Meryl Mägi


Yellow Dress - H&M/ HERE
Swimsuit - River Island/ HERE
Heels - Nelly/ HERE
White Frill Dress - Nelly/ HERE
White Golden Belt Dress - Mango/ HERE
Snake Pattern Bikinis - H&M/ HERE & HERE
Black Bra - H&M/ HERE
New Era Cap - HERE
Silver Ballerinas - Zara/ HERE

Hey again! So as I said in the previous post I've been doing a lot of shopping for Summer (hoping it will arrive at some point) and decided to show you the pieces I've already ordered and plan to order and basically should do it as a fashion blogger, right? Hahah! I would call them my basics for Summer, which I need 100%, everything else is just additional. So as you can see I lacked white casual dresses. The frill one is just really flowy and hot and the Mango one has pockets (love pockets on dresses). Then I also needed a few pairs of comfy shoes so I went for these gorgeous wedges and plan to get those silver beauties from Zara too. Of course like every Summer, a girl needs a fresh pair of swimwear so I went for the H&M cool cut for now and for this gorgeous River Island swimsuit. And speaking of real basics then I also got myself finally the navy coloured Yankees cap, a bra that looks great with loose tank tops and a splash of colour with a yellow dress from H&M that looked like it was made for my body. You just need this one dress in your closet that makes you feel hot as hell and fits both as a casual wear and a party dress. So that's all I needed quick, since last year when Summer ended I sold most of my dresses and threw out a lot of swimwear and I lack comfy feminine shoes lately. Now that I think of it, I might need even more swimwear but to be honest, I have still no idea where I am gonna spend most of my Summer and IF Summer ever comes. It just rains and rains and even snows a little here in Southern Sweden. Last year at that time I was longing on the beack of Trelleborg..something is really off and I know that Estonia is the same or even worse..

Anyways, back to my proposal now. Hope you got some tips off this post! 




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