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Photos: the very favourite Paul Meiesaar

First outfit: Shoes - Centro, Skirt - Jane Norman, Crop Top - Bershka, Jacket - Zara

Second outfit: Shoes - Timberland's, Shorts - Topshop, Crop Top - Bershka, Jacket - Zara

How cool is the wooden wall in Paul's studio?? Makes every outfit look cooler than it is. Even though I went there to take different kind of pictures (will come to blog soon) and learn about my new camera, I still had to take more shots. Paul is and will be my favourite photographer, always gets what i want and knows how to make it happen exactly how I want or even better! And can handle my 5 different ideas even if we agreed on taking only one shot.

We will soon have a really creative photoshoot there with Liisa so stay tuned, it's gonna be something you won't find from blogs other than ours and Paul's, haha!

Tomorrow, finally, I have the last exam writing day. The essays are done but need a lot of fixing and then I'll press send and feel so proud of myself. Probably gonna buy myself something pretty as a gift for hard but good work and after that I'm gonna use my camera everyday for outfit-shots. Until now the exam took all the light of the day and I couldn't take shots outside. Anyway, have a great week guys!

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