Meryl Mägi


Trenchcoat - Next, Shoes - Nelly, Shorts - Levi's, Shirt - H&M Basic

Did a quick ootd for you in-between work but unfortunately we couldn't see it from the camera that most photos appeared out of focus. Since we are all so busy with our exams and redearch stuff, I had to do my best with editing instead of new photos. I hope they are allright because the outfit is all clear still right? I shouldn't be wearing a trench over my Levi's and white short but apparently the end pf May still doesn't want to give up that chilly wind for the Summer. Talking about Summer...the lipstick I'm wearing on the photos is my new favourite. It's brownish nude and sparkles a little, such a nice looking colour to have for Summer days. It's from Maybelline and named "Luminous Cocoa". I got it from a short make-up course I took in Tallinn years ago and only now my face is mature enough to accept it hahah!


So as I am rather trying to get really firm and fit for Summer and not lose any weight at all, I don't go running often, but once a week max. As I have
no gym membership for May then I have been doing squats, abs etc at home on the carpet basically every evening without any weights for 2-3 months now and eventhough this has shown significant results already, it's so hard to jump and move a lot in this squeaky house. So I found myself a new love - I will run once or twice in week 1/3 of the usual road I jog on and stop by the lake. Then I will do different and active butt excercises until I'm out of breath basically and then run back home. Did this just an hour ago with the setting sun and it was amazing, as I said a new found love - nature butt workout!! Other evenings I will just continue what I'm been doing in the house. But of course can't wait to get the gym membership back at my hometown in Estonia for the Summer. Too much motivation in me to just stand by during Summer. Seeing your body change to better is worth it all.


Me and my Mac...rivals and best friends at once. Working together on that research proposal day by day for weeks now and it keeps crashing and crashing, sometimes deleting paragraphs of work, because there are too many tabs open. Dead circle haha! On midnight to 2nd of June I will have to hand it in so now is the most stressful time, but at the same time I am so relieved time has passed quickly and it's soon all done. Then I will have to present it of course, but I guess that's piece of cake already. I will blog as much as time allows right now. Just can't wait for that morning of 7th June..I'm gonna do the biggest bunnyhop to J's leap when he arrives to Malmö train station. I'm missing him too much and everyone else back at home. I love living in Sweden but there is nothing else but home I want to be right now. Research proposal itself is going well and I will be strong and do it all and wait it all but damn I wish it was 7th of June...


Top - H&M Basics, Shoes - Nelly, Bag - Custom made, Jeans - Seppälä

A really simple outfit post with zero effort plus red lipstick. I've never been able to describe what is my style, what is my very own style that describes me. Maybe someone else could say it for me but I feel like wearing it all. One day sporty, next day lady-like, third day more fashionable, fourth day minimalistic, fifth day non-minimalistic, sixth day ordinary and seventh day something more revealing.. I can never say clearly what I'm into but now that I started looking for an outfit for a blogging event on June in Estonia..I figured I still go after minimalism the most. I seek for things that are anything but ordinary but aren't over the top but have a very simple colour for example and no pattern. So the outfit I came up with consists of a really simple strict cut upper part but have really eye-catching shoes to it. Also I really wanted to match my boyfriend with his tux so that's a small hint. Now I know, this is me. Looking for unordinary minimalism the most and having moods for other styles now and then too. By the way this H&M Basic shirt has a really exciting cut, go look for it!


Shirt & Bag & Bracelet & Necklace (longer one) - H&M, Skirt - Missguided, Shoes - CCC, Sweater - Ginatricot

Finally the weather in Skåne barely allowed me to post an outfit with bare legs (like it should be in May normally). It stopped raining and suddenly it felt like Summer and I used this good weather quick. May is and will always ve my favourite month of the year with its pink trees shedding pink flowerbits and everything blooming, aaah the smell of Spring in the morning makes me sooo so happy. Especially here in the countryside of Dalby where birds are extra loud and everything smells extra good. Besides the long-legged spider-looking thingies flying around in may and Summer, I am terrified to my bones of them and spiders. I feel like ai will never get rid of this deep fear for them, no matter how old I am.
Now I'm gonna do some seminar stuff and chill in front of the TV, cause it's Eurovision week!! Also my sincerest apology for my nail polish disaster, a girl in a hurry with 10 minutes time to get dressed and take photos..not gonna happen again haha!


