Meryl Mägi


Top - H&M Basics, Shoes - Nelly, Bag - Custom made, Jeans - Seppälä

A really simple outfit post with zero effort plus red lipstick. I've never been able to describe what is my style, what is my very own style that describes me. Maybe someone else could say it for me but I feel like wearing it all. One day sporty, next day lady-like, third day more fashionable, fourth day minimalistic, fifth day non-minimalistic, sixth day ordinary and seventh day something more revealing.. I can never say clearly what I'm into but now that I started looking for an outfit for a blogging event on June in Estonia..I figured I still go after minimalism the most. I seek for things that are anything but ordinary but aren't over the top but have a very simple colour for example and no pattern. So the outfit I came up with consists of a really simple strict cut upper part but have really eye-catching shoes to it. Also I really wanted to match my boyfriend with his tux so that's a small hint. Now I know, this is me. Looking for unordinary minimalism the most and having moods for other styles now and then too. By the way this H&M Basic shirt has a really exciting cut, go look for it!


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