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Some snaps from the New Year's Eve party.

Our New Year's Eve was so fun finally after all the years it's been a disaster haha! We went to a house party hosted by Kärt, Daryl, Kerstin and Kadri. They sure know how to organize a party. The snacks and food were delicious, the self-made decorations were so beautiful and the crowd of people and games were so much fun that we skipped all our plans to go clubbing so we could stay at the house party till morning hours. We went to see the fireworks in the city centre though, to have the new year's kiss under it haha, but after that straight back in the house and into the hot barrell-sauna (don't know the right word in english) with bikinis. Oh I loved this night, finally a good new year's celebration with my great friends and loved one!

Photos are by Kärt Käärik.

9 januari 2015 11:48 | OTHER |


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