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To all of you my stunning and awesome readers I wish you a happy, crazy, breathtaking, memorable new year!! May all your wishes come true and don't give up on anything. You are all beautiful and absolutely perfect people and never let anyone tell you otherwise. But if you feel like changing anything then I hope you have all the courage and strenght to succeed in anything you take up. I love all of your feedback, adorrable comments..I love you all just for reading the blog even if I have downfall or better times with it. I hope 2014 was as life-changing and exciting for you as it was for me. Unfortunately due my exam I have to put all my energy into school but I will do a 2014 recall-post soon, just for myself to remember it how it was when long time has passed. That's why blogging is so great - you will never forget the main moments of your life and everything that made you happy/sad/better/stronger.

2015 everybody! Make everything happen, you don't need another year number for it, start anyday. Wish all the best for you and thank you for making me so happy in 2014! I will be better and better this year, I promise. And I promise you twice as many outfits as in
2014. Time to take the blog to a new level. If you have ANY requests, changes, ideas, critic, positive-negative comments or anything I could take in account and change, do write me. You can write me whatever and I will answer and respect your both positive and negative feedback. And I will take in account everything you suggest me to do better. Even if you want me to add another language haha (no seriously, I can write both in Swedish and Estonian too if you really really need it). I want to be better at this, evolve in 2015 and you can help me with that!

Lots of love to all of you! Happy new year again my super readers and friends! <3

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