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Blazer - Mango, Skirt - H&M (oldie), Bag - Custom made, Top - Ginatricot, Heels -

Ugh it's been a busy week. Don't even remember posting here. So I guess I have a lot to tell you now. Well first of all I will go back to Sweden on Thursday, together with J and his mom to sort things in half which we have in Trelleborg and he will take these things home, to Estonia. I on the other hand will live in Dalby together with some German students and I will stay until the beginning of June. So as you see J is working on finding a new club with his agent but he has so much time left to do it but I need to be back asap. School already started and I'm working on my essay from home now, but need to be back by the first seminar. So we decided i will go back alone now and he will continue training in Estonian premium league until he finds a new club in Sweden or where ever. Going to be exciting finally doing everything only on my own, because until now I've only moved from parents' to J haha. A new exciting chapter, maybe short if he gets to play near Lund, maybe long, I have no idea what the future holds for me, for him, for us. It's stressful but also a really eventful and exciting way of living. Will sure have lots of stories to tell with our crazy moving and lifestyle. The only thing I would like about him just dropping football would be that we could travel finally whenever and whereever we would want to. We would have no limits but I'm still a soccer fanatic so I would prefer him to stick to his career. So long story short - everything is changing quick and unexpectedly, I have no idea what's going to happen but I will keep you all updated. It can go in any way right now!

And about the outfit - decided to go for a lady look on a night out with J and some friends. We went to the local lounge club to meet and greet. I love going out with J because even when talking to the others, he still feels like he has to make me feel present and so he strokes my hair and blendes me into conversation with friends and introduces me to everyone I don't know. Us girls need our dose of attention and he gives me exactly that without making it cheesy. And then I can grab a nasty grilled burger with him like we always do here and go to sleep together, laughing at our night an hour before falling asleep. I've started to appreciate all the small moments I have with him cause we might be more than four months apart in a few days and I don't even know that yet...scary, I will miss him like hell eventhough we started off with a long long-distance relationship afterall.

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