Meryl Mägi


On the backseat of the car, driving all day from Stockholm to Trelleborg.

So yesterday we got on the cruise ship, drove all night and now we've been driving for hours from north to south. We are gonna get our stuff, I will move in into my new home and J will travel back to Estonia to work on his things. I will keep you more updated soon when I have moved in and unpacked my stuff. Will stay at a hotel tonight and tomorrow night I will have a girls sleepover with my chicas after I've sent off J. Gonna miss him like crazy again...anyway I will get to move in completely on the 1st. Sad to live all by myself (I will have housemates of course, but I mean living by myself without J) but exciting at the same time!

30 januari 2015 14:39 | OTHER |


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