Meryl Mägi


Jacket - Tally Weijl/old, Jeans - Guess by Marciano/old, Crop Top - BikBok, Shoes - Nelly, Sunglasses - MQ, Fur Bag - River Island

Meryl and the cat!! Haha while we were taking outfit photos the meighboirs cat came for some poses too, posted the best one it showed us. So the oitfit photos consist of a bit of an old part of my closet, but this sparkly cropped jacket and those jeans are lasting favourites. Shoulders look teally nice and sharp with the jacket. So the idea is that during Summer and Spring you should wear more patterned, colourful and exciting jeans/trousers/shorts with either basic black or white or grey. Easy tip and always looks so good on everyone! Here I stuled patterned jeans with black and everything cropped and gave some colour with sunset-themed sunglasses. Another thing you should never be afraid to wear - colourful sunglasses!

Hope you like today's outfit! ♥


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