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Long time no post in beauty category!

As I've said I only introduce the best of the best things in all things beauty. I do mainly lead a fashion and lifestyle blog, but I also love to review all things good and worth mentioning now and then.

Tonight I thought I should tell you about something I actually heard about in Kenza's blog. I always wondered how her face has that certain beautiful glow to it and I found from her blog that it's the Dior Glow Maximizer primer. As I had some spare time in Copenhagen airport soon later, I figured I will go test it. At first it looked like a shimmering new year's eve dress but then it started to be one with the skin and oh how refreshing it looked! Bought it and later tested it under foundation because I don't have much tan yet and it so gently glows beneath the thin layer of foundation. Skin is so glowy (I apply to certain places on face of course which I want to make glowy), youthful and fresh. I also have it under foundation on the photos in the previous post, you can see it glow nicely on forehead and bridge of the nose and cheekbones.
More and more I grow trust into more expensive make-up. Started off with expensive foundations and grew into love for some blushes, serums and mascaras. Can't say all expensive make-up is good and worth the price though...but seems Dior's primers are top notch and I will go for the same in matte also!

Hope you got some great tips from here! Getting back to the research proposal now haha, good night!


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