Meryl Mägi


On the backseat of the car, driving all day from Stockholm to Trelleborg.

So yesterday we got on the cruise ship, drove all night and now we've been driving for hours from north to south. We are gonna get our stuff, I will move in into my new home and J will travel back to Estonia to work on his things. I will keep you more updated soon when I have moved in and unpacked my stuff. Will stay at a hotel tonight and tomorrow night I will have a girls sleepover with my chicas after I've sent off J. Gonna miss him like crazy again...anyway I will get to move in completely on the 1st. Sad to live all by myself (I will have housemates of course, but I mean living by myself without J) but exciting at the same time!


Another long row of pictures. I don't like doing the Instagram updates often here, but still it's the place I update the most, basically everyday so it's worth the follow if you follow my blog. Another thing, I didn't add here the pictures I have both on blog and instagram, just for showing some random snaps I don't usually upload here. Selfies, couple pictures, places etc.

I am also wondering if it would be a good idea to have a seperate Instagram for only blog and fashion related pictures? Like for notifying about updates on blog and fashion
overall. Let me know if I should seperate the two topics (my everyday life, selfies and stuff from blog related posts) I would really appreciate your opinion! <3

Oh and follow me! @MERYLMGI

Kisses! xx


Coat - Next, Sneakers - Nike Air Force 1

So a quick ootd before I get back to packing. Finished my essay today and went on for a walk in the woods with my parents and our three doggies. Had lots of fun and used this lovely spot for pictures again. We also had some sun today, which got lost behind the clouds when we were driving to the forest, damnit. I have a lot to do because I will be leaving to Sweden on Thursday and everything needs to be in order by Wednesday, because I have a full-day occupation with a project I will do here before I leave. And I will try to fit in as much quality time with family, Joonas and pets as possible. Tomorrow will also be super-busy as today.

Have a great week everyone!


A throwback to the day in Trelleborg and never publiced photos haha. God how much I've missed my girls here..luckily we can spend some happy/miserable days in lectures and Lund together for four months in a row! Can't wait to see you chicas!

So what have I been up to all week? Had a fun night with parents and J last Saturday at my place, Sunday we had a rough gym workout, Monday was a whole-day-long photoshoot with Paul and Liisa, Tuesday went by like a rocket, sorted some pictures with Liisa, Wednesday another gym session and a long walk with J's huge dog and some shopping and meeting friendslater on, Thursday started working on another essay in the library, and later on had quality time with J the rest of the day, Friday another working day at the library and then met J and then I went out with my girls, Saturday I also went out but this time with two friends and J and today was another gym day, movie day and this time we walked my 3 cuties. So I haven't been up to much important (besides the essay) since I took time to enjoy my last week here fully by being with J, home with my family and dogs and now the hamster too, seeing my friends and spending time in my hometown. Will miss all of it in Lund..even the hamster stays here cause she's so much happier in her new cage and new home.

So I have some things coming up.
First a fun project I will show you soon, then pictures from the wild photoshoot with Liisa coming up. Then J will have his birthday and will turn 23!! But we will be miles apart by then and also on mu birthday which is on 9th of February! I will 100% celebrate it in Lund with friends, because I'm turning 21!! Now it's starting to feel like adulthood finally/sadly?!

Another long chit chat but I had a lot to write about in these two last posts. Been lazy with updating. Hope you had a great weekend! Kisses!


Blazer - Mango, Skirt - H&M (oldie), Bag - Custom made, Top - Ginatricot, Heels -

Ugh it's been a busy week. Don't even remember posting here. So I guess I have a lot to tell you now. Well first of all I will go back to Sweden on Thursday, together with J and his mom to sort things in half which we have in Trelleborg and he will take these things home, to Estonia. I on the other hand will live in Dalby together with some German students and I will stay until the beginning of June. So as you see J is working on finding a new club with his agent but he has so much time left to do it but I need to be back asap. School already started and I'm working on my essay from home now, but need to be back by the first seminar. So we decided i will go back alone now and he will continue training in Estonian premium league until he finds a new club in Sweden or where ever. Going to be exciting finally doing everything only on my own, because until now I've only moved from parents' to J haha. A new exciting chapter, maybe short if he gets to play near Lund, maybe long, I have no idea what the future holds for me, for him, for us. It's stressful but also a really eventful and exciting way of living. Will sure have lots of stories to tell with our crazy moving and lifestyle. The only thing I would like about him just dropping football would be that we could travel finally whenever and whereever we would want to. We would have no limits but I'm still a soccer fanatic so I would prefer him to stick to his career. So long story short - everything is changing quick and unexpectedly, I have no idea what's going to happen but I will keep you all updated. It can go in any way right now!

And about the outfit - decided to go for a lady look on a night out with J and some friends. We went to the local lounge club to meet and greet. I love going out with J because even when talking to the others, he still feels like he has to make me feel present and so he strokes my hair and blendes me into conversation with friends and introduces me to everyone I don't know. Us girls need our dose of attention and he gives me exactly that without making it cheesy. And then I can grab a nasty grilled burger with him like we always do here and go to sleep together, laughing at our night an hour before falling asleep. I've started to appreciate all the small moments I have with him cause we might be more than four months apart in a few days and I don't even know that yet...scary, I will miss him like hell eventhough we started off with a long long-distance relationship afterall.


Some behind the scenes pictures from today's fun shoot with Liisa and Paul. A day well spent, I adore these people! Both so talented and so fun to be with. Make me feel so lucky!

Hope you also had a great Monday!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Something A LOT different than usually. But I guess a blog should vary a lot, just to rise some different interest, right? So that's what we came up to with Paul when we had a free evening to shoot something in studio after he taught me some things about
camera's and so. Crafted some futuristic bunny-ears-mask and I dressed up according to it. Looks kind of cool doesn't it?

