut on it. So hope you like a more casual look in-between thise studio photos i've been uploading lately. Lots of love!


Yankees Cap - Fanatics/ HERE, Dress - Nelly/ HERE, Bomber Jacket - Wood Wood, Nelly/ HERE, Shoes - Nelly/ HERE, Boy Bag - Chanel, Lipstick - Isadora/ HERE

An enormous sports apparel online store introduced me to an idea of making a collage outfit using one of their baseball caps. As I absolutely love baseball caps and wearing them with whatever suits, I had to take up the challenge. So I put together this look of sport glam, where I matched two styles, the lady-like style (low front dress and heels) with a sporty cap from Fanatics home page and a college-inspired bomber jacket. I would wear that outfit to pieces. Also I chose this cap particularly because I adore grey caps with a touch of colour and the thought of adding red lipstick to match it made me wanna order it as soon as possible! Oh the possibilities with that combo! And I've always liked the Yankees symbol on caps the most, have all my caps with that. 
I think it's really easy and awesome to mix styles now. Since people are wearing sneakers to everything for a long time already, then it's not wrong to match a cap to any outfit too. Just look for the colours that match you and suit to your outfit and put that cap on on that hot summer day. Yes even with a blazer it will look absolutely great, or a matching set and as you see the opposites attract on my collage too. 

You can also check out Fanatics varied selection of caps HERE. They have sports wear to almost all of you sports fans, baseball, soccer, just name it. Choose a clothing piece from your favourite team and make that game day outfit pop out of the rest.



Photo: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up: Make-up artist Liisa Leetma

So a little sneak peak photo of our another awesome photoshoot with Paul and Liisa. Absolutely love to be photographed with her, a stunning girl and also Paul never fails to take and edit an amazing photo. More of this and some other shots coming up soon on blog so stay tuned lovelies!

Today I had a day off from school so I just used it for dealing with stuff I didn't manage to deal with before ( for work, school, blog) and I also pampered myself with all kinds of treatments and beauty stuff and now I feel so fresh again. Beauty does give you energy! So I have an early schoolday and lots to do in Lund tomorrow so I'm gonna hit the bed right away.

Have a great weekend everybody! ♥


Photos are for the Estonian online store of Motion. You can find all the photos of me and their beautiful dresses on their website by clicking HERE

Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Make-up by make-up artist Liisa Leetma
Model: me

So a while back a store in my hometown named Motion contacted me to take the photos with their new dresses. Since I love this kind of projects and so-to-say modelling so much I agreed immediately. I uploaded some of them because a wide range of pictures are uploaded on the store's website anyway. Be sure to go check their clothes out HEREThey ship these dresses we photographed and lots of other beautiful clothing pieces with such small price, love it! And for Estonians, especially those living in Viljandi, go check their store out on the first floor of Mainori Keskus! 
I absolutely love all the dresses I could take pictures with. I especially adore the colourful flower dress, cause I think it's so cool if it's worn with leather jacket and boots like those on my photo or knee-high ones. I think I should upload a wide range of flower dresses when spring is near and online stores bloom literally. 

Hope you like the results of our small project! Kisses! <3


So the best person in this world for me turned 23 yesterday. And I decided my blog is the best place to give a little speech about him after his birthday cause I just admire him too much not to share it, just only for his birthday is reason enough.

Happy birthday baby!

