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Heya readers! I wanted to say how sorry I am that my school once again takes over my whole life. Can you imagine getting a new great camera and not having a light of a day to actually take some outfit posts with it? That's my case since once again, I have no vacation but I have to complete an exam. I've been doing it for a while now since it consists of a lot of tasks and I'm a perfectionists in school so yup, all the daylight time goes into studying at the local library..but it's all good cause it's my future and right now blogging is a hobby right? So I'm just gonna say sorry for the lack of posts since I see you've been visiting everyday. It will be over by Tuesday and after that I will have pictures for youuu. In the mean time, Paul and I did some just-for-fun shots at the studio when he taught me how to use the new camera, so I'm gonna upload these before the real winter outfit posts. Have a great weekend! I just arrived from my girl Egle's birthday, came back early since I have to wake up early to study again...hope it's all going to end quick and calmly..anyways enjoy yourselves! Kisses!

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