Shorts - Topshop, Jacket - Zara, Heels - Centro, Boots - Timberland, Crop Top - Bershka

Ugh today I had another crazy workout with J and I'm so tired and sore! I am so much more motivated at gym when he teaches how to do things, how much and where to. Can't even measure how much I've learned from him about body, training and nutritious food. Love him so much, I really do. Couldn't imagine him any differently. He is perfect in everything he does, how he is to me and how he is as a person. My perfect match, making each other better everyday!


Fur Coat - BikBok, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1, Earrings - River Island, Shirt - H&M

Today I basically by-ran my outfit cause it's raining ice cold out there. At least I got something on photos with this horrible weather! So I added some bling and fur to an otherwise casual outfit. Also tried wearing my hair differently than usual only to realize it doesn't look so good on pictures and makes my hair feel quite short. Well I wanted to take the pictures with white snow everywhere but that's Estonian winter - one day you have snow and the other day you have a swimming pool outside your house. The icy-pink lipstick by Isadora would've looked so cool with snow and the light coming from snow, what a pity. The colour is Satin Pink in case you wonder.


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Some glittery-hamstery pictures just for fun. I was driving to studio when I found this headband from my backseat. It had been there since New Year's Eve, so I made some use of it again and all glitter look and messy hair looked cute with them. No seriously they're just unplanned and for fun. I ain't planning to get all serious here in my blog, some fun pictures are a great contrast right?

Headband - River Island, Shorts - Topshop, Top - oldie

Tomorrow I'll hit the fav gym again with my personal trainer-boyfriend and then I'll see what our small town shops have to offer. Good night!


Photos: the very favourite Paul Meiesaar

First outfit: Shoes - Centro, Skirt - Jane Norman, Crop Top - Bershka, Jacket - Zara

Second outfit: Shoes - Timberland's, Shorts - Topshop, Crop Top - Bershka, Jacket - Zara

How cool is the wooden wall in Paul's studio?? Makes every outfit look cooler than it is. Even though I went there to take different kind of pictures (will come to blog soon) and learn about my new camera, I still had to take more shots. Paul is and will be my favourite photographer, always gets what i want and knows how to make it happen exactly how I want or even better! And can handle my 5 different ideas even if we agreed on taking only one shot.

We will soon have a really creative photoshoot there with Liisa so stay tuned, it's gonna be something you won't find from blogs other than ours and Paul's, haha!

Tomorrow, finally, I have the last exam writing day. The essays are done but need a lot of fixing and then I'll press send and feel so proud of myself. Probably gonna buy myself something pretty as a gift for hard but good work and after that I'm gonna use my camera everyday for outfit-shots. Until now the exam took all the light of the day and I couldn't take shots outside. Anyway, have a great week guys!


Heya readers! I wanted to say how sorry I am that my school once again takes over my whole life. Can you imagine getting a new great camera and not having a light of a day to actually take some outfit posts with it? That's my case since once again, I have no vacation but I have to complete an exam. I've been doing it for a while now since it consists of a lot of tasks and I'm a perfectionists in school so yup, all the daylight time goes into studying at the local library..but it's all good cause it's my future and right now blogging is a hobby right? So I'm just gonna say sorry for the lack of posts since I see you've been visiting everyday. It will be over by Tuesday and after that I will have pictures for youuu. In the mean time, Paul and I did some just-for-fun shots at the studio when he taught me how to use the new camera, so I'm gonna upload these before the real winter outfit posts. Have a great weekend! I just arrived from my girl Egle's birthday, came back early since I have to wake up early to study again...hope it's all going to end quick and calmly..anyways enjoy yourselves! Kisses!


Some snaps from the New Year's Eve party.

Our New Year's Eve was so fun finally after all the years it's been a disaster haha! We went to a house party hosted by Kärt, Daryl, Kerstin and Kadri. They sure know how to organize a party. The snacks and food were delicious, the self-made decorations were so beautiful and the crowd of people and games were so much fun that we skipped all our plans to go clubbing so we could stay at the house party till morning hours. We went to see the fireworks in the city centre though, to have the new year's kiss under it haha, but after that straight back in the house and into the hot barrell-sauna (don't know the right word in english) with bikinis. Oh I loved this night, finally a good new year's celebration with my great friends and loved one!

Photos are by Kärt Käärik.



To all of you my stunning and awesome readers I wish you a happy, crazy, breathtaking, memorable new year!! May all your wishes come true and don't give up on anything. You are all beautiful and absolutely perfect people and never let anyone tell you otherwise. But if you feel like changing anything then I hope you have all the courage and strenght to succeed in anything you take up. I love all of your feedback, adorrable comments..I love you all just for reading the blog even if I have downfall or better times with it. I hope 2014 was as life-changing and exciting for you as it was for me. Unfortunately due my exam I have to put all my energy into school but I will do a 2014 recall-post soon, just for myself to remember it how it was when long time has passed. That's why blogging is so great - you will never forget the main moments of your life and everything that made you happy/sad/better/stronger.

2015 everybody! Make everything happen, you don't need another year number for it, start anyday. Wish all the best for you and thank you for making me so happy in 2014! I will be better and better this year, I promise. And I promise you twice as many outfits as in
2014. Time to take the blog to a new level. If you have ANY requests, changes, ideas, critic, positive-negative comments or anything I could take in account and change, do write me. You can write me whatever and I will answer and respect your both positive and negative feedback. And I will take in account everything you suggest me to do better. Even if you want me to add another language haha (no seriously, I can write both in Swedish and Estonian too if you really really need it). I want to be better at this, evolve in 2015 and you can help me with that!

Lots of love to all of you! Happy new year again my super readers and friends! <3