First of all he's hot. He is so hot I that when I see his picture I want to put on Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" and sing the lyrics like "you're too hot (hot damn)". I never gave in thought about what my future ideal boyfriend would be. I knew I wanted to date a footballer in the future, I already knew it when ai was 12 haha. Well that part became true and I am sincerely thankful for that since I love football so much. But then when I met him, started dating him, I realized that okay him being a footballer attracted me a lot but he is something I've never seen before in guys. I forgot the sport part immediately, I didn't and still don't care a damn about who he is or how much he scores. I had just met and started the best guy ever, for me an absolute ideal. And if I start to think about what's my ideal then i would point at him, I just didn't have an ideal in my mind because I hadn't met this one yet. Alright, he's talented, yes, physically, mentally and skillfully talented footballer with the least luck in this world probably. His ambition, hard work and loyalty to his team and game are so admirable. He will do anything for this career only of luck backed him up just a little. And yes thanks to this sport he looks stunningly fit not to mention the tattoos and height to it. So his dedication and hard work has motivated me to be a lot better too. He has always been my number 1 source of motivation and never fails to back me up with positive and ambitious eords when I feel down or fail at something. Also not to mention that he gave me the change to stay in Sweden for a year, doing nothing but enjoying life after high school and learning swedish. Then he encouraged me to apply to Sweden's number 1 university and did everything in his power to make me feel as confortable and well eith my studies and life as a student. I also travelled across Sweden, got to live in different cities and go to amazing places thanks to him. Now I can handle Sweden on my own with swedish on my tongue and the tax system and all that clear to me. Together we mastered a lot of dishes and were a super team here. You have no idea how much this guy has thought me and showed me in this life. After all this, he has the biggest heart. He is so fond of animals, I've never seen any guy except my dad love animals this much. He could sit for an hour by our hamster cage and talk to her which for me was the sweetest sight. He loves me with all his will, he never disappoints and always knows what to say and do to make me feel like one of a kind. He is cuddly, caring, helps me with everything and tries his best at everything. And even ig he doesn't try hard at stressful periods, he is still the best I can imagine. He is glad to introduce me to everyone and take me everywhere just to make me feel welcome whereever he goes. He makes those cute goofy presents and loves to take care of me when I have an exam period or I am sick. Waking up next to him is the best thing, his positive smile and fun personality always cheer me up every morning. Hard to explain how he makes me feel and how good he is at being a man to his woman, young woman in that matter. Let's include taking my blog pictures when I need it, spending fun time with me, practising self-defence and goofying and dancing around and all the insane stuff we do together cause we are a perfect match. My parents love him, my dogs adore him, my friends really like him and I am purely blinded by this amazing person. You make me want to be a better person, stronger, smarter and the best girlfriend for you cause you are worth all of it. Whatever lige throws at us we will kick *ss at it. My one love, my one true love. And glad to be your first and only true love too. We are the team of awesomeness. You are the one for me and one of a kind, the guy with the biggest heart I've known.

I love to write long letters to him on his birthdays, so this time the longest I added on my blog. I think I need to share how wonderful he has been and is. i adore him too much not to write this huge ode to him here today. So much more to say, so I'll just say our relationship and he are undescribable fully. We understand us.

Kisses to all of you who managed to read that minster of a text through! i'm in a really happy mood today, hope you had a great Tuesday too! <3


And my outfit including my favourite find from my closet in Estonia. Can't believe i've never worn them before. Bought them like 2-3 years ago and only nlw started to love them..weird.

Jeans - Guess by Marciano/ old gold, Shoes - Timerland's, Jacket - Zara, Top - Ginatricot

So we took a cruise ship back to Sweden and drove all the way from Stockholm to Trelleborg to pick up our stuff and sort it out between me and J. He took his things back to Estonia and I moved into a house with other students from Germany. It's so new and exciting for me but I'm sad not to live with and see J for a long time now. The cruise ship part was fun, we ate at a restaurant with his mom and had fun and shopped a little in the tax free store. I bought my Clarins lip perfector I so desperately needed after it ran out 2 days before haha. The driving back and forth and sorting out all our stuff we had while living together was exhausting and it didn't stop for 2 days for me, I had to move in to a new place too. Now I'm here and I love the place! It's a lovely house in Dalby, looks brand new and smells like it too, my room is quite big and so so beautiful, although the closet is too small but hey it's a studentlife for me now. J is continuing on his goals and might come back to Sweden soon with football so we will see that soon. Otherwise we have plans for April and so it means we won't see each other until then if things don't go as planned. We are happy anyway and focus on ourselves until we get to see each other again or move back together, so wish us good luck! Probably needed a reality knock on our heads just to realize how much we actually want to be together and live together, but yea the fact that we had to carry out or stuff from the previous place was hard, we loved it there but he chose not to continue playing in that club, because it didn't go well for it. Life is unexpected and exciting and constantly changing, I'm not gonna lie that I don't like it. Stressful but future is exciting!

Alright a long chat has been done, now back to unpacking and essay-reading. Hugs!