Meryl Mägi


Fur Coat - BikBok, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1, Earrings - River Island, Shirt - H&M

Today I basically by-ran my outfit cause it's raining ice cold out there. At least I got something on photos with this horrible weather! So I added some bling and fur to an otherwise casual outfit. Also tried wearing my hair differently than usual only to realize it doesn't look so good on pictures and makes my hair feel quite short. Well I wanted to take the pictures with white snow everywhere but that's Estonian winter - one day you have snow and the other day you have a swimming pool outside your house. The icy-pink lipstick by Isadora would've looked so cool with snow and the light coming from snow, what a pity. The colour is Satin Pink in case you wonder.

17 januari 2015 13:42 | FASHION |


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