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A throwback to the day in Trelleborg and never publiced photos haha. God how much I've missed my girls here..luckily we can spend some happy/miserable days in lectures and Lund together for four months in a row! Can't wait to see you chicas!

So what have I been up to all week? Had a fun night with parents and J last Saturday at my place, Sunday we had a rough gym workout, Monday was a whole-day-long photoshoot with Paul and Liisa, Tuesday went by like a rocket, sorted some pictures with Liisa, Wednesday another gym session and a long walk with J's huge dog and some shopping and meeting friendslater on, Thursday started working on another essay in the library, and later on had quality time with J the rest of the day, Friday another working day at the library and then met J and then I went out with my girls, Saturday I also went out but this time with two friends and J and today was another gym day, movie day and this time we walked my 3 cuties. So I haven't been up to much important (besides the essay) since I took time to enjoy my last week here fully by being with J, home with my family and dogs and now the hamster too, seeing my friends and spending time in my hometown. Will miss all of it in Lund..even the hamster stays here cause she's so much happier in her new cage and new home.

So I have some things coming up.
First a fun project I will show you soon, then pictures from the wild photoshoot with Liisa coming up. Then J will have his birthday and will turn 23!! But we will be miles apart by then and also on mu birthday which is on 9th of February! I will 100% celebrate it in Lund with friends, because I'm turning 21!! Now it's starting to feel like adulthood finally/sadly?!

Another long chit chat but I had a lot to write about in these two last posts. Been lazy with updating. Hope you had a great weekend! Kisses!

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