Yellow Dress - H&M/ HERE
Swimsuit - River Island/ HERE
Heels - Nelly/ HERE
White Frill Dress - Nelly/ HERE
White Golden Belt Dress - Mango/ HERE
Snake Pattern Bikinis - H&M/ HERE & HERE
Black Bra - H&M/ HERE
New Era Cap - HERE
Silver Ballerinas - Zara/ HERE

Hey again! So as I said in the previous post I've been doing a lot of shopping for Summer (hoping it will arrive at some point) and decided to show you the pieces I've already ordered and plan to order and basically should do it as a fashion blogger, right? Hahah! I would call them my basics for Summer, which I need 100%, everything else is just additional. So as you can see I lacked white casual dresses. The frill one is just really flowy and hot and the Mango one has pockets (love pockets on dresses). Then I also needed a few pairs of comfy shoes so I went for these gorgeous wedges and plan to get those silver beauties from Zara too. Of course like every Summer, a girl needs a fresh pair of swimwear so I went for the H&M cool cut for now and for this gorgeous River Island swimsuit. And speaking of real basics then I also got myself finally the navy coloured Yankees cap, a bra that looks great with loose tank tops and a splash of colour with a yellow dress from H&M that looked like it was made for my body. You just need this one dress in your closet that makes you feel hot as hell and fits both as a casual wear and a party dress. So that's all I needed quick, since last year when Summer ended I sold most of my dresses and threw out a lot of swimwear and I lack comfy feminine shoes lately. Now that I think of it, I might need even more swimwear but to be honest, I have still no idea where I am gonna spend most of my Summer and IF Summer ever comes. It just rains and rains and even snows a little here in Southern Sweden. Last year at that time I was longing on the beack of Trelleborg..something is really off and I know that Estonia is the same or even worse..

Anyways, back to my proposal now. Hope you got some tips off this post! 




Photo: Paul Meiesaar

Hey all! It's been a busy few days for me since I've had a lot of research proposal stuff to do, but as I said I will keep you updated with everything that's going on. So for me the week has consisted of shopping for summer and schoolwork. I will put together a collage today of the key items I needed (and bought) in my wardrobe this Summer, these were a MUST before anything else right now. The proposal is going well for me, I'm really happy I chose a topic that has tons of background material but also has some gaps that need to be filled and that's exactly what my proposal
proposes haha. Oh and in case you are wondering about my topic then it's "Impact of natural hazards on small nations' tourism sector. The case study of the islands of Vanuatu".
So about J now who went testing in a Hungarian football club. They loved him and after they've finished their last matches, they want to call him back for more because now he could stay only for 3 trainings, but I am so happy he made a good impression with such short time! He's my talented bae.
And last, I can't make up Summer plans yet because they all depend on how J is doing with football, but what I know now for sure is that J is coming to Sweden on 7th of June, I'll finish my
university year on 5th, we will drive to Stockholm with on 8th and take a cruise ship to Estonia. I will stay in Estonia for the Summer but I will definitely travel somewhere and maybe stay with J for a month in another country if he goes there and I have tiny plans like Weekend Festival and so planned too, but nothing significant cause I just can't. That's the life of a soccer girlfriend apparently. Can't wait to see everyone, just 20 days left!! Miss my friends, J and home a lot!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Pink coat - BikBok, Shoes - CCC, Jeans - Topshop, Crop Top - H&M, Sunglasses - Lindex

Pink coat - the Spring dream, but I wish I could be wearing shorter, lighter things by's middle of the May and I have no problem uploading an outfit post with a coat because the weather is exactly the same as it was on the beginning of April when we took those with Paul. I remember last year at the same time I was sunbathing on a beach in Trelleborg, now I'm driving to school with a sweater and a leather jacket. At least it's not raining, right!?
Okay enough with the weather haha, The outfit is white & pink with silver details so it looks really soft. The flowers are from my boyfriend but by the time we could take the photos they were a bit gone already. Hope it doesn't show much on pictures. And the shoes, my new absolute favourites are from a shop in Poland and I'm forever grateful that my mom found them there haha. They were sold out everywhere and Poland the miracle land had them! Gonna wear them into pieces this Summer and Summer's to come, so comfortable and chic!

I'm off to lecture now, have a nice week and I'll keep you updated with news! Oh and I also deleted all the spams so I will open my comment section as soon as I know there won't be more. You can still comment but I have to approve them first right now. <3


Hey readers! Unfortunately my blog has been under some spam-virus for a few days now and I don't want to post until I've complteley dealt with this issue. I have been deleting hundreds of spams under my posts (since my comment section was until now public) and I will write the Devote team in the morning. Maybe you have noticed some really strange spams under my posts and I'll just let you know I'm dealing with it.
Will be back posting in 1-2 days probably!
Oh and I also wanted to say that Joonas has been scoring 5 goals in last 2 games now. More in total of course and showed that it is possible to get up from a huge fall in career and prove yourself by fighting in your hometown team eventhough it is weaker than other teams in Estonian top league and now he has gone testing in a huge club in Budapest, Hungary. I am so so very proud of him, he has built himself up again from zero and deserves everything he always wanted now. Even if he won't get the contract from Hungary he will go testing to a whole lot of strong football clubs. I am beyond excited what life brings us two eventhough I will of course continue my studies in Sweden. Wish him all the best in Hungary and I will keep you updated!



Jacket - Tally Weijl/old, Jeans - Guess by Marciano/old, Crop Top - BikBok, Shoes - Nelly, Sunglasses - MQ, Fur Bag - River Island

Meryl and the cat!! Haha while we were taking outfit photos the meighboirs cat came for some poses too, posted the best one it showed us. So the oitfit photos consist of a bit of an old part of my closet, but this sparkly cropped jacket and those jeans are lasting favourites. Shoulders look teally nice and sharp with the jacket. So the idea is that during Summer and Spring you should wear more patterned, colourful and exciting jeans/trousers/shorts with either basic black or white or grey. Easy tip and always looks so good on everyone! Here I stuled patterned jeans with black and everything cropped and gave some colour with sunset-themed sunglasses. Another thing you should never be afraid to wear - colourful sunglasses!

Hope you like today's outfit! ♥



Long time no post in beauty category!

As I've said I only introduce the best of the best things in all things beauty. I do mainly lead a fashion and lifestyle blog, but I also love to review all things good and worth mentioning now and then.

Tonight I thought I should tell you about something I actually heard about in Kenza's blog. I always wondered how her face has that certain beautiful glow to it and I found from her blog that it's the Dior Glow Maximizer primer. As I had some spare time in Copenhagen airport soon later, I figured I will go test it. At first it looked like a shimmering new year's eve dress but then it started to be one with the skin and oh how refreshing it looked! Bought it and later tested it under foundation because I don't have much tan yet and it so gently glows beneath the thin layer of foundation. Skin is so glowy (I apply to certain places on face of course which I want to make glowy), youthful and fresh. I also have it under foundation on the photos in the previous post, you can see it glow nicely on forehead and bridge of the nose and cheekbones.
More and more I grow trust into more expensive make-up. Started off with expensive foundations and grew into love for some blushes, serums and mascaras. Can't say all expensive make-up is good and worth the price though...but seems Dior's primers are top notch and I will go for the same in matte also!

Hope you got some great tips from here! Getting back to the research proposal now haha, good night!


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Now that is a long post...but it's 5th of May! And that means...

3 years with him!!! I can't believe how far we've made it already, but that's just the beginning!

People say you might have an ideal imagination of a boyfriend stuck in your head but once you meet someone your ideals will change completely and you won't care about the qualities you cared about before. In my case that is not true, I had an image and I've gotten to date my ideal for 3 years now. I have found exactly, point by point the one I was looking for - the guy who looks hot, plays professional soccer, has tattoos and is stylish. These are some qualities but the superficial ones. More importantly he has the biggest heart, loves and cuddles with all animals from hamsters to sheep, always counts me in in his life plans, is drop dead funny, smart, indenpendent, ambitious, makes me push harder in school and training and everything, has taught and showed me life I had no idea of before, treats me like a princess, has always time for me and doesn't feel the need to go out all the damn time but has a lot more going on in his life. He has made me a whole new person who I can be proud of and I am truly truly blessed to have found him.
I can say proudly that we are an example couple of how distance, huge changes in life and fights can never tear us down. They make us even more invincible and nothing can and will come between. Although we got to live together just for over a year only, the distance still doesn't matter cause every hour spent with him is worth the 2-3 month wait. We are this goofy, childish, funny, but determined couple and it seems we will never stop being such fun fools, having the time of our lives together. It's insane how much we've empowered and grown together and I hope we can be in the same country again soon!

At least 70 years more honey haha, let's do this! I love you! <3


Sweater - Noisy May/ Nelly, Shoes - DinSko, Fur Bag - River Island, Sunglasses - Lindex

May may may...well 1st of May was bad. Since it was my first Valborgs, I had no limits and was really out yesterday so I will make a more specific post about it tomorrow.
Today was already May-like warm but still the wind is so cold and exactly year ago we were already sunbathing on Trelleborg's beach with J..years can differ so much in the same place. So I had planned an outfit shoot today but my housemates got lost in the woods (hahaha) and got back so late that we had to take them during half-time of my boyfriend's match which I was watching live coverage of. He scored a hat trick (as in 3 goals) today and they won 3-0. So proud of him!
The outfit itself goes right in to same hole with the previous one but is matched this time with a really sporty sweater, thigh-high socks and cut-out boots. Threw all of my hair back to make it look plain and added my long-time favourite purple lipstick to add some other colour other than B&W.
Also got my research question in tact so now there is left to do the whole research proposal and I'm university free and yes, no more thigh-high outfits, moving on to next topic.

Anyway, hope you like the outfit as much as I do and talk to you tomorrow! Have a nice weekend!